Monthly Prayer Journal: November 2013

Thank you for joining us in praying for TEAM’s work around the world. Click here to download a .pdf of the November 2013 Prayer Journal.

1 US The Annual TEAM Board Meeting is taking place Nov. 1st – 2nd. Please pray for wisdom and clarity as many transitions and decisions are made to better serve the global cause for Christ.

2 MEXICO Martin and Susie Gonzalez write, “We are having a group come to La Paz to do medical clinics on Oct. 31st – Nov. 2nd. Pray that Christ is honored and that people feel touched by God. Pray that many will be saved.”

3 EAST ASIA A worker writes, “In October we took a break from my men’s Sunday afternoon Bible study. It’s for local businessmen who often can’t make it to church, are not believers yet or have family members who are believers who encourage them to check it out. This has been a great group! Please pray over our plans as we continue the study for the next six months starting in November.”

4 PAPUA Walter and Diane Kennedy write, “Please pray as we begin an intensive building project in the construction of the Green Hill Community Center in Manokwari, Papua. Pray for reliable and diligent carpenters. Pray also that the Lord would provide a qualified man to become the head of the Center.”

5 ZIMBABWE Judy Parker writes, “Karanda is in a water crisis situation. Since we are in a very rural area we must provide for our own water supply. Our water table has gone down and all but one of the wells has dried up. Since the wells are going dry we have had to reconsider the use of the river, which presents a challenge to make the water safe for use. Pray for us as we try to determine a solution to this continued problem.”

6 MIDDLE EAST Senior leadership members will be visiting various TEAM ministry areas in the Middle East Nov. 7th – 20th. Please pray for safety in travel and that they will be a good encouragement and support to the missionaries there.

7 THAILAND Kennedy and Wendy Paizs write, “Please pray for our Friday night Outreach Dinners where we make dinner and eat together with Buddhist friends and neighbors. Please pray for their hearts to be touched by the stories from the Bible that Kennedy tells and the worship music that John Rubesh plays, and for significant conversations and opportunity to share Christ in a meaningful way for them.”

8 SOUTHERN AFRICA Brian and Joyce Flickner write, “Pray for us as we seek wisdom in how to implement our new emphasis on discipleship. I now teach one less day at Durban Bible College and am using that time to start to prepare materials to be used.”

9 MIDDLE EAST Please pray for secret believers to grow deep and strong in their relationship with Christ, being filled with faith and empowered “both to will and to do of all His good pleasure.”

10 BRAZIL Tim and Tammy Evans write, “We began work on the office and director’s home (our home) on the new missions campus. There are only 4 weeks to get both roofs on before the rains really come. By Dec. 1st we need to be painting the house so we can move mid-December. The challenge has been finding workers. The construction boom in the country has made good labor scarce! We need your prayers.”

11 CHAD Mark and Diane Vanderkooi write, “Every once in a while an exceptional young person comes along with whom we really want to invest quality time. Ruth is one such bright light in the firmament of Kwong children. We only wish we could spend more time with her. Please pray for a young couple willing to come to work with the kids full-time!”

12 MEXICO Peter and Cher Gatto write, “Please lift up the Rancho el Camino as we move toward developing a five year plan and seek God’s will and direction for the next five years of development. Please pray that the Lord will give us as a leadership team wisdom and clear direction.”

 13 EAST ASIA We have two of our long term missionary families returning to the ministry area from their home assignments and one new family joining the team. These three families coming into the area involve lots of visa issues, housing preparation and language school programs. Pray for smoothness on all these logistics.

14 AUSTRIA Ian and Beth Chadwick write, “The district that we live in is small and connected. We are constantly interacting with families from the schools, doctors’ and dentists’ offices. Pray that we would continue to be aware of so many who don’t know our Savior and practice the Gospel when we have the opportunity to do so.”

15 PAPUA Please pray for Craig and Shirley Preston as they visit supporting churches in Kansas this month. Pray for God to use them to encourage their faithful supporters.

16 APPOINTEES Pray for Karin Feltman as she says goodbye to her church and her family before leaving for her ministry in South Asia. Praise God for 100% of her financial and prayer support!

17 FRANCE Jon and Agnes Hegner write, “In September, the Bonneville saints headed to the mountains to determine our objectives for the year. We have some good initiatives lined up like a discipleship course and an evangelism group. Pray that God would use these to further His kingdom. Pray also for our need for a different meeting place. The building project is still on the table but it will take some time.”

18 EAST ASIA Our new international school property was recently completed. There will be a lot of moving from the temporary facility and adjusting to the new building. Pray for the teachers and staff as they will be stretched and for the students as they have to adjust to the new environment. Praise the Lord for the new facility as it has more room and a nice covered field house for sports on the roof.

19 THAILAND We will soon have some short-term teams coming to spend time doing art development outreach and practical outreach at many different locations. Please pray they would open long-term doors among the local Thai people.

20 CENTRAL ASIA Workers write, “During our weekly teachers’ meeting at the English center, we learned that we have had record attendance of female students! For the first time ever, the English center’s student body is composed of half female students and half male students. Please ask the Lord to continue to give the English center favor and honor among the families in our local community.”

21 PHILIPPINES David and Joy Weaver write, “After having a bad dream, a wealthy businessman called a pastor to help him understand the dread and uncertainty he was feeling. The pastor explained that he needed Christ to fill the void in his life. The businessman responded, “If I need this, then all my employees need it as well. Would you find people to teach the Bible in all of my offices?”
About 30 of his offices now have weekly Bible studies, 8 of which are taught by our pastors. Each office has 12 -50 employees, who are paid for the two hours they study the Bible each week. Most of the employees I taught do not attend any church regularly. Please pray for this ministry.”

22 PERU Brenda Matthews writes, “The Piura Norte church now meets in a two-story rental house! Now the classes of the little kids and the older kids can each have their own classroom in rooms upstairs while the youth and adults remain downstairs for the message. Please pray that we’ll be able to make good use of the facilities and reach out to the neighborhood.”

23 COSTA RICA Bob and Sandy Hanna write, “September 17th, we began a new series of online courses with over 90 students. Please pray that God would put a hedge of protection around each pastor and leader because they will be fighting a spiritual battle while in these courses. Satan wants to use whatever obstacles he can to keep them from improving how they study the Word of God.”

24 MEXICO Ralph and Ellen Shepard write, “Here in Guadalajara we are seeking appropriate ways to challenge many people in our home group network to take specific and public steps of commitment. The social constraints are very powerful. We pray for boldness and clarity in calling people to become followers of Jesus, but we also know that it will require a special work of the Spirit to help people overcome the cultural trend.”

25 APPOINTEES Pray for Abigail Paden heading to East Asia. She still needs significant financial support, and her goal is to leave in early January 2014 to join her team as they pray and plan for the coming year’s ministry goals. Abigail is a registered nurse and plans to use her medical skills as a means of outreach.

26 ITALY Gene and Susan Coleman write, “Pray that we might “exegete” our city with God’s eyes and heart. Our desire is to get to know our neighborhood, its people, their stories, values, worldview and culture, rather than bringing in our pre-packaged vision and strategy. We need wisdom to accurately interpret the demographic research we have done, and we need “persons of peace” (Lk 10:5-7). God usually has someone in an un-evangelized area that will be receptive to the gospel. We do not bring Christ to a city. He is already there and already working.”

27 EAST ASIA A worker writes, “Our greatest prayer here is for God to open the way for visas for our workers. We have been told that we can no longer operate as a company, as we have done for 12 years. Pray for wisdom on how to pursue visas.”

28 US As we celebrate Thanksgiving, please pray for our nation to reflect on the Giver of all our blessings and to seek Him out in humility and repentance.

29 MIDDLE EAST Workers write, “Muslims believe that Christ was born miraculously of a virgin. Please pray for our preparations to use the “acceptable” Christian holiday of Christmas for outreach in our Islamic nations. Pray that evangelical gifts will be well-chosen, well-received, and used by the Lord to spread His Truth.”

30 SPAIN Workers write, “Praise the Lord for his faithfulness and provisions. We continue to wait patiently for him to open all the doors necessary in order to build the first small building on the land for the Montequinto church plant/Sevilla Christian School Project. Right now, we are praying for:
-The license to build the first buildings.
-Finding an expert to oversee the construction project.
-Searching for a fresh water source (well) on the property.
-God’s provision of teachers, students, and furnishings.
-God’s protection and provision for all those involved in the project.
In the meantime, we have begun English classes in our home and have various professionals coming to us for classes. We have also had many opportunities with our neighbors and friends to grow closer in various ways. Pray for God to grant us favor and trust with all of these people.”

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