Monthly Prayer Journal: May 2013

Thank you for joining us in prayer for TEAM’s work around the world.

Click here to download a .pdf of the May 2013 Prayer Journal.

1 GLOBAL Please pray for Doug Witzig who will be traveling with 3 Christian businesspeople for a second survey trip into Myanmar. We hope to identify sectors of the society and industries in the economy that a future Launch Team will be able to explore in greater detail. Pray for these Launch Team members to be mobilized in the coming year.

2 CHURCH CONNECTIONS Jim Rathbun will teach a culminating Perspectives class May 2 at Eastview Christian Church in Normal, IL on the topic of World Christian Discipleship. Pray that the Lord would use this class to enable each one to determine their next steps in obeying the Great Commission both for them personally and for their church.

3 SPAIN John and Sandy Niemeyer write, “Please pray for people to come help us with English Advance 2013.  We only have 4 or 5 committed to coming to help. We really cannot pull off a full camp schedule with those low numbers! God is in control and we are not panicking, but we could really use more help.”

 4 MEXICO Art and Vicki Reyes write, “There are four new adults attending the La Playita church on Sunday evenings.  One new couple and two older singles have come for several weeks in a row. Please pray for the salvation of Karina, José Isabela, Marisol, and Cristobal.”

 5 AUSTRIA Rhonda Formanek writes, “Please pray for the baptismal service in a church in Vienna on May 5th where two junior high girls whom I know from camp will be baptized. Pray for D and J as they take this significant step. Most likely some not-yet-believing school friends and relatives will attend. Ask the Lord to speak to them through this service.”

6 ZIMBABWE Please pray for the country of Zimbabwe as elections will be held this year. This is expected to be an extremely challenging time.

 7 AUSTRALIA  Ray and Marti Williams write, “The second term of classes at Adelaide College of Ministries starts on May 7.  Pray that the students and staff will be ready to keep learning and growing. Also, pray for stamina for the students.  Many are juggling jobs, family and church responsibilities in addition to their studies.”

 8 PORTUGAL Clark & Yvonne Malone write, “Please pray that people in our church would be willing to open up their homes to host a small group. We would like to see 25 homes be open. Also pray that God would raise up those who would be willing to lead these groups.”

9 EAST ASIA Our current teacher will be retiring at the end of this school year and, though we have several possible teachers, nothing is yet firmly in place for next year. Now, our building situation combined with our need for teachers is stirring up a great faith challenge and an opportunity to pray together and watch our Father provide.

10 CZECH REPUBLIC Larry and Michelle Davies write, “We praise God for the first round of church planting training through M4. Eighteen church planting teams of Czechs, Slovaks and North Americans gathered together in this first ever nationwide, cross denominational effort designed to see a church planting movement. Pray for us as we seek to accomplish the goals we believe God has for the ministry in Libuš.”

11 SOUTH ASIA Be praying for the country as elections are scheduled to be held soon. Specifically pray that they would be peaceful and that God’s choice of officials would be elected.

12 CHAD Anne Hoyt writes, “The vulnerable women’s ministry is growing and the Lord is bringing to us other Chadian women who have a heart for these women at risk. We are also looking for a place to rent as a drop-in center where we can have group classes for Bible studies, practical training, and health education. Pray that we would follow His leading to the right place for the center.”

 13 UKRAINE Kurt and Rochelle zurBurg write, “The Lord has brought together a small group of God-fearing Orthodox men that are interested in growing in their walk with Jesus. God is working and these men are beginning to open up. Pray that His Spirit will work both in and through their lives as we all draw closer to our Savior. Pray that God will begin a revival from within the Orthodox church for His glory.”

14 SOUTH ASIA In the last few weeks there have been a number of attacks on small outlying churches and many churches have been threatened to close down or face the consequences. Pray that the Lord will provide these churches with protection, with courage and with a gracious spirit of confidence, hope and trust. Pray too that the sovereign Lord will work in the hearts of those in positions of governmental authority and that justice and righteousness will characterize the governance of this nation.

15 THAILAND Kennedy and Wendy Paizs write, “Pray for the many people we share Christ with each week. We want to sow the gospel abundantly in love. Pray they would believe and we would disciple well.”

16 FRANCE Bob and Veronique Clifford write, “Please pray as we are reaching out to several families who need God’s gracious help to affirm their faith. Pray also for unity among the church people with very spiritual and socio-ethnic diversity and for us to serve them with wisdom.”

17 ITALY George and Kim Aguirre write, “Pray for spiritual breakthroughs in our friend Simone’s heart and that he would understand that he is indeed a sinner in need of salvation that can come only through Jesus Christ.”

18 MIDDLE EAST Workers write, “Ephesians 6 reminds us that we are up against the oppression of the enemy. We sense that we are facing strongholds on many fronts in the past few weeks. Many times, we have been tempted to give in to despair and apathy. Please join us in a time of fasting and prayer against these dark forces.

19 AUSTRALIA Ray and Marti Williams write, “Edwardstown Baptist Church has begun the search for a teaching pastor and Marti is on the search committee. Good biblical expositors are not easy to find. Pray that we can find the right man.”

20 PHILIPPINES Seth and Laura O’Day write, “Pray for our students at Faith Academy as they enter 4th quarter — a time of tests and stress for many of them.”

21 SOUTHERN AFRICA Brian and Joyce Flickner write, “Please continue to pray for Durban Bible College. They started the year in January with seven new students in the first year. There are 5 in the second year and two in the third year. The municipality has still not approved our move to the new campus and the accreditation issue is still not resolved. Please pray for God’s hand and wisdom in decisions for all of this.”

22 EAST ASIA A worker writes, “Recently, I had the opportunity to share more deeply about the gospel with some of my closest local friends. They come to me sharing the struggles and disappointments of their lives and so desperately needing hope. I feel the burden of their need and long for them to know the Savior. Please pray for them.”

23 TAIWAN Jeremy and Ruth Hsu write, “Praise the Lord that Jeremy’s Bible studies on church life have been received well. Pray for obedient hearts and for courage to make any bold changes that the church may need.”

24 SWEDEN Beth Webster writes, “May 24 we will present a couples’ day in a Mission Covenant church in Sösdala, southern Sweden.  Many of the couples on the periphery of the church who plan to attend have lived together outside of marriage for many years.  Pray that we will be able to lovingly challenge them to bring their relationships under the authority of God’s word.”

25 PAPUA Teresa Rhoads writes, “I am planning to leave the Meyah ministry and enter my retirement years in December of this year.  I would like to ask prayer that I would finish the next few months well. I have almost 39 years of accumulation to dispose of at my village of Testega. I still have Sunday School lessons to get done and I want to get a workshop prepared to teach Sunday School teachers how to teach the lessons to new Sunday School teachers during the next eight months.”

26 AUSTRALIA Scott Henson and Robert Johnson will be visiting the Australia Ministry Area in late May.  Pray that they will get a good picture of the needs and opportunities here and how TEAM can contribute.

27 SOUTH ASIA Workers write, “Please pray for our VBS outreach. This year it will be May 27th – June 1st and we will have two different programs, one in the local language and one in English, using the same material.”

28 JAPAN Judy Galley writes, “As Nora Handa and I go to deliver Concise Bibles and Gospel literature to many homes in a remote fishing area in Japan, pray for strength and protection from injury in getting to the individual houses in a hilly up and down area with narrow roads.  Pray for God to bless, guide, and work in the hearts of the people.”

29 MIDDLE EAST Workers write, “Please pray for “Hank”. He has been a believer for only about 6 months but has been eager to learn and grow. We praise the Lord for the fruit in his life and pray that he will grow stronger in his faith.”

30 APPOINTEES  Pray for Bobby and Jennifer Goodrich who will be the adult sponsors for a group of high school students going to Baja California, Mexico, in June. Pray for safety and meaningful activities, but also pray for discernment for the Goodriches who are hoping to discern if God may be leading them to work in Mexico.

31 HONDURAS Keith and Dawn Moore write, “We know a couple who lost their son to a revenge killing. He was 18 years old and played in the youth group music team. It has been a tough road, but Ricardo was and is convinced that he will not avenge his son’s death outside the law. His wife, Thelma, prayed to receive Christ at the funeral when Norberto gave the invitation. Within a week of his son’s death Ricardo told me that he wanted to be with his son one day. It was a joy to share with him how he could know the Lord that Bobby knew and how he could have his sins forgiven. He gave his heart to the Lord and has begun the first steps to learn the Word. At the same time his daughter, Maria, gave her heart to the Lord with Dawn. We have had a few opportunities to be with them in the last few weeks, and it is amazing to see the peace that the Lord has given them. The Lord has brought joy out of deep tragedy. We had lunch with them earlier, and they are doing so well. Please continue to pray for them that their faith will grow and for their protection.”

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TEAM - The Evangelical Alliance Mission

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