Monthly Prayer Journal: March 2014

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Thank you for joining us in praying for TEAM’s work around the world. Click here to download a .pdf of the March 2014 prayer journal.

1 SPAIN Workers write, “The youth group of Santa Ursula Church continues to be a blessing! Please pray that these young hearts hunger and thirst for the absolute truth of God’s Word and can see and understand the futility of sin! They love being together! We are having a retreat March 1-3, so please pray that their hearts would be molded, impacted, transformed, challenged, and led by God, and that they would see His might, His power and His goodness in their lives.”

2 PHILIPPINES Pray for Kathy and David North as they begin the work this month of starting a new church in Liloan City, Cebu, Philippines. Pray that God will bring a team together and guide them in developing the plan. Pray for prepared souls in Liloan.

3 FRANCE Bob Vajko, church planting consultant, reports two new churches in the works in the Paris area –one of these is a strategic possibility in a silicon valley region of Paris. Pray that these two churches will be born, grow, and thrive.

4 EAST ASIA Workers write, “One of the Buddhist members of a company fellowship is now much more open to Jesus and spiritual things. Please continue to pray for her and the other four members that they will see how Christ can change their lives.”

5 AUSTRALIA Ray and Marti Williams write, “Marti has two ladies Bible studies every Thursday, one for young moms and another for the ‘more mature’ ladies. They all seem keen to learn and grow. Pray that they will feast on the Word and keep motivated to progress.”

6 CZECH REPUBLIC Ondra and Melissa Zikánovi write, “Melissa is attending the New Breath of Fresh Air Conference (March 7-9) for women whose husbands are pastors, elders, deacons, or missionaries. She is going with a deacon’s wife from their church. Please pray that this time will be truly a ‘breath of fresh air’ for both women, renewing them physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Pray also for the other women Melissa can connect with, network with, share with, and encourage.”

7 SOUTH ASIA Workers write, “The recent visa news is very encouraging! Four couples and one single woman received their visas. Continue to pray for the pending visas for five couples and three singles.”

8 GREECE Brad and Jamie Newport write, “The new year brings a renewed sense of the privilege we have in being here, touching these lives and facing the growing opportunities to make disciples and see the Kingdom extended. The opportunities to make disciples are tremendous. Pray that we have the capacity/energy as a mission and as a family to engage fully in each moment.”

9 MIDDLE EAST A worker writes, “The church which I pastor has caught me off guard as responsibilities and expectations increased suddenly with the new influx of people in September. It is no longer small enough for our previous organizational structure to work, and we have to become better organized. Please pray that we can appoint the right people to carry out the essential ministries of our church.”

10 UKRAINE Kurt and Rochelle zurBurg write, “Ukraine is undergoing some conflict. Although there are still tons of questions, our prayer is for God to allow what is most needed to bring the most people to Himself. We have no idea what this means for the current events in Ukraine, but our Heavenly Father is wiser than us. Pray with us for His kingdom to come on earth as it is in Heaven.

11 JAPAN Paul and Violette Bridgman write that they are blessed with many English students (kids to adults). All of these students are being exposed to the Word of God during a Bible story for the kids and reading the Bible in English for adults. Please pray that their students would accept Christ and join the church.

12 EAST ASIA Praise the Lord for a good trip to East Asia for Phil S. He taught 1 and 2 Peter at a missions training school. There will be seven in the first graduating class. This is a nationally run school that meets at a church. The students are exclusively from East Asian minority groups and some will return to their tribes when they are done with the three-year course. Pray that these young people will find just the right ministries after graduation.

13 SOUTHERN AFRICA Eric and Susan Binion write, “Please pray for fundraising efforts in South Africa and abroad for a new bus and new married student housing for the Union Bible Institute. Student numbers have been increasing every year for the past six years.”

14 SPAIN Workers write, “Praise the Lord with us for a great time spent with neighbors and family while running a half marathon, for new friends being made through swimming, for good English class conversations, an opportunity to meet the parents of one student, and for good opportunities to give input into college students’ lives.”

15 ITALY Pray for the discipleship program, The Story of God that will be held at the Mestre Church on March 14-16. Ask the Lord to use this program to bless and encourage the churches in Italy.

16 MEXICO Ralph and Ellen Shepard write, “In 2013 we began focusing on forming discipleship groups of two to three men or women who would be meeting to study the Word and sharing life realities more intimately together. Some of these groups are set up to help non-believers investigate the Bible. But in most cases, they are designed to help believers form healthy habits and spiritual disciplines as they learn to walk as followers of Christ. Pray with us that through these groups the lost will be won, and the won will be trained.”

17 CHAD Mark and Diane Vanderkooi write, “Recently, the Evangelical Church of Chad led an evangelism campaign to the Kwong people. Hundreds of those who heard made some kind of confession of faith, and the organizers were working on follow-up even as the mass of visiting evangelists packed up and headed home. A week later, many of the new converts were showing up in all the little churches scattered across Kwongland. Pray that the good seed which has been sown would take root and grow.”

18 EAST ASIA Workers write, “Pray for the SOAR (Special needs, Orphaned and Abandoned children Resources) project to bless and provide what’s needed for these 20 children. Pray also for the teachers we need.”

19 PERU Craig and Sue Querfeld write, “Since taking on Arcadio as a pastor last year, our church budget has been stretched. This is the first time the church has gone through a tight financial time. Would you join us in praying for the church that they may develop a generous heart based on what God has done for them? That the administrative team would have wisdom to know how to best administer the funds God has given them, and that the church would grow together as they confront this small crisis.”

20 PHILIPPINES Jeff and Gerri Miller write, “There is still much to be done in the areas affected by Typhoon Haiyan. It was still very difficult to see the devastation that took place. People are still living in tents or just barely getting their roofs covered again. Pray for wisdom and unity among leaders both government and private to work together for the good of all.”

21 TAIWAN Ron and Julie Heinsman write, “Thank the Lord together with us for the Trailblazer Camps winter camp programs. These discipleship camps were well attended by campers and we had a great group of volunteer staff, mostly young people who have attended our internship program in the past. Thank God for the growth in the campers and volunteer staff as well.”

22 SOUTH ASIA Workers write, “Militant Buddhism is a growing feature on our fair island. Over the last six months a rising tide of churches have been threatened or attacked. Sadly, one of my star students from years gone had his church ransacked by a mob led by saffron-robed monks a couple weeks ago. We’re asking the Lord of surprises to turn these difficult times into wonderful opportunities for the fragrance of Christ to transform darkness into light.”

23 GERMANY Dietrich and Jan Schindler write, “Diet will be teaching on church planting at a German Bible college near Bonn from March 24-28. Pray for the Lord to call students into the wonderful ministry of starting new churches.”

24 THAILAND Kennedy and Wendy Paizs write, “I am seeing God raise up new believers through Thai people. One young man named Book led Gaw to Christ. Gaw has been a believer for four months, Book for eight years. Each student is from another area of Thailand, but they have all things in common because of Christ. It is my prayer that we will see these young people grow up and be missionaries to their own circles of influence. Please pray for them to grow in Christ.”

25 JAPAN Stephen and Satomi Sakamoto write, “Please pray for the Awaji Island outreach: we are trying to start regular monthly meetings there for evangelism. Pray for consistent attendance at meetings by contacts and for unsaved Japanese couples. We want to start a couples’ marriage small group meeting. Pray for God to raise up those He wants to attend and save. Satomi also desires to start a new outreach to women. Please pray for God to lead her to the women He has prepared.”

26 BRAZIL Tim and Tammy Evans write, “There are people using The House of Prayer, here on the mission campus, to pray already each weekday. Our hope and faith is that as people and churches come here to pray, God will begin to pour out his blessing on this place like nothing we’ve seen so far! And, as the Church begins to feel and understand God’s heart, a burden for world missions will follow!”

27 AUSTRALIA Ray and Marti Williams write, “We will be teaching three classes each at the Bible College for this term. Pray that we can communicate clearly and that the students will be able to grasp the contents as well as the importance of the material.”

28 SPAIN Workers write, “Pray for further opportunities to be with our neighbors, for opportunities to go deeper to share Christ and the Word with those we know, for an NILD student to begin doing therapy, and for the building to begin for the Academies. We’re praying that we’ll have the building license in hand very soon.”

29 AUSTRIA The Free churches of Austria have formed a task force to organize and offer religion classes in public schools (as do other recognized religions in Austria). Pray for wisdom in establishing a curriculum and identifying godly, motivated teachers to fill openings in the 2014-2015 school year. 

30 CENTRAL ASIA Pray for the upcoming presidential election scheduled for early April. Pray that is a peaceful election and that it brings stability to this nation.

31 ZIMBABWE Kiersten Hutchinson writes, “The Lord has been blessing the Wednesday night Bible study with the nursing students. We have been looking at Romans 12 as we seek to become mature in our Christian lives. One particularly challenging area is when God tells us to get used to having unexpected guests and to practice hospitality. It really tested my commitment to obedience. Since then God has continued to send this type of faith test. Hospitality is a core belief to the Shona people, so the better I am at it then the better I will be at developing meaningful relationships. For example, God sent Evelyn my way one evening. She had come for a procedure but did not have a place to stay until the next morning. Using my Zimbabwean sister, God brought her to my home. Little did I know that through the course of the next several days that God would use all of us at Karanda Hospital to challenge her and cause her to grow spiritually. She had been told by a ‘prophet’ that if she had this procedure she would surely die! Her mother was frantic when she found out. What a testimony for her family to see the power of God – that not only was she physically alive, but she was also made alive in Christ. Please pray for her in her new faith.”

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