Monthly Prayer Journal: November 2014

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Thank you for joining us in praying for TEAM’s work around the world.

1 JAPAN BJapan, a media ministry started by TEAM missionary Steve Tygert and now run by TEAMer Tim Selander and Satoru Yanagitani, had success earlier this year using shortwave radio to reach Japanese men. So we are trying another season of shortwave, which begins November 2nd. Please pray for the gospel to reach the hearts of radio fans and shortwave hobbyists in Japan!

2 SOUTHERN AFRICA Wayne and Pam Wideman write, “Please pray for Wayne’s teaching in night class this term. There are 11 students—all professional/vocational people. Pray for Wayne to connect well with them so the teaching can be effective in their lives.”

ITALY D is a young boy who is from Faenza who attended the Push the Rock basketball camp in Imola. D has had contact with the gospel in the past and was again challenged to have a personal relationship with Jesus during the basketball camp. D is very open but fears the reaction of his Muslim parents. Please pray for courage for D to make this decision for Christ. 

TAIWAN Isomi Saito writes, “Please continue to pray for the Lihsin Church. Especially pray for the afterschool program held from Monday through Friday every week to help needy children in the community.”

5 EAST ASIA A worker writes, “What great joy it was to see over 300 people baptized at the local church in July. What greater joy it was to have two of our local staff in the group! Please pray that these newly baptized believers would grow further in Him and truly experience new life.”

6 US The annual TEAM board meeting is taking place November 7-8. Please pray for wisdom and clarity as many transitions and decisions are made so TEAM can better serve the global cause for Christ.

7 AUSTRIA Chris Rogers writes, “Pray for good weather for the park ministry and for the Lord to draw the kids in for the teaching time. Pray also for wisdom how to best minister to these kids during the colder months.” 

8 CZECH REPUBLIC David and Kathy Sedlacek write, “Please pray for J and his wife.  They experienced two big milestones earlier this year: they committed their lives to Christ, and they committed themselves to one another in marriage. They are fellow-members of the Ladvi church. Recently, J has been having serious stomach problems.”

9 GREECE Brad and Jamie Newport write, “Pray for the refugees here and for their families. Pray for the seeds of the gospel, for the Word to take root, for their pain and suffering to be used to awaken them, for resources to help meet their needs.”

10 SPAIN A worker writes, “Pray for the salvation of Loli and Elena. Loli and I meet a couple of times a week for language exchange. She is searching for meaning in life.  Elena was been a student of mine for years and just left for university. She has asked many questions over the years and now starts a new phase. I would love for her to meet some believers at the university!”

11 ZIMBABWE Pray for the many Harare Theological College students who are struggling financially. Pray for the Lord to supply their needs.

12 PERU Kathi Small writes, “For several years we have been aiming to hold a workshop to train future facilitators for the Sharpening Your Interpersonal Skills workshop. This desire is coming to fruition and will be held in Lima in November. Please pray over the details of this event.” 

13 MIDDLE EAST A worker writes, “God has opened the door for me to teach at a women’s college. I am excited about this new opportunity. I will be teaching national women. Most are training to be classroom assistants. Please pray that I can build good relationships with my students and be sensitive to opportunities to share with them.”

14 PHILIPPINES Derrill and Becky Martin write, “The situation in the southern Philippines is precarious. While the Indonesian government has formally come out opposed to ISIS, the Philippine government has not taken a similar position but remained mute. There is active recruiting for terrorist groups in the Indo Malay world (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines etc). The groups buy members.  When an unemployed father is given a large sum to support his family, he signs up without really any thought other than to provide for his family. Please pray for evil men to blunder so that their schemes are revealed.  Pray for workers to be watchful for kidnapping which is rampant at this time. Pray for the believers that they will not be tempted to accept payouts from the very large sums of money now entering the Southern Philippines through oil rich countries.”

15 FRANCE Jon and Agnes Hegner write, “Pray that our church prayer-life would be strengthened. We hold weekly times of prayer before the Sunday service. We are usually between 2 or 4 attendees. Pray that God would double that this month!”

16 GUATEMALA Justin and Jenny Burkholder write, “Please continue to pray for Guatemala. Pray that God would open doors to proclaim the true gospel of Jesus Christ. Pray that, as the gospel of Jesus Christ is proclaimed, people’s minds and hearts would be opened to the beauty of the cross. Pray that people would see the real beauty of the true gospel of Jesus Christ.”

17 MEXICO Carlos and Sandy Rios write, “Cabo is destroyed were the chilling words we heard following Hurricane Odile’s direct hit on Baja California Sur, packing winds of 125 mph on September 15, 2014. Pray for basic needs and rebuilding materials to be supplied, strength to clean up and recover and an active demonstration of God’s love to unbelievers in tangible ways during this time of crisis. Thanks for standing by your brothers and sisters in Christ in Cabo San Lucas in their time of need.”

18 UKRAINE Kurt and Rochelle zurBurg write, “Praise the Lord that as our good friend, Slavik, is faced with his mother’s diagnosis of cancer, his heart remains close to his savior. Please pray with us for his mother and family. Pray for Rita’s spiritual and physical healing. Pray also that God will open the entire family’s eyes and hearts to trust in him.”

19 EAST ASIA Workers write, “Please pray that Leo, Austin, Robert, Sophie, Alex, Yellow, and other friends will become followers Christ. Pray too for more seekers to attend a group we lead on Saturday afternoons.”

20 GERMANY On Nov 21-24, Diet Schindler will speak on church development, church planting, and discipleship to Evangelical Free Church leaders in Pilsen, Czech Republic. Please pray for him during this trip.

21 CHAD Scott and Suz Downing write, “With the end of rainy season upon us and the drying up of roads, we’d like to be able to move back into the well drilling/hygiene ministry. Pray for the hearts of the villages to have tender hearts toward truth and Love.”

22 PAPUA Walter and Diane Kennedy write, “Of the three survey teams that went out over the past three months, none were successful in locating groups of unreached people. This was due to resistant people in the areas that were surveyed, or lack of guides willing to take our teams into the new areas. Please pray that our local mission board will have wisdom in proceeding with the next steps to find ministry areas for our 10 missionary families.”

23 MIDDLE EAST Workers write, “Please pray for God’s movement among us and our hospital patients as we love them and share with them. Pray too for another nurse and administrator for the hospital.”

24 PORTUGAL Clark and Yvonne Malone write, “We have just begun a 13 week discipleship class on who we are in Christ, which we offer twice a year. During the first two lessons we share the gospel. Pray that people would respond to God’s Spirit and that he would have full freedom to work in their lives.  Pray that God’s truth would sink down deep into their hearts and minds. For those who may not be believers, pray that this time would be transformational and that they would become God’s children.”

25 SOUTH ASIA Workers write, “Last year several mission leaders expressed their concern that our seminary graduates were not impacting the major population. As a result, a coworker and I have been asked to do a survey of mission outreach by the local church and develop a curriculum that prepares our students to reach out to the huge unreached Muslim population here. While curriculum and training are needed, we also need a fresh move of God to develop a love for Muslims who often oppress the believers, a generous, giving heart and people who will reach out to Muslims in appropriate ways. Please pray for the national church.”

26 JAPAN Murray and Kathy Trim write, “The first three weekends of December are typically our busiest of the year in terms of the number of events and opportunities to share about the Christ of Christmas here in Kobe. Pray that good planning and preparation will allow us to remain even-keeled and be both effective and fruitful in our efforts to make Him known.”

27 US As the US celebrates Thanksgiving this month,let us give thanks for the Lord’s goodness and blessing in our lives and ask that the nation would seek the Lord in humility and truth.

28 THAILAND Kennedy and Wendy Paizs write, “We are trying to invest in our Thai language while we are home. Wendy is studying and writing lessons in Thai to teach the book of Revelation. Kennedy is learning Bible stories in Thai to use them when we go back and to keep fresh in the language. Please pray we can keep good habits in this.”

29 ITALY Please pray for Andy and Jaycie Johnson in Imola as they recently started two new English groups. Pray that the Lord will open up new relationships, as well as provide fellowship and even a bit of fun!”

30 EAST ASIA A worker writes, “One of our local friends, we’ll call her Sandy, is from a nearby village where she and others have recently been sharing the faith and relating the stories of the Bible. They had mainly met little encouragement and much opposition. Recently, one of Sandy’s aunts had responded to the good news. Though this was great news, our enthusiasm can be a little hesitant as initial professions sometimes turn out to be not completely understood, or can be wrapped up with other motives.

As this aunt’s granddaughter, who had been displaying some bizarre behavior recently, became sick however, the aunt showed sincerity and understanding, and reliance on the lord. Traditionally, this situation would call for intervention from a local shaman. These can be conflicting moments for new believers as their old beliefs and practices run headlong into their new trust in Christ. As the granddaughter was taken into the city to the hospital, the aunt called Sandy and said she knew she should ask Christians to pray to Jesus instead of inviting the shaman.

Sandy and her friends prayed to the Lord for strength and gathered by the girl’s bedside to pray. During this prayer time, Sandy’s aunt began praying in her native language, instead of the national language. A short time later, the girl began to recover and her bizarre behavior normalized.

This story was encouraging for several reasons. It demonstrated that Sandy’s aunt was truly learning to rely on Jesus and reject sinful customs, showed that God is powerful and faithful to heal and restore, and  encouraged our team here that they could pray for big things in Jesus’ name. It also showed significant progress in a village where the enemy has maintained strong opposition.

Pray for Sandy’s aunt, that she continue to rely on Christ and share her faith with her village and that the church here remain encouraged and trust in God’s power to overcome opposition.

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