Monthly Prayer Journal: June 2015

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Thank you for joining us in praying for TEAM’s work around the world.

1 GREECE Brad and Jamie Newport write, “During the year the focus on serving and proclaiming the gospel to the Afghani, Iranian, Iraqi, Syrian etc refugees in Athens allowed us the joy in May to hand pick from all these refugees those who would most benefit from attending week long summer camps that run from June 1 to the 17th. Pray as each day these Muslim men, women, and children will be studying Christ from the Gospels as well as being served and loved on by a large team of believers from all over the world.”

2 MEXICO Carlos and Sandy Rios write, “This summer Rios de Gracia, Rivers of Grace Community Bible Church, will be reaching out to new people with a 6-week English Class and a 5-day Kid’s Club. Pray that new people will attend and come to know Jesus. Also, pray that kids, teens and young people who attend the La Roca Bible Camp this summer will make decisions to become Jesus followers and to live boldly for Him.”

3 CZECH REPUBLIC Jeff and Lisa Griffith write, “From May 27 to June 13 there will be a group of 4 students and one professor from Corban University ministry with Jeff in the public school in and around Kralupy. Pray for us as we visit 7 schools (5 middle schools and 2 high schools) and conduct conversational English classes. Pray for the Lord to open doors for spiritual conversations and for the right words to speak when those opportunities arise. Pray also for believers from the Kralupy church to be able to follow-up the contacts made from the Corban team’s ministry. Last year’s team spoke with over 700 students in 6 middle schools.” 

4 APPOINTEES There will be an applicant review team on June 4th to look over the files of all those who have recently applied for long-term missionary service with TEAM. Pray for skill and wisdom in evaluating files and discerning who is ready for missionary service.

5 BRAZIL Dave and Miriam Kanagy write, “Please pray for wisdom and guidance for the TEAM missionary sending agency in Brazil (MAEB) which is sending missionaries to other countries. MAEB is also needing funds to finish one of their buildings which is desperately needing to be completed.”

6 AUSTRIA Pray for Chris Rogers as she meets with Eva, a discouraged Christian, and for the opportunity to meet her friend who lives in Chris’s apartment building. 

7 SOUTH ASIA Workers write, “As a church we have spent the past few Sundays praying, dreaming, and getting encouragement from God’s Word about moving forward with expanding the ministry here. We just completed our pledge Sunday, raising money within our church to purchase land (and eventually build a larger church building and center) in a different part of our city. This dream project is big, but is the next important step forward, we believe, in reaching this area for the gospel, specifically by having a second church and a strong presence in this city. Please pray for the provision for this project.”

8 TAIWAN Ron and Julie Heinsman write, “Please pray for the Trailblazer Camps program staff as they continue to work on summer camp program plans. We have five evangelistic camp programs planned for this summer in July and August and the internship program that will run in conjunction with these programs.”

9 AUSTRALIA Ray and Marti Williams write, “Second school term for Adelaide College of Ministries is in full swing. Pray that the students can keep up their motivation as well as for the other issues (finances, health, etc.) that are always there. It will be mid-winter here and that does not help with motivation for study.”

10 EAST ASIA Workers write, “Please pray for the three people who decided to follow Christ during our bike trip. Pray that they would remain steadfast in their commitment, grow in understanding and intimacy with their Savior, and connect to a local body of believers.”

11 ITALY There is a young man in Il Faro church in Mestre who is interested in the claims of Christ and yet is being drawn into the new age movement. Pray that he will choose following Christ and the Scripture over the allurement of eastern religions.

12 MEXICO Please pray for TEAM Mexico missionaries, especially Susan Key, as we mourn the sudden passing of our colleague and friend, Brian Key, who died of a heart attack. Pray also for Susie Gonzalez as she and her husband, Martin, travel to the US this summer so that she can continue her counseling studies. Finally, pray that God will send missionary church planters to Mexico. We have several opportunities for service both in Spanish and English. 

13 SOUTHEAST ASIA Please pray for a country that is recovering from the May earthquakes. May the love of Christ be shown to them during this time of crisis and fear.

14 EAST ASIA Phil Schwab and two leaders from TEAM will visit East Asia, June 15-19. They will minister to Bible school students, take a view of several ministries and encourage our local missionaries. The following week, June 22-26, is a pastors’ conference. Pray that these two events will refresh the local missionaries and national leaders.

15 ZIMBABWE Things are moving forward with the government approval of the new Zimbabwe Evangelical Theological University (ZETU). Pray for those who are presently working on the new curriculum.

16 MIDDLE EAST Workers write, “‘When I wake up in the morning, Jesus comes and talks to me!’ A ‘P’ lady said this to us just recently! She had heard us read scripture in her language at our Easter sunrise service and we’ve had multiple opportunities to share with her and her family since we first met them a few months ago. Please pray as we begin looking at scriptures together.”

17 GLOBAL The Muslim Month of Fasting (Ramadan) starts today. Pray for our workers in countries where there are Muslim majority people to be able to speak into their friends’ lives during this key month of increased “spiritual awareness”.

18 AUSTRALIA Ray and Marti Williams write, “There is good news and bad news at Edwardstown Baptist Church: the good news is several new babies (one way to grow the church), but also the bad (or at least “hard” even if it is not bad – we do have a good God) several trying to cope with severe health challenges – some of them terminal. Also, we are having more and more inquiries about ministry in Australia and that is great. We have one short termer here now, and it is a great encouragement for all of us. Keep praying for more workers for the harvest.”

19 THAILAND Kennedy and Wendy Paizs write, “Pray for us to be given good discipleship opportunities. Kennedy would love to have consistent young Thai men to disciple life on life, doing what he does with them.”

20 SOUTH ASIA Workers write, “I sit with one of our neighbors on a couple of occasions and the topic of conversation has shifted to religious matters—prompted at one point by our boys’ names. Please pray for continued opportunities and for wisdom in knowing how our families can interact with one another.”

21 MEXICO Pray for Anthony and Karlene Thiessen as they partner with Phil and Pattie Eager to grow the sports ministry that God has placed on their hearts. Pray for wisdom, open doors, and the Holy Spirit’s empowerment as they work together. Pray also for Josiah and Keyana as they attend the Bilingual school, and exams come every 2 months. There is a lot of homework and pressure from school. Pray for wisdom as we seek how to best educate our children. We are presently looking at various options.

22 MIDDLE EAST Workers write, “The ex-pat church (from a closed country) here is growing at an amazing rate! There are 20 new believers preparing for baptism! Although we do not speak their language, we are thrilled to have a small part in serving this church as they use our space as their facility for ministry. Even this last Sunday the pastor, with a gleam on his face, told us there are 6 new members of God’s family. Please pray for spiritual growth for this young church, and for mature believers who speak their language to come to our area to work with these young believers. Please pray for the young pastor of the church, ‘Allen’.”

23 FRANCE Paul and Karan Davis write, “Vincent, whom I met last year at the “Starting New Churches” workshop, eagerly greeted me at a recent meeting. He and other believers are praying about starting a new church in a city north of Pontcharra! What a joy to see French believers take the initiative to see new churches started!”

24 SOUTHERN AFRICA Lynda Collison writes, “Continue to pray for the office work and classes of Zion Bible College to impact the lives of the students in all Swaziland locations.”

25 PAPUA Walter and Diane Kennedy write, “After a few years of preparation, praying and surveying the Island of Papua, our next four local missionary men left for their new place of service this past month. Please pray for their safety as they interact with the local people. A man who was introduced to us as the family head of the tribe invited our missionaries to come into their village, so we trust that he will as well assist them in their adjustment there. There is currently no church or gospel witness in that or surrounding villages that our families will be ministering in.”

26 EAST ASIA Workers write, “Pray that God calls leaders from our Bible groups to learn to disciple others.”

27 MEXICO Art and Vicki Reyes write, “Construction of the Emmanuel Evangelical Church of Los Cabos’s sanctuary that was destroyed during Hurricane Odile continues. We are so grateful for the generosity and kindness of donors and the gifts from Mexican churches as well. Continue to pray over this project.”

28 SPAIN Workers write, “One of our adult English students agreed to take home a bilingual New Testament to read. He said that he is not a “professional” in the catholic religion and only knows generally what he believes. Pray for the eyes of his heart to be opened through exposure to God’s miracle working word.”

29 CHAD Rich and Anne Hoyt write, “In recent weeks two of our vulnerable women have been seeking employment by putting up a notice in the popular bakery/coffee shop. Another was given a small loan to start a retail clothing business but was un-able to protect her capital, using it to pay her rent, and is now stuck. Please pray for ‘Grace’, ‘Emma’, and ‘Olivia’ that God would provide them with good employers. All too often, those who call them about work also want to take advantage of them. Pray that they would see God intervene in their lives as they take baby steps of faith towards Him.”

30 UKRAINE Amanda Keeny, appointee to Ukraine, writes, “Please pray for:

  • Boldness for Christians in Ukraine, specifically in cities with a huge influx of refugees; pray that they would start conversations about Jesus with their new neighbors.
  • Unity among believers-The church has a great opportunity to help in the crisis; pray that inessential things and past squabbles will not hinder them from being the hands and feet of Christ.
  • Wisdom for Church leaders- Pray that leaders will have wisdom in how best to help the refugees and their own congregations with the limited resources they have.”

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