Monthly Prayer Journal: October 2015

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Thank you for joining us in praying for TEAM’s work around the world.

1 MEXICO On October 2, Emmanuel Evangelical Church of Los Cabos expects to hold a dedication service in the newly built sanctuary. TEAM Mexico missionaries Art and Vicki Reyes rejoice and thank the Lord for the ways He has provided funds for the sanctuary which was destroyed by Hurricane Odile in September 2014.

2 PHILIPPINES Please pray for David and Kathy North. They have enough people in Bible studies and home groups to start gathering for combined worship services, but have not yet found a place adequate for their meetings. The goal is to be able to start worship services by October 4.

3 SOUTH ASIA Workers write, “Please continue to pray for our daughter’s local friend ‘A’ and her mom ‘S’. They came to our house twice this month, and our daughter continues to go there several times a week.”

4 TAIWAN Ron and Julie Heinsman write, “Thank the Lord together with us for the fruitful summer at Trailblazer Camps. Our staff was able to run four camp programs and the internship program. All our campers were able to hear the gospel message, and many prayed initial prayers of faith. Please pray for the follow-up outreach of these campers.”

5 EAST ASIA A worker writes, “Fall is a great time to begin again. There are new students in town. People are coming back after vacations and traveling during the summer. Even those, who aren’t tied to the school system, seem to be resettling into life right now. Please pray that in this season of new beginnings I will find the people the Father wants me to be in relationship with. Pray that I will know how to use my time most effectively. Pray that locals would be willing to try something new, like discussing religion or learning about Jesus.”

6 ITALY Please pray for Gene Coleman in Mestre, Italy as he has a Bible study with 2 teenagers from the Basketball Camp. Ask the Lord to save these boys as well as their families.

7 NORTH AMERICA Dave and Marj Patrick write, “Pray for Carver Bible College: We are maxed out with insufficient housing space for student accommodations. The wisdom and grace of God for administrative and financial operations is urgently needed. Pray for Dave, that he would grasp the magnitude of responsibilities as Dean of Students.”

8 EUROPEAN DIASPORA Workers write, “We have the opportunity to read the Bible with a North African Muslim every Thursday. We pray that he will begin to really experience the truth of who Jesus is. Could this man be the “person of peace” (Lk 10:6) that our work needs to really take off? Please pray that he will soon trust Jesus as his Savior!”

9 MEXICO Anthony and Karlene Thiessen write, “Please pray for our family as we travel home to Alberta for the month of October. This is a short home assignment to give us opportunities to speak in our 4 supporting churches, sharing and raising awareness about our new sports ministry initiative called “Transformados.” Pray for health, safe travel, protection, blessed visits, reconnections, rest, renewal, excitement, and positive responses to the “Transformados” ministry.”

10 ZIMBABWE Dave and Cheryl Jereb praise the Lord for His anointing on the hospital aquaponics unit. The plants are now over 3 feet tall. Also for the Lord’s provision in a loyal and committed Shona co-laborer, Joshua, that is maintaining the unit in their absence.

11 CENTRAL ASIA Workers write, “Many organizations are thinking about closing down work here, and many people have decided to leave the country. Pray for those transitions, and also for those who stay.”

12 CZECH REPUBLIC Mark and Gretchen Potma write, “In addition to offering English and Bible classes, the Skalka church is now reaching out to even more people by offering Italian, Japanese, Russian, Dutch, Czech for foreigners, and remedial after-school English for kids. Pray for Petr Š. as he coordinates the languageteaching outreach at Skalka and Ládví this school year. Pray that God would fill the classes with adults and kids who are eager to learn and have a desire to grow spiritually.”

13 EAST ASIA Workers write, “Pray for diligence, faithfulness, and obedience in the lives of each person who studies the Bible with us, and that as they are inspired to live daily for Christ, God will encourage and call some of them to disciple others.”

14 PAPUA Jared and Becca Riepma write, “TEAM Papua has their annual conference in mid-October, so pray that it would go well and that we’d work well as a team to complete the items of business and make necessary decisions. We are a very young team with 4 new families, 1 family with about 5 years of experience, and 1 family with about 30 years of experience.”

15 SPECIAL ASSIGNMENT A worker writes, “In July, I was very blessed as I proof-read Psalms– how lovely to hear it flowing in the heart language of our favorite people group! Jeremiah is next up. Proverbs is now printed as a separate booklet. Please pray over this translation project.”

16 EAST ASIA A worker writes, “The Lord opened a new door for me to train some ministers and professionals from different churches. This new challenge has driven me to spend much more time on discipleship and leadership development. The most amazing thing that has surfaced is the concentration on the ‘one-another’ verses in the Bible. It seems that this is one of the missing components in many churches. Please pray for these leaders as we continue to focus on their spiritual formation.”

17 THAILAND Kennedy and Wendy Paizs write, “Please pray for Thailand. It is a difficult time for this land with military control, still no elections, and lots of uncertainty about many things. Pray that God would use this situation to lead many to Christ as things fail in the world.”

18 SOUTH ASIA Workers write, “Elections this last year significantly rearranged the furniture of government here, reversing (we dare to hope) many years of corruption, abuse of power, and a growing culture of violence and impunity. We are convinced that this is because God’s people in the country gave themselves to intensive prayer. As the pervading sense of hopelessness lifts, pray that national leadership will reflect kingdom values and that God’s church will be a sign to point the way.”

19 CHAD Eric and Mollie Kroner write, “Please pray for our schedule for completing hygiene lessons in welldrilling communities and for open hearts and minds. Pray also for peace in Chad despite surrounding turmoil and that we would be worthy ambassadors of Christ.”

20 MIDDLE EAST A worker writes, “Pray for me to meet a new local friend or two who the Lord is or will be working in.”

21 SPAIN Workers write, “’J’, our next door neighbor, had a colonoscopy to remove a large tumor which might have been cancerous. When we visited him in the hospital ‘J’ permitted us to read the scriptures and pray for him. This is a big change of attitude from our previous conversations. He is now back at home. Pray that ‘J’ will realize his need of a Savior and that the eyes of his heart will open to the gospel.”

22 AUSTRALIA Kristen Kelly writes, “One of my roommates recently started dating a non-Christian and it’s slowly starting to affect other aspects of her life. Please pray that God will take over her heart and that I will be a good influence.”

23 EAST ASIA Workers write, “Praise the Lord! Our visit to the south part of the country to recruit new students for the Bible school went well. Please keep praying as we implement a plan to work with local minority churches in this area.”

24 PERU Kathi Small writes, “Something I have not mentioned in a while is the SYIS workshop (Sharpening Your Interpersonal Skills). While the Arequipa team now has one workshop under its belt, the Lima team has established dates for late January and is identifying more experienced facilitators who can mentor them in their first experience. Please pray over this workshop.”

25 MIDDLE EAST Workers write, “Pray for the many refugees in our congregation. Most of them hope to be resettled in the west. Pray for their provision and spiritual encouragement while here.”

26 FRANCE Tom and Phyllis Bassett write, “Praise the Lord because God has directed our steps and our next ministry location is now decided. We will be ministering in the Montargis church. This ministry will be different because we will be working with Pastor George Maitre. George is a young Haitian pastor that the Lord directed to France a number of years ago for theological training. Our purpose will be to collaborate with George in developing biblical vision and identity in the church and to train others for the work of ministry. As we begin this new ministry, please pray for the development of good relationships with George and Viviane as well as with the church people.”

27 IRELAND Linda Wagner writes, “We had a great week with Kids Club. We held one club in the morning at one location, had lunch, and moved to our second club in a location that is more near our church. Between the 2 clubs, we had 95 kids attend! It was such a great time for everyone! We met kids who have never come to a club or the church before and had returning kids! It’s a privilege to be able to teach them about Jesus and His love and forgiveness for them. Thank you so much for your prayers. We were all happy with what God did with us, in us, and through us. It was lovely to see the young people–Irish and American, grow in their relationships with God. And we pray that God will stir up a desire to know Him more in the kids and parents we came in contact with this summer.”

28 EAST ASIA A worker writes, “As our team grows and we dialogue together, we are gaining more clarity as to how the family service center may serve the community most effectively and in a sustainable way. Please pray for the mind of Christ, unity and humility as we discuss our future direction.”

29 SOUTHERN AFRICA Hillary Reneau writes, “Pray that I can start building relationships with the youth at Mbabane Chapel and that I can find housing that is close to the youth in the area.”

30 AUSTRIA Pray for the planning for the TEAM Austria 50 Year Celebration in November. Pray too, for God’s leading of people who have recently showed an interest in coming to Austria to minister. Pray for us to do a good job of getting information to them and helping to shepherd them through the process of discerning God’s will.

31 SOUTH ASIA A worker writes, “Times and circumstances have changed, but the far-west hill area remains one of the most unreached and needy areas of the country. We are seeing local leaders really growing and taking on the challenge of seeing this area reached. But resources are still very small compared to the need and challenges they face. Together with these leaders, we continue to seek opportunities and open-doors to begin new outreaches. We are seeing slow but steady growth and fruit as we partner together in training and equipping efforts. In addition, we are looking for some creative option to have a joint holistic outreach effort that would provide a means to meet some of the many needs. It is a huge challenge too for planning, permissions, personnel, and financing. Please be praying for clear direction, doors to open, and all the pieces of the puzzle to come together.”

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