Monthly Prayer Journal: May 2014

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Thank you for joining us in praying for TEAM’s work around the world. Click here to download a .pdf of the May 2014 prayer journal.

1 JAPAN Judy Galley writes, “As I drive out to rural areas, pray for God’s guidance in reaching every home safely with witness of Jesus and the gospel. Please pray for the Holy Spirit’s victorious working. Pray also for Nora Handa, for strength and guidance as she also comes to help in this work.”

2 SOUTH ASIA Workers write, “The visa news in March was more encouraging with two one-year visa extensions granted! Continue to pray for those waiting for 198: new long-term visas (5), renewal of existing visas (5).”

3 BRAZIL Bill and Kathy Bacheller write, “May 8-18, Oasis is starting a new counseling center in João Pessoa, Paranaíba, in the northeast of Brazil. Would you ask God to give us extra physical strength, health, and wisdom to counsel five couples from that region? Pray for the three confirmed clergy couples. Pray for two more couples to come.”

4 PHILIPPINES Derrill and Becky Martin write, “Please pray for the partnership conference May 12-16. There will be at least 15 Filipino teams serving with unreached people groups gathering to meet with at least 12 western church partners. Pray for vision to be renewed, the gospel workers to be refreshed, and the partnerships to be strengthened. Pray for unity as there is great diversity within this group.”

5 UKRAINE Kurt and Rochelle zurBurg write, “Please be praying for Ukraine – that people will find their true hope, rest, and stability in Jesus and not in any kind of government. Also, praise the Lord the people are much more open to the Lord in these recent months!”

6 CZECH REPUBLIC On June 16, Pat Foster will be leaving Europe after 24 years, in preparation to retire later in the year. Pray that she will be able to organize her remaining time in Czech well, to wrap up all the details in her ministry (ESL) and personally at her apartment before departure. Pray that she will have quality time with her students and minister to them before her departure.

7 SWEDEN Stewart and Beth Webster write, “From mid-May to mid-June, Fridhemskyrkan will be hosting an evangelism team from Palm Beach Atlantic University. Pray for creative means of reaching out to our community, and that the church will come together to support the team and work along with them. Pray that God will work in the hearts of those we contact who need to meet him and that we will see several come to faith.”

THAILAND Kennedy and Wendy Paizs write, “Pray for Kennedy as he continues to meet at new temples and tell monks Bible stories. Pray these young men who are the religious gate keepers would come to Christ!”

9 PAPUA Walter and Diane Kennedy write, “We are still praying about matching the right national missionaries with the right place of service. The local churches continue to give generously to the Mission Outreach and missionaries are ready to go, so pray that the recent surveys will definitely direct the work into unreached areas that are still in need.”

10 AUSTRIA Dan and Rachel Zuch write, “Please pray for Rachel as she continues to help guide our volunteers for the teen ministry. There are some really important and needed changes coming because of the quick growth of the group, and we are praying for much wisdom and direction from the Lord to stay in step with what is going to be best.”

11 MIDDLE EAST Workers write, “Last session, we invited the students at our English Center to participate in ‘interfaith’ study groups. We have held these kinds of groups before, but always quietly and with only a few interested students at a time. This time, we had over 50 students publicly sign up to study with us. This is unheard of in our part of the world! It was an amazing four weeks and at the end people said the study was too short and that we should continue. We launched another bunch of 4-week study groups for this next session on April 13th. People are open and hungry; please pray that we can go deep with them!”

12 PHILIPPINES Jeff and Gerri Miller write, “Praise: 65 students graduated April 12 from IGSL and for the many of them returning to restricted-access countries to share the gospel. Pray for our trip to San Francisco (May 13-27) to see our son, Stephen, graduate from graduate school. His degree is a Master of Teaching and he will be a high school physics teacher.”

13 TAIWAN Please continue to pray for the Trailblazer Camps ministry as they search for a national director. Pray for God’s will to be clear to the board and to Pastor Deng (a recent candidate) whether or not he is the one called to this ministry.

14 EAST ASIA Workers write, “Please pray for increased opportunities to show Christ’s love in the relationships God gives us and guidance from God on the potential partnership with the new local church we were introduced to.”

15 ZIMBABWE Sean and Kim Doyle write, “Please pray for wisdom as to how to reestablish our Bachelor’s program at Harare Theological College. Please pray that there might be significant progress in our proposed merger with the Theological College of Zimbabwe to form the Theological University of Zimbabwe and that the government would bless this new endeavor with accreditation.”

16 MOBILIZATION Ross and Becky McKay write, “Pray for several who are in the middle of the application process that they will persist in all the many steps. One applicant has experienced the death of a close family member and is putting her application on hold for now. Pray that she and her family will be comforted during this time of loss.”

17 MIDDLE EAST Workers write, ““Pray against the spiritual dark forces that have dominated this region for decades. Ask for turning points among our guests, favor and protection on all our staff, their families, volunteers, artists and performers, and financial support for the few artists on our team who have no regular income or church subsidy.”

18 NEW ZEALAND Ron and Amy Barber write, “Amy has started a get together for the married women on campus to help them address issues they will encounter when they leave school to work in another culture. She has women from Singapore, Japan, Korea, New Zealand and Canada, so it is quite a diverse group. Thank you so much for praying for us.”

19 PHILIPPINES Derrill and Becky Martin write, “Please pray for us as we lead a team from May 16-18 to serve in the relief and recovery work in Tacloban, Philippines, which was devastated by super Typhoon Haiyan last November. Continue praying for the Filipinos whose lives were destroyed by the disaster and for the long-term workers to have wisdom in the recovery work and for people to see that we are motivated by Christ’s love for them.”

20 EAST ASIA Workers write, “We are preparing to create a Family Service Center to address the many needs of the family in this area. The goal of the center is to provide mental health counseling, senior services, home health care, parental and marital training, and values training. Please pray as we develop this new project.”

21 SOUTH ASIA Workers write, “Our church has no built‐in parking and we had relied on a vacant lot behind our building until recently, when the entrance was blocked. People now have to park very far away and jump over a ditch to reach the church or access the church using a very difficult, narrow road. We are planning to approach the owner of the lot and ask that he allow us to rent the lot on Sundays. Please pray for favor as we approach him and for a good long‐term solution to our parking problem.”

22 SWEDEN Stewart and Beth Webster write, “On May 24, our home group will host an unusual outreach event. We will celebrate the fourth birthday of one of our members, Julia, and her parents are designing the party in hopes of touching a maximum of their family’s unbelieving friends and neighbors. Pray that the joy we have in Jesus will be tangible to those who come, and that the party will help move them closer to Christ.”

23 GERMANY Diet and Jan Schindler write, “Diet will be leading the advanced movement leader’s track at the annual European Leadership Forum, a conference of some 900 European leaders, May 24-28 in Wisla, Poland. Pray that the sessions that he leads would lead to church planting multiplication in Europe.”

24 MEXICO Anthony and Karlene Thiessen write, “Please continue to pray for our work with the youth of El Faro. Pray for wisdom and discernment and the ability to build relationships with the youth. Pray that youth will recognize the importance of attending youth group and being a part of community. Pray for creativity as we plan events and energy to encourage youth and mentor them in their faith.”

25 ASIA Today is the Global Day of Prayer for Tibet and Tibetans. Please remember our colleagues and friends who are laboring among Tibetan people groups across Asia. We are still waiting for a breakthrough when many Tibetan people will be freed to put their faith in Jesus.

26 FRANCE Buan and Theresa Anderson write, “After teaching at a youth leader training weekend last year, Buan was asked if he would write an online course about using an experiential education model in youth ministry. Late fall found him spending many hours trying to figure out exactly how to teach others to teach experientially about Jesus through a medium that seems quite un-experiential! It was a challenge, and demanded much work, but in the end it was not impossible. We pray this online course will be a resource available to many in the years ahead.”

27 SOUTHERN AFRICA Lynda Collison writes, “I have started helping ZEBS – Zion Evangelical Bible School which teaches Zionist pastors the truths of the Bible. I assist in collating lessons and preparing class bags on Fridays. Pray that the truth from the biblical lessons will penetrate hearts and minds to true freedom in Christ.”

28 ITALY Stan and Annamarie Goertzen write, “Pray with us as we continue to preach and teach the gospel and as we seek to instill a missional culture in the church. Pray for grace and wisdom to deal with a few people who are causing problems in the church. Change brings conflict and while we certainly don’t like conflict, we are at a point where we need to move forward if we are to be faithful to the call of Christ.”

29 PHILIPPINES Keith and Grace McKune write, “Ask God to give us wisdom and speed on the checking of an Isaiah and Proverbs translation for a Muslim group nicknamed ‘Patagonian.’”

30 SOUTH ASIA Workers write, “We praise the Lord that he has used medicine and a compassionate touch to soften the people for the good news. There also have been dramatic healings that we heard of from our previous medical camps that can’t be explained with medical science. Please do pray for the mountain medical clinic as there is so much to do before it opens in November of this year.”

31 SPAIN Workers in Sevilla-Montequinto write, “Praise the Lord for a great English Community Day outreach. We had nine university age English speakers here to help us do a Family English fun day. Almost 50 people attended and we met some new neighbors.

Praise the Lord for the beginning of the building of our first building. Phase 1! This building will house two classrooms and a reception area and an outdoor cement top where we can do various activities of service to the neighborhood and greater Seville area. Pray for the safety of all involved in the building and for things to be done in an excellent way. Pray for God’s provision of all that’s needed to do this project well. Pray that it will be finished before summer in order to begin activities there in July.”

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