Monthly Prayer Journal: March 2016

Join us as we pray over the life and work of missionaries around the world. Photo by TEAM

Thank you for joining us in praying for TEAM’s work around the world.

1 AUSTRALIA Ray and Marti Williams write, “Classes at the Adelaide College of Ministry began the last week of February. Pray that we will have a good student intake and that the new students settle in well and engage with the work quickly.”

2 THAILAND Rejoice with us that 7 new mid and long-term workers, plus 1 new short-termer have joined the Thailand Ministry Area in the past 8 months! More new workers are on the way. These new workers bring passion and fresh ideas, enabling us to expand our vision. Please pray as the TEAM Thailand missionaries meet on March 2 and 3 for a vision retreat during which we will discuss a new vision statement with accompanying strategies and goals.

3 TAIWAN Taiwan experienced an earthquake in the Tainan area. Buildings came down, people were killed. May this be a call to people to turn to the True God and may Christ’s church have an impact in reaching out in love to those affected by loss of life and their earthly possessions.

4 MEXICO Ralph and Ellen Shepard write, “Please pray for our ministry to have more men. We are focusing prayer on this for the next year or so, and are seeing what God would have us do to reach out more to gain them.”

5 JAPAN Jim and Eileen Nielsen ask for prayer concerning their many new responsibilities in TEAM Japan’s office, Jim as Ministry Area Leader and Eileen as Member Care Facilitator. Also, pray for their relationships with Japanese pastors, as they try and match pastors with missionaries to start new church plants.

6 SOUTHERN AFRICA Hillary Reneau writes, “Praise that Swaziland has had rain, but pray that we continue to receive more. In Mbabane, the number of days for water rationing has increased.”

7 EAST ASIA Workers write, “Our team has an urgent request for a teacher or teachers for our international school. A retired couple that served in Alaska has filled in for the past two years, but we have no one lined up yet for our next school year (2016-2017) or beyond that. Our families appreciate having teachers for their kids so they can focus on the unique work they do. Those teachers also have countless opportunities to be involved with Chinese school staff, neighbors and friends.”

8 AUSTRIA Please continue to pray for the Herzwerk teams as they regularly reach out to women in the clubs and on the street. Pray for meaningful conversations and spiritual breakthroughs.

9 MIDDLE EAST Workers write, “Pray for the promotion and running of the course EWI, “Encountering the World of Islam”. Pray for all of the preparations and for the Lord to bring everyone He wants there. We are looking for 30+ to attend!”

10 PERU Kathi Small writes, “Pray for the different ministry leaders at the church. Some names to include are Yane, Danitza, Jorge, Dania, Christy, Alex, Cirano, Jesús, Rolando y Jessica. Specific requests include servant leadership and modeling a life wholly dedicated to Christ.”

11 EAST ASIA Workers write, “Please continue to pray for Grace who had a severe car accident on Dec. 3rd. The Lord has brought her from the ICU to steady progress in a rehab center, but healing and recovery will take time, and she and her husband could use the Lord’s encouragement. Other TEAM missionary physicians and physical therapists plan to visit her and make an assessment. May they have great discernment in assessing physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual status and needs.”

12 GLOBAL Please remember to pray for our workers in regions of the world that are very dangerous. Pray for the Lord to bring to our people those in whom he is already working. Pray for wisdom in how to answer people. Pray for courage. Pray for the Lord’s powerful protection.

13 CZECH REPUBLIC Scott and Caitlin Andrews write, “We are receiving good reports that much of our labor from the autumn has been fruitful, and we are seeing signs of great promise for the year that lies ahead. Join us in praising God that He in His grace and goodness is using us, even in small ways, for His glory.”

14 CENTRAL ASIA Workers write, “One young man has recently made a profession of faith. Pray for his safety and spiritual growth as he studies the Scriptures.”

15 FRANCE Jon and Agnes Hegner write, “The Christian music studio retreat center project is maturing well. I’ve talked to musicians and music industry types in and outside of France who are on board with the idea. It seems to scratch an itch. I’m still in the process of gaining feedback from French musicians to learn what they want. Sometime this month, we’ll put together a game plan and draw up a strategy for launching the studio. Pray that this would be the Lord’s project and that He’d use it to build His church.”

16 TAIWAN Please pray for Beth Wyse as she raises support to join our Taiwan team. She will be helping us to develop a robust onboarding/disciplining program that we hope will be a great tool to encourage new workers to join us here. Pray that the Lord of the Harvest would send us laborers!

17 CENTRAL ASIA A worker writes, “The financial situation of the Community Based Rehabilitation Project is in crisis. Our staff could only sign 2-month contracts with no hope of other employment in sight for most of them. Pray for some source of funding, such as a foundation, could be found to meet the need for $90,000 to cover the remaining budget deficit in 2016. Our project, which includes an orthopedic workshop and physical therapy center, is the only facility currently available in the province, totaling over a million people, which makes artificial limbs, provides assistive devices, (wheelchairs, walkers, etc.) and offers hope to people with disabilities. God is our Provider!”

18 ITALY Pray that the Holy Spirit would empower TEAM Italy missionaries to speak and understand
Italian well and to communicate the message of Jesus Christ accurately.

19 ZIMBABWE Pray for Kiersten Hutchinson as she carries a heavy patient load at Karanda Hospital.

20 MEXICO Carlos and Sandy Rios write, “The week of March 21-25, Holy Week here in Mexico, we will be having two evangelistic outreaches in Guadalajara. One will be aimed at high school students in a park near our church. We will be offering workshops on art, music, English and sports. Pray that many will come so that we can have new contacts and that many will have interest in studying the Bible and learning more about Jesus. Also, that week, we will offer “English and More”-a cultural exchange in the gated community of our new home featuring Beth and George Kalopsis and family. Again, pray that many will come giving us new contacts and there will be spiritual interest.”

21 EAST ASIA Workers write, “A large group of East Asian and international mission leaders met recently to talk about cross-cultural work, learn from each other, pray and commit to collaborate with each other for ministry. May the Lord bless and equip each one and may His love and grace overcome the differences that naturally come up between diverse people and cultures.”

22 PHILIPPINES Keith and Grace McCune write, “Please join us in asking the Lord to guide us in the selection of godly, gifted translators for an Old Testament translation project.”

23 GERMANY Jeff and Anne Ingram write, “I’ve sent out a handful of inquiries to potential meeting places this week and as yet have gotten mostly negative responses. Would you pray that the Lord would literally open some new doors for our young church? We’re looking for a place big enough for about 50 people with a smaller room to hold children’s church. A bonus would be a small kitchen and a piano, all at an affordable price.”

24 SPAIN Workers write, “Praise the Lord with us as we celebrate the Phase 2 building project for the Sevilla Christian School project. This part includes over 4000 sq ft of educational space which will house more classrooms for the community center academies (ESL, Art, Music, Exercise, etc.), as well as the PreSchool. We need the Lord’s protection from accidents, provision of the final funds for furnishings, and provision of all the staffing. We are looking for ESL teachers who are willing to come for a couple of years to help with teaching classes to all ages and levels. Also, be praying for God’s provision for continuity and stability in the project while we take our Home Assignment from March to September. We currently have 90+ students enrolled in 15 different classes.”

25 AUSTRALIA Ray and Marti Williams write, “We have several new TEAMmates on the way to join the work here. Pray that the funding and placements move ahead and that more will join us. Visas are becoming more challenging, both the paperwork involved as well as changing classifications and tighter restrictions. Pray that we can get the visas we need without excessive cost and hassle.”

26 EAST ASIA A worker writes, “In early January I taught English to a group of ‘T’ students that came to the city. They were surrounded by people who love the Lord, and I’m sure they felt His love as well. I was able to share some clear truths with them. Pray that these students will think about what they heard and allow it to affect their hearts. Pray that the students will remain in contact with those who helped them come to the city and will feel the Father’s love in tangible ways.”

27 GLOBAL Today Christians around the world will celebrate Easter as they rejoice in Christ’s resurrection from the grave. Pray that they will be given many opportunities to share with those around them why today is so special.

28 UKRAINE Kurt and Rochelle ZurBurg write, “Pray for our expansion of our recycling project to be blessed by God as we are going into the community deeper. Pray for protection and courage from lots of evil in corruption. Pray for wisdom and opportunities to bless others by sharing about Jesus with them.”

29 MIDDLE EAST A worker writes, “One of the things the Lord has been reminding me of recently is to rely on Him for future plans! Questions about how much language school before working at the hospital, where I’ll live, where I’ll travel for visa trips, and with whom — these are all things where I want the Lord to lead! His plans are the ones that will prevail! Please pray for wisdom to make plans and remain open to the Lord’s leading.”

30 JAPAN Paul and Violette Bridgman write, “Praise for the 3 people at Sakuragaoka Church in Okayama who were baptized in February. Pray for us to be able to return to Sakuragaoka Church by July 2016 from our home assignment.

31 CHAD Mary Stone writes, “Last month the EET church was to have their National Conference. There were to be 500-600 people driving in from all over Chad. While en route to the conference, an N’Djamena Annex truck (Toyota double cab pickup with 6 people riding outside on the back), had rolled over. During the course of the next 3 hours: 5 of 6 outside of the truck died! This shook everyone up. The leadership of the EET church felt that this was too much of a tragedy to continue with the conference, so it is put off for a few months. Pastor Basse Salomon is the only one living from the back of the truck after the accident. Please pray for the EET Church. This has hit us very hard as a church. May the Lord use this to point each and every one of us back towards himself in unreserved obedience. This is a huge reminder that travelling in Chad is a spiritual exercise that needs a right relationship with God with His own powerful protection upon us and that we also drive with a prayerful spirit of dependence on God.”

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