Monthly Prayer Journal: June 2016

"Pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.” Matthew 9:38 | Photo by TEAM
From teaching English to hosting summer camps, see what mission workers around the world are doing this month and how you can pray for them.
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June is always a busy ministry month in Italy. Please pray that God will provide English-speaking personnel to help with the summer day camp in Faenza. Pray for the workers who are coming to help with summer outreaches in the parks and an English program in Umbertide and for preparations being made in Citta’ di Castello.


TEAM workers in East Asia write, “Our team continues to experience transition for all the staff as leadership is being restructured. Please pray for us in this process and through the changes. Pray for wisdom, unity, and grace for each other. Also, pray for the national leader that will become the director of our team within this year.”


Joseph Swanson, worker in Taiwan, writes, “New ministry opportunities continue to arise. Needing to pray for wisdom to choose between numerous options is a welcome problem, especially looking back at the beginning when we were just trying to find any inroads into the community. Please pray for grace and renewed energy to finish this first term well.”


Owen Ames writes, “Praise God for Pathway Church Consolacion, on the island of Cebu in the Philippines, which David and Kathy North and their team opened on October 4, 2015. God has blessed in amazing ways. The church now averages around 110 adults per week and they recently baptized 11 new believers. Praise God for providing a large space in a local mall. Pray for continued growth while the Norths are on home assignment. Praise God for the committed Filipinos working with the Norths.”


Workers in Spain write, “Our hope is that our budding relationships in the neighborhood will deepen and that through our love, service, and words, they would get to know the amazing God that knows them and loves them. Will you pray with us for them?”


Pray for TEAM’s retirees, many of whom are struggling with physical issues. Some have lost beloved partners with whom they shared ministry. Pray that God will meet each one’s needs and that they will continue to serve the Lord in the communities where they are now living.


A worker in the Middle East writes, “During language class, I have lots of opportunities to chat with classmates; please pray for me to be able to plant and water seeds for them and to shine clearly as a light.”


Lynda Collison, worker in Southern Africa writes, “Thanks for praying for the Sweet Aroma girls as they aim to be strong in the Lord in their schools. They come and enjoy practical Christian lessons. Continue to pray that the girls will understand the many aspects of living a Christian life and resisting the worldly influences.”


Workers write, “Pray for a powerful move of the Holy Spirit in June, bringing multitudes to faith in Him. Pray also for the purification, unification, and empowering of the Church!”


Linda Wagner, worker in Ireland, writes, “Pray for short-term workers raising their funds to be able to come for the summer. We have 11 people coming to help us this summer with children’s ministry, and they need to raise support to come.”


Workers in Central Asia write, “Our greatest recent challenge has been the ongoing visa crisis. We now have 11 adults with ‘appeals after refusal’ in process. We are utilizing various means to gain support from local leaders, but ultimately prayer is the key to this crisis. We know that the Lord has power to move the hearts of kings (Prov. 21:1). Let us pray with confidence while focusing our trust in the King of Kings.”

pray for the nations

12 | CHAD

Eric and Mollie Kroner, workers in Chad, write, “Please pray that the villages we engage and treat would see the love of Jesus in our service and hygiene training; also pray for opportunities to share the reason for the hope within us, and that they would be healed of their disease, being brought into complete shalom of mind, body, and spirit.”


Phil and Pattie Eager, workers in Mexico, write, “You may recall that Transformed was able to acquire an office space for rent that we are in the process of painting and fixing it up to become the Transformados Center. Pray that it will be a place that shines His love brightly and a safe, healthy place for children, youth, and their families to hang out in the neighborhood.”


Workers in East Asia write, “We are waiting on confirmation for project funding for this year, so we definitely appreciate your prayers as, although there is much evidence that it will come through, the uncertainty can always be difficult. Please also be praying for us as we continue to look towards the future for the right long-term opportunity to engage as a family. We are very excited about the possibilities and appreciate you keeping us in your prayers for large gains in our language ability and for wisdom in moving forward.”


Ray and Marti Williams, workers in Australia, write, “We had a good Precept Ministries Australia board meeting in May. Precept desires to integrate more with organizations like TEAM who use Bible study to assist in church planting and leadership development. Pray that we can see creative ways to encourage and facilitate systematic Bible study in Australia.”


Dave and Angie Staedtler, workers in Czech Republic, write, “We believe that prayer is one of our most important weapons. Pray for our church, our youth group, the unbelievers we are working with, our kids, and all our efforts here. We are involved in many church plants and activities throughout the Prague area. Pray for physical health for our missionaries, unity, and an incredible thirst to spread the Gospel.”


A worker in South Asia writes, “Leaders in this area are interested in starting a new kind of a Bible school. Their vision is to have a three-year school of 15 students who are personally mentored so that they can reproduce and multiply disciples of Jesus. My friends are calling it the ‘Jesus way’ of discipleship. Please pray for them that God will bless them as they pursue this vision of personally discipling others.”

pray for the nations thailand


Jon and Sharla Rubesh, workers in Thailand, write, “We have a new name for the Creative Center: The Neighbor Hub. We all love to serve with our creativity, but serving and loving our neighbors is where the focus truly is for us. Pray for all the activities, growth, and change happening in our ministry. The search continues for a new location. Pray for us to find just the right place for just the right price.”


Keith and Dawn Moore, workers in Honduras, write, “Many young people and some families were baptized recently, and in all there were 24! There were at least 10 different people from our church who were responsible for leading these to Christ. Over the weekend, others gave their lives to Jesus. Please continue to pray for God to bring people to Himself and that the Lord will use each one for His glory.”


A worker in East Asia writes, “Ten years ago, a few people were brought here by our Father for Kingdom work. Ten years later, the work that was started is taking on a new shape. We desire for this city to turn from their ways and repent, to be a city for our King. We want to join the work the Lord is already doing and remove our own agendas. We want to hear from Him.”


Brandyn and Kourtney Hurst, workers in Germany, write, “About a mile from our apartment, a refugee center is being constructed that will house approximately 100 people. Please pray for opportunities for us and the Christians in our area to both show and share Christ in this community.”


Tom and Lois Jackson, workers in Zimbabwe, write, “Many mission stations were largely destroyed during Zimbabwe’s liberation war. While the schools and clinics are functioning once more with government and NGO support through local community councils, the local churches are struggling. This does not mean there is no interest.

At Kapfunde, they have started to rebuild their church and had benches and desks arranged for a recent weekend of special meetings, even though they have no roof, doors or windows on their building. Please pray for the Kapfunde Initiatives [as] the national church leads the way in reviving the work and helping to restore the church to a place where it can be a center of outreach and ministry to the community.”


Workers in East Asia write, “We are looking forward to the next steps of researching and applying to open a branch of our business in a nearby area in the next couple of years. Would you continue to pray with us to that end? Our hearts long to live and work among the unreached people there. In the meantime, we are both studying the language, and we plan to take several trips to build friendships and seek out opportunities for ministry there!”


Amie Bockstahler, worker in Guatemala, writes that TEAM is sending down a group of five for a vision trip from June 25 to July 5. Pray for this group.

pray for the nations

25 | PAPUA

Jared and Becca Riepma, workers in Papua, write, “The 2016 Annual Merauke Youth Camp will be taking place during the last week of June. The organizing committee has been hard at work planning and making preparations to host around 200 youth. The theme for this year’s week of camp is ‘True Disciple.’ As always, thank you for keeping us in your prayers!”


Lorraine Green, worker in Southern Africa, writes, “The [TEAM missions mobilizers] have some excellent contacts who show interest in TEAM’s work in Africa. Pray for discernment for them and clear evidence of God’s calling and gifting for service in Africa among the candidates as they work together to know one another.”


Workers in South Asia write, “We are making progress on our plans for the new church building. Land prices have dropped considerably in the past 6-8 months, so that is great for us! By God’s grace we have about half raised or pledged so far. We are praying that the Lord would provide the needed funds for us by the end of this summer, then we would buy land in the fall. Let’s see what the Lord has in store! Please keep praying for this need along with us.”


Ben Bacheller, TEAM’s creation care specialist, writes, “I recently returned from a leadership meeting in Florida. Our main topic of discussion was: ‘How do we partner with churches, individuals, and organizations in other countries to send more missionaries worldwide?’ One exciting part of what we’re doing is through a very close relationship with another mission agency working in South America. They have missionaries and ministry opportunities where we aren’t active yet, and we often have folks joining TEAM who are looking for an opportunity we don’t have. Thank you so much for your prayers and partnership so that we can mobilize, equip, and send more missionaries worldwide!”


Tom Blanchard, TEAM worker in France, writes, “Pray for the 72 students studying online in my Old Testament Prophets class for the Institut Biblique de Genève. Pray that the course would be a real encouragement for them.”


Workers in East Asia write, “These last few months have probably been the most productive time of our ministry here so far. It’s been exciting to see God move things along toward our vision of seeing a movement of multiplying disciples start in our city. Our team has really started working together well and we’re seeing lives changed in the people around us. Our team has exceeded one of its goals this past year of starting 10 seeker groups, and we have more groups starting all the time. We have multiple discipleship trainings going on, a church started, and contacts for training other local churches.

We can see our next steps pretty clearly. Last fall, we began a little church with our friends (one couple and their kids) putting into practice our ideas about small, simple church. This has been one of the most worshipful and rewarding church experiences we’ve encountered in our Christian walks. The heavy emphasis on obedience to the Word along with growing and serving together has refreshed us personally. It has also encouraged us that this model is legitimate and timely in this country where large gatherings are increasingly coming under pressure. Pray for a movement of disciples and churches across our city.”

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