Monthly Prayer Journal: September 2014

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Thank you for joining us in praying for TEAM’s work around the world. Click here to download a PDF of the September 2014 prayer journal.

1 PHILIPPINES David and Kathy North would like prayer for the Holy Spirit to prepare hearts in the Consolacion area on Cebu where they are beginning new church plants.

2 JAPAN Please pray for Christian Academy in Japan as they begin a new school year with the theme, “Rooted, Growing, Seeking.” Ask God to direct CAJ to the Head of School that can effectively lead this school beginning with the 2015-2016 school year.

SOUTH ASIA Workers write, “Our greatest desire is to see new seekers from among our patients and relatives who would be brave enough to inquire about Jesus and be willing to study the Scripture for themselves. Pray that the Holy Spirit, through the messages, literature, and media on the wards, would draw specific people to Himself.”

4 AUSTRALIA Ray and Marti Williams write, “On September 6, we will be helping a team from Edwardstown Baptist Church prepare for a ministry trip to the Philippines in October.  Pray that we can prepare them for the challenges of functioning as a team while ministering cross-culturally.”

5 CHURCH PLANTING Bob Vajko, TEAM church planting consultant, will be in Australia from September 6 to 15 with a ministry of helping the Life Church in Munno Para and its daughter church in Mawson Lakes in their vision of growth and multiplication.  He will also be preaching and teaching in Adelaide.  Pray for the Lord’s working to see churches growing in health and multiplying.

6 PORTUGAL Clark and Yvonne Malone write, “Sept 6-7 is the all church retreat. The theme is relationships.  Pray for Mike Davis, a missionary friend who is preparing the messages. This is a very needed topic to address, so pray that God would really help Mike know what to share.  Pray that people’s hearts would be open to what God wants to say to us!”

7 EAST ASIA Workers write, “We will continue to head up the English worship at the local church, but we will be adding translations of the local dialect. Pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to show us how to share boldly in His word, lives will be transformed, and disciples will be made.” 

8 CZECH REPUBLIC Scott and Caitlin Andrews write, “Join us in praising the Lord for the good reports we are getting on all fronts: new confessions of faith, our own progress in the language, and improving effectiveness in many aspects of our lives & ministry!” 

9 EAST ASIA Workers write, “Thank God for a 57 voice choir (‘Heavenly Voices’) from East Asia that was able to tour churches in South Korea, July 11-21.  They gave concerts in some of the largest churches in S. Korea.  Thank the Lord for this opportunity.  Choir members raised their own flight fare cost, and the host churches gave generously toward the expenses.  Pray for more South Koreans that can be involved in this ministry in East Asia.”

10 ITALY Please pray for Gene and Susan Coleman as they follow up on the many contacts they made during the Basketball Camp in Mestre. Ask the Lord to direct them to the people who are open to Him and His word.

11 PAPUA Craig and Shirley Preston write, “Pray for the planning and construction of the Gail Vinje Memorial Clinic on the campus of the Roesler Memorial Bible School in Merauke.”

12 TAIWAN Ron and Julie Heinsman write, “Please continue to pray for a potential national leader to take over the role of director at Trailblazer Camps. In a recent change of plans, our current candidate intends to come for three months this fall to determine if this is God’s call for him and his family. Please pray along with us that there will be unity for his family as they consider moving their whole family to take on this ministry.”

13 GERMANY Jeff and Anne Ingram write, “Pray that the young believers we are mentoring will become firmly rooted in their faith in Jesus Christ. Pray that the Holy Spirit will give them a hunger for God’s Word. Pray that they will develop the habit of reading the Bible regularly and that their interaction with God’s word will produce spiritual fruit in their lives.”

14 AUSTRIA Workers write, “We as a mission have applied to be a patron (leadership and financial support) for the Austrian Training Center – a one-year training program for Austrian young adults to be involved in church planting, evangelism and discipleship as lay leaders. Dan Zuch and Eric Lundquist will be the TEAM representatives. Pray that our participation at this level would help the other leaders already involved in this effort.” 

15 GUATEMALA Justin and Jenny Burkholder write, “Pray for our men’s group. There are five men that I am working very closely with. Their names are Ricardo, Apolonio, Manuel, Iltar, and Saul. They are growing in grace, and need to continue to grow so much more. Pray that the Spirit continues to convict them of sin and train them in righteousness.”

16 MIDDLE EAST Workers write, “Please pray for the gratifying and growing ministry of the new counseling center and for their future location and venue. Currently, the center is in a lovely rental facility, with an arresting, pacifying view of the sea. A goal is, however, to raise money and purchase a more spacious property, which will be needed, and which will prove to be more advantageous.”

17 FRANCE Ryan and Dana Powell write, “July’s English classes were a huge success. Through this course, we have made over 80 additional contacts in our town. Approximately 20 people have signed up to continue meeting with us through the school year. Please be praying now for these new contacts. We look forward to seeing how The Lord works through these new relationships as they hear the good news of Christ.” 

18 AUSTRALIA Ray and Marti Williams write, “Classes for the 3rd term at Adelaide College of Ministries end on September 19th with exams the next week. Pray that the students have the stamina to complete the 3rd term and the motivation to carry on into the 4th term (which begins in October).”

19 SPAIN Workers write, “Pray for Jose, a 17-year-old who has been involved in the church for several years along with his single mom and his sister. Jose has declared that he no longer believes in God, which has occasioned great heartache for his mom. Pray that God would disarm this young man and show him His great power.”

20 EAST ASIA Workers write, “One young couple has just graduated from a three year Bible college here and will be ministering in a minority group’s area of the country. They are very young and have no cross-cultural experience, so this will be a big challenge.  Pray that they will work well with their coworkers, learn fast, adjust fast, and be fruitful for the Kingdom!”

21 ZIMBABWE Pray for Karanda’s hospital administration as it works to meet the demands of a very busy patient load. Pray for the University of Zimbabwe interns that come every three months to Karanda. Pray Karanda will have a positive impact on their lives, both intellectually (as they are presented with the rural African health needs) and spiritually.”

22 GREECE Brad and Jamie Newport write, “This past year has been an intense spiritual battle and we are currently in a challenging place – even so, we are encouraged in what the Father is doing in so many realms. Please continue to pray and partner with us in this manner for His glory among the nations.”

23 MIDDLE EAST Workers write, “Please pray that the Lord’s Light shines into hearts and communities here and for the cessation of violence in the region and continued peace in our country.”

24 PAPUA Ryan Kennedy writes, “Please pray for a maturing and blessed relationship between Mandy and me. She and I will be getting married in December, but we continue our relationship long distance for the next 3.5 months. Pray that I would continue to mature spiritually, emotionally, and mentally through these times here in Salatiga, including my language and cultural learning ability, and also for good health, as any kinds of sicknesses are possible in this country.”

25 EAST ASIA A worker writes, “We continue to need long-term school teachers beyond the 2014-2015 school year.  Please remember this in your prayers.  Please also lift up the two families coming to teach this year, that God will supply all that they need and equip them for their year of service here.”

26 AUSTRALIA Ray and Marti Williams write, “Marti and I both have several opportunities to speak (Baptists, Salvation Army, Vietnamese Evangelical).  Pray that we can continue to develop a network of partners here that will allow TEAM-mates opportunities to contribute to what God wants to do in Australia.”

27 SOUTHERN AFRICA Lynda Collison writes, “Pray for the classes and the weekly preparation of material for the Zion Bible College of Swaziland, and for the impact the lessons have on the understanding of the students of the truths of the Bible.”

28 PHILIPPINES Keith and Grace McCune are asking for prayer as they plan a survey trip to South Asia in November to assess a particular kind of Bible translation need.

29 SOUTH ASIA Workers write, “We are still planning on a November 2014 opening of a local, rural clinic. Please pray for pharmacy approval for a full list of medicines, government agreement to go through for the clinic, right decisions about purchasing/obtaining expensive hospital equipment, and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit to open doors and give us wisdom in the planning.”

30 CHAD Anne Hoyt writes, “In our ministry with vulnerable women, we desperately need godly Chadian women to come along side these girls who are trying to make a change in their lives. Over the past few months it has been come increasingly clear that a good community for the girls to be accepted into is vital for their healing and recovery. Please pray that God would truly bring together a team of women with hearts on fire for Him: women who are passionate about bringing His life-transforming truth to those who have been trampled underfoot for too long.  We desperately need women of God in this ministry!  We don’t know where to find them. Please pray that God would raise up these women and bring them to the fore. These are their daughters and they need the help of godly men and women from their own culture.”


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