Monthly Prayer Journal: October 2014

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Thank you for joining us in praying for TEAM’s work around the world.

1 CHURCH CONNECTIONS At the invitation of Korean church leaders, Jim Rathbun (son of retired TEAM-Korea missionaries) returns October 2-13 to speak and bring greetings on behalf of TEAM to the churches that are the fruit of TEAM’s ministry there. God has established the work of many TEAM missionaries who invested in the work through Christian education, leadership development, literature publishing, and conference and camping ministries from 1954 to 1997. Pray for a time of encouragement and celebration of God’s faithfulness. Doug Witzig will also join Jim in Korea to discuss with Korean church leaders opportunities for collaboration for effective global ministry in the future.

2 AUSTRALIA Ray and Marti Williams write, “October 3-6 is Christian Vocation Conference. A number of groups in Adelaide sponsor an event to challenge young people (college age and slightly older) to consider Christian ministry as a vocational choice. We will be serving as coaches and discussion group leaders to help challenge the young people to consider ministry.”

3 SWEDEN Stewart and Beth Webster write, “We will be running an Alpha Marriage Course in one of our supporting churches here in California. We hope it will become a regular ministry of the church and spread into the community as a way to share Christ’s ministry of reconciliation.”

4 ITALY Please pray for Gene and Susan Coleman in Mestre to deepen their relationships with their neighbors and shop owners.

5 JAPAN Martha Regier writes “Please pray for Pastor and Mrs. H whom we work with at Asaka Church, which has been growing and is greatly blessed. They have had a year of extreme stress from family health problems and responsibilities of arranging care for elderly family members, climaxing with the hospitalization of Mrs. H last month. Pray for healing and wholeness for her and grace and effectiveness in ministry for both.”

6 SOUTH ASIA Workers write, “Pray for our Family Camp the beginning of October. Forty families from our church will have a long weekend getaway to talk about marriage, family, and the gospel. We are planning the many details necessary to pull it off, so we’d appreciate your prayers for wisdom and creativity as we minister to our families.”

7 AUSTRIA Dan and Rachel Zuch write, “Please pray for the various groups that we will be leading this fall. Dan will starting the Bible Study group back up on understanding the prophetic literature of the Bible, using the book of Hosea as an example. We also are planning on beginning a discipleship/mentoring group primarily with young adults, teaching them how to mentor others.”

8 MIDDLE EAST Workers write, “Please pray for wisdom, courage, and perseverance for workers in the Middle East as we live and work in the midst of the growing uncertainty created by ISIS operations in the region. Pray specifically that the increasing security threats would not inhibit the growth of his kingdom in the region, and that we would know exactly where and with whom God wants us to be working during this unsettled time. Pray also for good decisions when it comes to our families and children.

9 AUSTRALIA Ray and Marti Williams write, “4th term (last term for 2014) at the Adelaide College of Ministries begins on October 14. Pray for stamina for the students as the desire to finish well. We have several folks headed our way early next year, and we need to get visas for them. Pray that TEAM, our Australian partners and the Immigration department can all get organized so that the proper visas are in hand at the right times.”

10 ZIMBABWE Pray for Dan Stephens in his role as medical director at Karanda Hospital and as ministry area treasurer. Pray also for his wife, Julie, as she teaches the senior staff children. In addition to academics, may they learn to love Jesus.

11 SOUTH ASIA Workers write, “Two years ago, our church had adopted a district and launched a three-year short-term modular training program for the pastors and evangelists of this area. God helping, we are hoping to extend this training program to other parts of country in a small way. We are also exploring the possibility and asking the Lord to help us start a short term Bible School ranging from four to six weeks at our campgrounds. Please pray that God will lead, guide, and provide for the needs, especially the needed personnel.”

12 PAPUA Shirley Preston writes, “Please pray for Maryam, a lady who is very interested in the gospel but does not yet fully understand. I am taking her through Firm Foundations, to give her a biblical worldview and to help her understand the gospel. Pray for God to open her eyes to the truth of his Word.”

13 CHAD Rivers and Becky Camp write, “Thanks to a contribution from one of our supporters, we were able to bring back 10 Dell laptops to help start a computer lab at the school where our sons attend. We are asking God for someone to teach either English or basic computer skills at this school here in N’Djamena.”

14 GERMANY Diet Schindler will be in the Czech Republic October 15-19 speaking on church planting among Lutherans. Please pray for him during this trip.

15 EAST ASIA A worker writes, “Please pray for continued growth in our counseling skills and for wisdom in ministering to those who are hurting and needy. Pray too for clear guidance as we seek to develop a formal counseling ministry in this area.”

16 JAPAN Sandra Parsons praises God for the way he led in dealing with issues in the childcare program at the local MK school. Please pray that the introduction of directional learning, distribution of daily responsibilities, and action taken to unify the group of caregivers will result in a healthy environment glorifying to God and beneficial to the children, thus freeing the Christian teachers to continue their ministries.

17SPAIN Workers write, “It saddens me that in Spain, people have received so much harm by the Catholic Church that they are turned against anything relating to God. My friend agreed with me, but she also reiterated that what she sees in us is so different than what they have always been taught in the Catholic Church growing up. Pray for wisdom in reaching out to neighbors and being a light in the darkness.”

18 AUSTRALIA Ray and Marti Williams write, “October 19-24 is “Open Week” at the college where we invite folks to special events and to sit in on classes to consider if God wants them to study with us. Pray that the ones who need to be here will come and see how God can use the college in their lives.”

19SOUTHERN AFRICA Marcie Gustafson writes, “The three Good News Clubs, part of our children’s ministry, are going strong. Attendance has remained steady and they are mostly “regulars.” Praise God for them and their eagerness to attend, and for many who have given their hearts to the Lord. Pray that distractions would be kept to a minimum, as the enemy is not happy to see these little ones leave the kingdom of darkness for an eternal life with the Savior.”

20 EAST ASIA Please pray for workers Sam and Grace that they will get longer-term visas for their work in North East Asia. Also they are praying for US citizenship, and hope they can make progress during their short home assignment this fall.

21 CZECH REPUBLIC Mark and Gretchen Potma write, “Praise the Lord for the progress that has been made in renovations both at Centrum Opatov (South City Church) and at the new space in Ladvi. Please pray that at each church location the activities would meet the spiritual needs of the church attendees and members as well as draw in new believers and unbelievers.”

22 TAIWAN Jeremy and Ruth Hsu write, “Our team ponders the possibility of a Community Center in Dashe. There will be several key benefits to interface with the community and to recruit future workers. Pray for clarity in God’s guidance and provision.”

23 THAILAND Jon and Sharla Rubesh write, “We have shared many times with others how we want/need a bigger Center. It isn’t panning out, there are always obstacles, and we’re wondering, “why”? Pray with us in that. We love our Thai friends that come together and meet there and we are content with where we’re at and ever deepening relationships with them, but want more for them as well.”

24 SOUTH ASIA Workers write, “Pray that God would work in the hearts of the K people, that he would prepare them to hear good words of Truth. Praise for the recent production of gospel stories in the local dialect. Pray for those who are sharing them and those who will listen.”

25 MEMBER CARE Please pray for the TEAM Asia Member Care Facilitator Training, being held October 28-31. This special training on care for Third Culture Kid’s will be held in Chiang Mai, Thailand and be directed by Regional Member Care Coordinators, Dan and Tricia Dougherty and Steve and Alberta Knudtson. Pray for Member Care Facilitators to come from each country, pray for funding for their travels and pray for one more key speaker to replace a speaker who had to cancel.

26 PHILIPPINES Derrill and Becky Martin write, “Praise for the continuing progress of the gospel in the Southern Philippines. Already this year, there are more than 50 new followers of Jesus Christ scattered throughout the 13 people groups. Pray specifically that the believers in these people groups will have fervent faith that is passed to other family and community members and that the Holy Spirit will raise up indigenous leaders to lead house fellowships and churches.”

27 MEXICO Martin and Susie Gonzalez write, “On August 31 ten people were baptized at Rancho El Camino! Pray for them and their new lives in Christ. Many come from the cell groups which are all around the city. Thanks to those who’ve been praying for our cell groups!”

28 EAST ASIA Workers write, “Praise the Lord for a successful 11 day 57 voice choir tour in Korea. The choir raised support to pay their own travel to go and minister. It was their first trip abroad. It was a great step of faith for all of them. Also we received word from the Korean churches of great blessing and increased prayer support for the church in East Asia.”

29 FRANCE Tom & Phyllis Bassett write, “At the end of June we finished “Alpha Couple” which is a ministry to couples seeking to improve their relationship. It has a strong focus on improving communication skills. One couple was in crisis at the beginning and though they are not yet out of the woods, we see much more peace between them. The husband said that he now understands the importance of better communication with his wife and he is ready to work towards it. Please pray for P & L.”

30 SOUTH ASIA Workers write, “In mid-November, we will again be short one MK teacher. We had another lined up to come in January, but she has decided not to. Please pray for God to provide a teacher for these children so their parents can continue their ministry work.”

31 SPAIN The Montequinto-Sevilla Initiative writes, “Praise the Lord for how he provided everything we needed to begin September 29 our first classes in English, Art and Music in the new community center. Pray for God to bless our efforts. Pray that every group of students will be successful and that we will be able to do much more than teach just these subjects. Pray for a good name in the community. On the weekends we have some special activities planned like a Family day and an English fair. Pray that they are well attended and that we are able to begin deepening our friendships. Pray also that God will provide the funds needed to begin building the next phase (the preschool). Pray for our Veritas students (Semester in Spain University students) that they will each grow in Christ while they are here these 3 months. Pray for the many people that we share time with and share the Lord with that the Holy Spirit will work in their hearts.

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