Monthly Prayer Journal: October 2013

Thank you for joining us in praying for TEAM’s work around the world.

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1 EAST ASIA The “Bell” people are an unreached minority group living in Asia. The Bell Alliance is a consortium of churches, agencies and field workers committed to reaching the Bell people. TEAM is helping to lead the Bell Alliance and has sent our first worker to begin language study. Pray for the Bell Alliance as we meet October 1-2 to hear reports and pray and plan together.

2 GERMANY Jeff and Anne Ingram have just returned to Germany from home assignment. They will be spearheading the Dresden Initiative, working with the Evangelical Free Church of Dresden to start new churches in one of the most atheistic regions in the world. Pray that God will prepare their way as they settle into a new city, look for an apartment, arrange for the transport of their belongings from the other side of the country and begin to develop relationships.

3 EAST ASIA One of TEAM’S East Asia Ministry Area’s members and friends are gathering for their Annual Conference, October 3-5. Please pray for good times of fellowship and strategic planning. The team is excited to be welcoming several new couples to the ministry area.

4 AUSTRALIA Ray and Marti Williams write, “The first weekend in October is the Christian Vocation Conference. Several Christian groups in Adelaide sponsor this conference to challenge young adults to consider Christian ministry as a vocational/career choice. We will be coaches and small group leaders at this event. Pray that God will pull out a number of capable, zealous young adults to pursue a life of ministry.”

5 HUNGARY TEAM Church Planting Consultant, Bob Vajko, will be training church planters from various parts of Hungary from Oct 6-13. Pray that the result of this training will be new churches planted and existing churches multiplied.

6 CHURCH CONNECTIONS Harvest Baptist Church will be exhibiting TEAM’s Gallery during their missions emphasis week October 6-9. Pray that this photojournalistic experience featuring unreached people groups of Asia will prompt many to engage in building the body of Christ among those who have never even heard of Jesus.

7 MEXICO Martin Gonzalez writes, “Susie and I are leading a support group for victims of abuse. Please pray that God would heal the members of our group and restore their brokenness.”

8 THAILAND We have 2 outreaches going on. One is a meeting with friends and another is going out to the masses with art and music to share Christ. Pray for people to become interested and that we would see good fruit as we share Bible stories verbally and with art work. Pray for God to use the music Jon Rubesh will play.”

9 EAST ASIA A worker writes, “Please keep praying for our company’s re-registration in East Asia. We have been working on it for over a year. We have four missionaries who are waiting to get residence permits because of this registration.”

10 AUSTRALIA Ray and Marti Williams write, “Ray is speaking at a young adults camp the second weekend in October. Pray that the young adults will deepen their commitment as followers of Jesus Christ. Pray also for more workers. We have partnerships here which can accommodate a number of new personnel, but we need to find the right ones to come and join us.”

11 PAPUA On October 12th, The Bible Christian Fellowship Church of Indonesia will be moving the graves of Walter Erickson and Edward Tritt, who were the first TEAM missionaries in what was then known as Irian Jaya. They were martyred in 1952 by the people they were trying to reach. Their graves and headstones will be moved to the campus of Erickson & Tritt Theological Seminary in Manokwari as a memorial to their sacrifice and service. Please pray for the ceremonies to go well and their story to be an inspiration to the national missionaries who are being trained to be sent to reach other people groups in south Papua.

12 SOUTH ASIA Workers write, “Because of the continuing delay in visas, many missionaries have begun to look for interim ministry opportunities. Some are doing ministry in the USA, while others have moved out to other countries. Pray that these workers would be able to stay active, while still able to join us when the visa comes!”

13 ITALY Stan and Annamaria Goertzen write, “Pray that more seekers would attend our Sunday evening evangelistic meetings. Pray that God would guide us as to what materials, topic or Scripture passages to use, how and when to best organize the meetings, but especially that people would come. We long to see our friends come to know Jesus and to see them enter the household of faith.”

14 TAIWAN Nancy Leet writes, “Praise God with us for the successful camping season that we just completed. Especially pray for those who came to know Jesus as their Savior at camp this summer, and for the 8 interns who served at camp for the entire summer.”

15 PAPUA Craig Preston writes, “Please pray for God to provide students for the new semester at the Roesler Memorial Bible School in Merauke, Papua. We have heard of nine possible students but to date only two have shown up. May the Lord raise up men who are called to serve as pastors in their villages. Please also pray for personnel needed to serve at the Roesler Memorial Bible School. We need a capable maintenance worker as well as a dedicated national teacher.”

16 THAILAND Kennedy and Wendy Paizs write, “Pray for Wendy as she does Bible teaching with Buddhist young women who are part of a foundation project taking care of foster babies. They are all Buddhist but open to the word of God. Pray too for more opportunities for us to do ministry. We would like to join some people in town who minister to slum kids or just help out serving food and telling Bible stories and sharing Christ with kids.”

17 FRANCE Paul and Missy Robelot write, “We are praising the Lord that the orientation to our role as Regional Member Care Coordinators for Europe is going well. Please pray as we travel and visit different ministry areas as we get to know the missionaries we will be serving. Pray too that we have chances to witness to our neighbors here and help in a local church plant.”

18 CHAD Eric and Mollie Kroner write, “Each of the over 20 villages our teammate drilled wells in earlier in this year desired further health education. Rainy season limits our access to many of these villages, but several are accessible by truck and we hope to begin some hygiene lessons. Please ask for open doors from a logistical standpoint and open hearts and prepared soil for the message.”

19 GREECE Brad and Jamie Newport write, “According to several good sources the Greek government is expecting an explosion of the Syrian population in Greece, in addition to the thousands who are already here.
There are many opportunities to reach into this community with the power of the Gospel and the love of the Father. Pray for our team as we seek to love, serve and make disciples among these in an effective manner.”

20 MIDDLE EAST A worker writes, “My husband’s team is contacting local believers to see if they will be willing to have their voices recorded for the Jesus film products. We realize that if this is what God is calling the team to that He will provide the people. Please pray that the team would be directed to those whom He has called to be a part of this project.”

21 MOBILIZATION Members of the newly formed Southwest Hub will be representing TEAM to several thousand attending the Go! Missions Conference at Texas A&M University October 22-23. Pray that they would connect with those whom God is preparing to serve in His global harvest.

22 PAPUA Teresa Rhoads writes, “I am trying to get everything done that the Lord wants me to get done before I begin my retirement years. I plan to retire from 35 years of ministry in Papua on December 15. In October I plan to take a seminar to Sunday School teachers and leaders of ladies’ Bible classes so that they will know how to teach so that the ones they teach will not only be hearers of the Word but doers of the Word. Please pray that I will be able to present the precepts clearly so that they will improve in their teaching ability.”

23 SWEDEN Stewart Webster has continued to develop relationships in the suburb just to the north of his and Beth’s home. He has regular visits with one elderly friend he met in the local shopping center some months ago, and through him has been invited to other events. Pray that God would open the door to starting a Bible study group in this affluent area.

24 CZECH REPUBLIC Please pray for the English Conversation camp for kids at the Veltrusy Elementary School during October 25-29. Pray for seeds of the Gospel to be sown.

25 THAILAND Kennedy Paizs writes, “I have been going 2 times a week to the temple and telling Bible stories and listening to Buddhist stories. Pray for monks to be open to the Gospel and friendship. Pray that we can use what we learn about Buddhism and Thai culture to make the Gospel even more crystal clear in our communication in Thai.”

26 CENTRAL ASIA A worker writes, “Our teams are working to share God’s message in word and deed. Our team is teaching English in two cities and working among the disabled in one very isolated area of the country. We are looking and praying for both short and long term workers to come and teach English and work with the disabled. Please pray for more workers.”

27 ZIMBABWE Dan and Julie Stephens write, “We are thankful for a new national teacher, Mrs. Kadiwa, who joined us in March. She has taught school for many years in the Zimbabwean school system and is a great asset to our school. Pray for her as she adjusts to this new teaching situation. Pray that we would all work well together, in unity, and in desire to see God’s Name glorified and God’s love demonstrated in our classrooms.”

28 EAST ASIA Workers write, “School renovations are steadily coming along but weren’t ready in time for the start of the new academic year, so an empty apartment is temporarily being used. The teachers and students are being good sports about the “bare bones” school, since most of the text books, library, and equipment is in storage. Please pray for a timely completion of our school and move into the new facility.”

29 PAPUA Please pray for funding needed for the Gail Vinje Memorial Clinic. We are excited about building this medical clinic on the Roesler Memorial Bible School campus as a memorial to previous TEAM missionary nurse Gail Vinje and to serve the medical needs of the community. We have about $5000 of a needed $15,000. Please pray for God to provide.

30 SOUTHERN AFRICA Marcia Gustafson writes, “I continue to work with Child Evangelism Fellowship. We are planning to saturate the Wentworth community during the second week of December. It is the first week of school summer holidays. There will be several club meeting each day (like VBS or 5-Day Clubs). Pray for the teachers, the preparation, and the children God will touch. Children are facing difficult times, and it is crucial that they hear about Jesus.”

31 MEXICO Paul and Jann VanderMey write, “Over a month ago we started an English Bible study group for some of the youth that attend the Saturday youth events. We chose to teach in English to attract the youth that want to improve their English and are spiritually hungry. We are studying the book of John in an interactive way. They come up with amazing questions and also understand that application of what they are learning is important. We’re encouraged with this great start. Please pray for others to start coming too.”

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