Monthly Prayer Journal: November 2015

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Thank you for joining us in praying for TEAM’s work around the world.

1 BRAZIL Dave and Miriam Kanagy write, “We are praying for and would ask for prayer that God might provide a roof for the office of the Brasil mission sending agency we are working to build.  This missions agency is located in the city of Anapolis where we are working to build a missions training center to help churches send out missionaries from Brazil to other parts of the world.  We have 14 missionaries on the field now and have sent over 30 missionaries to the field in the past years. We are needing a car as well and it seems to be difficult to find one that will meet our needs. Pray that God will direct us as we look for the car we need.”

2 MEXICO Anthony and Karlene Thiessen write, “Please pray for our family as we return to La Paz on Nov. 3rd after a month in Canada to share about the Transformados Sports MI as well as to re-connect with supporters, family and friends. Please pray for a smooth transition back into life in Mexico and specifically La Paz. Pray for our children as they re-adjust to school once again after 1 month away. Pray for strength and energy to carry on with the basketball club and building relationships with youth in our neighborhood. Pray that we will be able to get the sports ministry office/youth center painted, prepped and up and running. Pray for wisdom for us in balancing ministry and family life.”

3 PHILIPPINES Keith and Grace McCune write, “Please pray for us as we travel to South Asia for an exploratory trip to get to know a very large ministry initiative that has invited us, primarily to help with training translators and consultants.  It looks like we will be there Oct 27 to Nov 25. Our goals are to check Scriptures, observe how this organization functions, and have discussions and planning sessions with leaders.”

 4 SOUTHERN AFRICA Dudley and Inge Donaldson write, “Pray for wisdom as we deal with students who have been impacted by the beating and strangulation of one of their fellow students on her way to school. Life is not easy for young Swazi girls.”

 5 USA The TEAM Board Meeting is taking place Nov 6-7. Please pray for wisdom and clarity as decisions are made so TEAM can better serve the global cause for Christ.

6 TEAM’S 125TH ANNIVERSARY The Wheaton, Illinois celebration will be happening Nov. 7th. We are expecting 400-500 people at this event! Thank you for praying for God to be glorified this weekend.

 7 CHAD Rivers and Becky Camp write, “Pray for God to raise up people to help us with the Ziguey school and literacy development.”

 8 AUSTRALIA Kristen Kelly writes, “We have been doing a Simply Christianity course the past few weeks where new believers, non-believers, etc. can come in and hear the basics of Christianity. It has been a really encouraging time for the 5 people who have been coming. Please pray that those taking the course will grow in their love and understanding of Christ.”

 9 MIDDLE EAST Workers write, “As refugees continue to flee to our area (over three million already), the country struggles to deal with the overwhelming needs.  Pray for the churches who are reaching out to the refugees, for more resources and people to come to our area to reach out to these desperate refugees, and for our team as we seek to know the best way to be involved in helping. The needs are so immense!”

10 TAIWAN Isomi and Chieko Saito write, “The number of children attending the after school program is shrinking because elementary schools have also started leading a similar program in schools. Now the church is trying to extend the program to middle school students. Pray that God will continue to use this program for reaching out to needy students.”

11 ZIMBABWE Pray for Stacy Harms as she continues to settle in and adjust to life and medicine at Karanda. Pray for her as she learns to navigate the differences between what she is used to and the local hospitals.

12 TEAM’S 125TH ANNIVERSARY Our final two celebrations will be happening on the 13th in Bradenton, Florida and on the 14th in Naples, Florida. Praise the Lord with us for how well the events have gone so far, and ask that He will continue to be glorified as we wrap up the year.

 13 SOUTH ASIA Workers write, “Pray for the hospital, that staff morale would improve and more nurses would come on staff. Pray for a new hospital director to be found.”

14 AUSTRIA Pray for Rhonda Formanek and Rachel and Dan Zuch as they look into the possibility of new discipleship training groups with a focus mainly on leaders in the church, who can then use the principles learned in their own groups or ministry areas.

15 THAILAND Jon and Sharla Rubesh write, “The community at the Center is growing, deepening in relationships and continuing to thrive. Regular attenders from our different Center events number 20-25, and are primarily young 20’s and families. It really has a family closeness to it, and at the end of every week when we gather on Friday nights to eat and worship and play and laugh and share and pray together, you can tell God is there. Continue to pray over our ministry there.”

16 MIDDLE EAST A family writes, “Please continue to bring us before the Lord. Dad is honored to spend every Friday evening in the home of two different local families. Actually, they meet in their air-conditioned tents and it is only men! Our boys have each joined him and we rejoice that they continue to be an important part of our journey and see the Lord’s work. Mom is beginning to visit some of her ‘P’ friends and hoping to connect with other women dear to her heart.”

17 CZECH REPUBLIC Scott and Caitlin Andrews write, “We are very much enjoying getting to work with children of various ages in Řeporyje; however, communicating with them is a constant challenge, as we are still learning the language and some of these children are barely verbal in Czech themselves (because they’re so young). Please pray we would be able to connect with the children in extra-verbal ways, and that we would quickly come to master the special vocabulary that is used in working with children here.”

 18 GREECE Brad and Jamie Newport write, “The vision for Hellenic Ministries is to see a refugee camp developed in some part of Greece where these refugees could be welcomed and cared for as they consider their next step. This is a massive project and would demand substantial monetary backing. Pray for these matters.”

19 SOUTH AMERICA Craig and Sue Querfeld write, “We are looking for missionaries to come alongside of qualified Latin American pastors and church planters to establish new communities of faith in the cities in South America. As I travel throughout South America, I am just amazed at the need for strong disciple making churches in these cities. We would ask you to pray Matthew 9:36-37 with us: “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.  Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.”

20 ITALY Gene and Susan Coleman write, “Please pray for the church in Mestre, Italy that God would bring many Italians to Himself. The church has many contacts, but we are praying that many of these people would put their faith in Christ.”

21 EAST ASIA Workers write, “Please pray for the church here. The government has tightened their restrictions on the church and no longer allows foreign influence. So, foreigners are no longer allowed to lead meetings or share. For this reason we no longer share in the main service. This has put a larger burden on the local leader since she now has to do most of the sharing. Pray she will find some other local leaders to share the load.”

 22 PAPUA Isaac and Kacie Mann write, “We are in the process of settling into community and relationships. We have been getting to know the staff and professors at the school here, and we have picked a church and are trying to plug in there. However, it’s been harder to start getting to know people in our neighborhood. It seems like there are few neighborhood activities here outside of church or mosque religious communities, and those communities can be very separate from each other. Please pray for us to build friendships at the school, in our church, and in our neighborhood.”

23 UKRAINE Kurt and Rochelle ZurBurg write, “While we have known for a while that we love discipleship, recently we see the tremendous growing need. Pray for us to continue to find positive avenues to partner with disciples and churches who desperately need help in this foundational ministry.”

24 FRANCE Tom and Lucy Blanchard write, “Praise God for a huge incoming class at the Geneva Bible Institute, with 31 First Cycle students in residence. Pray that I can learn all their names, and that the Lord would minister His Word through me.”

25 CENTRAL ASIA A worker writes, “I had asked for prayer regarding the future of our ministry in ‘M’ town. The Leadership Team decided it is too dangerous for foreigners to consider living there until at least August 2016. Although this news was disappointing, we’re thankful the projects can continue, led by our capable local colleagues. Pray for wisdom as I serve as the “long distance” point person for the Community-Based Rehabilitation Project there with the help of one of my colleagues.”

26 USA Today is Thanksgiving Day in the United States. Thank the Lord for the rich Christian heritage that this country has and pray that He would send revival through the nation once again.

27 SPAIN Workers write, “Our church feels the need to have our own meeting space. We are all looking for places to rent, but they are kind of expensive and some have denied us because we are a church. Please pray over this need.”

 28 GERMANY Jeff and Anne Ingram write, “We’re developing a number of relationships with folks who need the Lord. Anne meets with a woman regularly whom we suspect is demonically oppressed. Pray that Jesus will set her free.”

 29 PERU Kathi Small writes, “A group of some twenty leaders of the different ministries in the church meet together in Arcadio and Hada’s home once a month. At the first meeting I attended each person was discovering their own spiritual gifts and those of others. The idea is that these leaders will become more effective and better care for those under their leadership. Thank you for praying for me and this ministry.”

30 EAST ASIA Workers write, “Our long-time local friends agreed to partner with us in starting a new, simple church. We’ve started with just us two families and it’s just in the beginning stages, but we’re developing patterns for the future and hopefully making a good model for future churches to imitate. It’s very non-traditional and simple in style, but we’re enjoying it and growing from it ourselves. We are involving our kids a lot in the meetings (kids are always the tricky part of house church) so pray that God guides us with that and for our language skills as it’s completely in the national language. We’ll be carefully adding some more members over the next few months, but our goal is to keep it small and help other new churches to start.”

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