Monthly Prayer Journal: May 2016

Photo By Hanna Smith, TEAM short-term worker

Thank you for joining us in praying for TEAM’s work around the world.

1 TAIWAN Ron and Julie Heinsman write, “Please pray for the ongoing need at Trailblazer Dajia Camp for a full-time maintenance person. We have been operating without this key staff person since last October, and it has been very difficult to complete necessary repairs at our old facility. Please pray for my (Ron) own strength and safety as I work on some of these repair projects.”

2 ITALY Please pray for two ladies in Mestre, who are interested in spiritual things, but have not yet made a decision for Christ.

3 MIDDLE EAST Workers write, “Like much of Europe and the Middle East, our country has a huge number of refugees that present a challenge for local and national officials. In our city, the refugees are not welcome since it is a touristic region and thus they receive no help from the government. Our ministry center has begun to work with these refugees (primarily Syrian) in small camps outside the city, yet the needs are overwhelming and it is uncertain how to help them not only get on their feet but to become established. Of the 25,000 refugees scattered throughout the city, we are focusing our work on a few tent communities with 10 to 50 families each. Pray for believing Arabic speakers to come and help with the work, good relations with the local officials, and clear opportunities to share the hope we have in Christ.”

4 CHAD Jack and Nancy Snyder write, “Pray that we will know God’s plans for the future of the print shop.”

5 PERU Kathi Small writes, “Pray for the different ministry leaders at the church. Some names to include are Cristhian, Angela, Antonella, Anthony and Alexandra. All are youth leaders in youth ministry. This ministry is in the midst of change as Arcadio and Hada are phasing out and Rolando and Jessica are taking over adult leadership.”

6 EAST ASIA Workers write, “We need more workers. We have lost two couples last year and two more leave this year. It is very discouraging when we have over 100 million unreached people in just one of our provinces. The church in this land and people like us are also under increased scrutiny by the government, which makes doing what we do very challenging.”

7 BRAZIL Bill and Kathy Bacheller write, “Pray for God to raise up another couple to add to our pastoral counseling staff by the beginning of next year. We do not have enough counselors to support two centers.”

8 SOUTH ASIA A worker writes, “There have been talks that the Department of Immigration will deny all non-tourist visas to foreigners until further notice. Some organizations are expecting to have to leave the country in May due to a refusal to renew their visas. My visa is currently secure until July. Please pray for all of those who may have to leave the country. Please pray too, that their visas can possibly still be approved.”

9 JAPAN Stephen and Satomi Sakamoto write, “Please pray for the salvation of Mrs. “I,” a new friend of Satomi’s who is so open to Satomi and the Gospel message. Pray that Mrs. “I” would be saved and become a multiplying disciple herself, sharing the good news of Jesus. Pray for Stephen’s brother David, who was recently diagnosed with stomach cancer, for healing and for assurance of salvation in Christ.”

10 MIDDLE EAST Workers write, “Pray for the beautiful friendships with locals that are beginning, and for new ones to form. Pray specifically for: A (landlord), H (tutor), and N (friend).”

11 ZIMBABWE Pray for provision for the many families who have nothing to eat this year because of the drought.

12 EAST ASIA Workers write, “We praise the Lord that we’ve met a group of Christian business people who have put a foundation together to help needy students like there is at the community center, Joy on the Journey Camp, and the orphanage work. Pray this foundation comes to visit this work and take on some of these projects.”

13 MEXICO Art and Vicki Reyes write, “On May 14, TEAM Mexico is sponsoring a conference on the prevention of domestic abuse which will include how to work with rebellious children and how to prevent adultery. Rosalio Contreras of Guadalajara is the main conference speaker. Please pray for this important training!”

14 CZECH REPUBLIC Matthew and Sara Titus write, “About a year ago, ‘I’ walked into our church service. She had been praying for God to bring people into her life that could lead her to know Him. She googled churches in our area and found us. Over the past year, we have together also been praying for her boyfriend, who was not a believer. It has been a joy to see God work, and two months ago, he joined ‘I’ in attending the evangelistic courses. They both continue to grow in their understanding of what it means to follow Christ. Pray that Christ’s love will be the foundation of their marriage. They’re getting married July 9th.”

15 CENTRAL ASIA Workers write, “After two years of rigorous studies to finish high school and teacher training, the 15 female interns -who have been a part of one of the projects in our region – graduated with much pomp and circumstance. Each of these 15 interns have returned to their villages where they are beginning their first year as teachers. Please lift up these women as they put into practice the teaching methods, knowledge, and compassion that they have experienced during their training.”

16 GUATEMALA Amy Bockstahler writes, “Pray for help in balancing time and responsibilities and for the development of community health programs.”

17 THAILAND The Southeast Asia Vision Trip Team will be traveling May 21– June 4. As four young women and their leader arrive in Bangkok and then spend time in two other cities meeting workers and observing ministries, pray that the Lord will show them if this is where He would want them to serve in the future.

18 SOUTH ASIA A worker writes, “Please pray for the youth to be caught up in amazement and wonder as they understand in a deeper way who God is and how he would call them to be light in the darkness all around them. It seems like some are regularly attending youth meeting simply as a commitment in their schedule but not being transformed to intentionally live out what we discuss.”

19 AUSTRIA Pray for Rhonda Formanek’s relationship with her neighbors. As a Muslim, M is very comfortable with talking about religious things. Ask the Lord to open M’s eyes to the beauty and uniqueness of Christ. K is another neighbor who is very ill and is trapped in very bad life choices. Pray for boldness to reach out and speak truth boldly and in love.

20 SOUTHERN AFRICA Brian and Joyce Flickner write, “Pray for Brian as he continues to meet with his discipleship groups. Two of our students held an evangelistic crusade and Brian was asked to share discipleship lessons with the new believers. Please pray that they will make reproducing disciples as they grow themselves.”

21 EAST ASIA Workers write, “Please pray for three different Bible studies we’re stepping in to help with. Pray for those who are for the first time seeking to understand God’s word, those who know him and desire to understand it more deeply, and those who are growing in their ability to lead.”

22 MEXICO Anthony and Karlene Thiessen write, “Please pray for unity in our ministry team as we grow and reach out to Mexican people. Pray that God sends us the people we need to fill in the gaps we have in our team. Pray that we will live brightly, and Christ will shine through. Pray that we will be able to prepare and plan well for summer short term teams that are coming. Pray for our youth that are coming regularly; we want them to see their need for Jesus and for their relationship with Him to grow.”

23 MIDDLE EAST A worker writes, “A local friend came over unexpectedly one evening, so we talked about God’s love and the hope I have in Jesus. Please pray for Him to continue revealing Himself to her, and the Spirit’s guidance for me whenever I see her again.”

24 PHILIPPINES Jeff and Gerri Miller write, “Pray for the follow-up of those who desired to know God personally through Jesus Christ as a result of our church’s Tabernacle Experience outreach. We are in the process of contacting them and linking them up with solid churches in their area.”

25 SPECIAL ASSIGNMENT Workers write, “The Bible class we began in January has been faithfully attended by one student—a humble start. She is already a believer, thirsty for God’s Word, and has been lovingly pointing her unsaved classmates to Christ. Recently she said that four from her class want to study the Bible. Pray that more students will be hungry to study the Bible, pray they will have the courage to ask for it, and pray that in doing so, their joy will increase and they will be saved. Our joy is increasing as we see God at work!”

26 FRANCE Dan and Margaret Kuehl write, “We are gearing up for a large outreach from May 28 to June 3. We will be stuffing 17,000 envelopes with a Gospel of Luke, a comic book style presentation of the gospel for children, and a presentation of the church. We have a team of 25 people coming from a South African church in London to help us with this distribution. Pray that God would prepare the hearts of the 35,000 that could potentially be reached by this outreach.”

27 EAST ASIA A worker writes, “Please be praying that my apartment will be a place of peace – a place where people can come and relax, free from pressures of school, family, work, etc.”

28 PAPUA The Well of Joy Community Center recently hired its first administrator. Please pray that Mr. Jeki and Diane Kennedy will have wisdom in developing aggressive ministries for this new initiative.

29 SOUTH ASIA Workers write, “Pray for Mr. Z and Mr. T who have recently professed faith. Pray for protection for them and for wisdom in how to be involved in their discipling process.”

30 UKRAINE Kurt and Rochelle ZurBurg write, “Kurt got “hired” by The Odessa Children Science Museum to work with them in a consulting and development role. It was fun to see how God opened these doors. And now we have the opportunity to rub shoulders with over 80 people from the greater science and business community of Odessa. Pray with us for friendships to grow and doors for the gospel to open.”

31 SPAIN Workers write, “Praise the Lord for his provision of three teachers to cover our classes while we are on home assignment. Praise the Lord for the beginning of Phase 2 of our educational project. These days are critical as we pursue the necessary licenses and permits for opening the Early Childhood center in the fall. Please pray that God will provide all the resources needed and favor with all of the government officials involved. Pray with us that God would raise up teammates during our home assignment to join us in expanding the Community Center Educational offerings (Music, Sports-Exercise, Technology, Coffee Room, English Exchange, etc.) and to help us begin the next phase of our church plant with those we are reaching out to. Pray that God will provide the needed resources to not only finish the Early Childhood Educational Center but also the Community Center expansion so that we can move forward this year. Pray for God’s provision and blessing on the teachers taking our place: That they would be successful at reaching the ESL goals and able to connect with the students and their families.”

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