Monthly Prayer Journal: September 2015

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Thank you for joining us in praying for TEAM’s work around the world.

1 TEAM’S 125TH ANNIVERSARY Please pray for the Asia tour as we visit the work of TEAM in Taipei from Sept. 1-3, the Evergreen work from Sept. 4-6, and then Beijing from Sept. 7-9. This will be a time with TEAM friends, Board members, and staff to see and honor the work God has given us to do over the last 125 years.

2 JAPAN Flossie Epley and Rita Schellenberg ask for prayer for Christian Academy in Japan and those connected with CAJ for the many transitions in the new school year. Carl Long and Helen Ryttersgaard have retired after many years of faithful service. We have a new Head of School, Tom Norton, as well as almost twenty new staff members. The theme for the 2015/2016 school year is “Love God; Serve Others.” Please pray for a smooth beginning to a new school year with a new head of school, as well as new teachers and new students with lots to learn.

3 ITALY Gene and Susan Coleman write, “Please pray for the Colemans as they take on the leadership of the church in Mestre, Italy. Ask God to give them wisdom and grace to confront the job ahead.”

 4 EAST ASIA Workers write, “Praise for a US citizenship granted to one of our workers after many, many months and years of patient work by lawyers and others! This citizenship will impact this worker’s future in many important ways. Praise the Lord!”

5 MEXICO Art and Vicki Reyes write, “Hurricanes are expected every September in Western Mexico. Last year, Hurricane Odile caused over one billion dollars in damage. Pray for the missionary families and TEAM-related churches in Baja Southern California.”

6 SOUTHERN AFRICA Wayne and Pam Wideman write, “Praise the Lord for 10 computers and desks that are being installed in the new SEBI classroom donated by Inyatsi Construction Company.”

7 UKRAINE Kurt and Rochelle ZurBurg write, “Please continue to pray for ways for us to connect and partner with one church leader downtown. After the dust of a busy summer settles down, we are hopefully going to meet again. Pray for his openness and our wisdom to know how to best serve with him.”

8 TAIWAN Jeremy and Ruth Hsu write, “We lead an English and a Chinese church on Sundays. Numbers are few, but worship and Bible studies are engaging everyone. Pray that we may move toward a healthy body of believers, in worship, truth, love, and outreach.”

 9 SOUTH ASIA Workers write, “We (as a Ministry Area) have been facing a seemingly vast but elusive “enemy” in the form of changing but seemingly elusive government policies relating to visas and our finances. Recently a local friend visiting a senior level officer in the Ministry of the Interior was told that TEAM is being seen as a suspicious organization. This is something new and has potentially grave implications not only for our visas but for the functioning of our different projects. The difficulty is exacerbated by the fact that we don’t know where this is coming from and hence have no clear path for responding to these accusations. Please pray for wisdom and God’s help in sorting out this matter.”

10 PAPUA Gordon and Deborah Savage write, “We are praying through our ministry here and watching for opportunities where God is at work. We are already involved in teaching Sunday school, working at the Bible school clinic, interacting at the community center and helping with the youth camp. Continue to pray over our ministry in Merauke.”

11 CZECH REPUBLIC Mark and Gretchen Potma write, “Pray for the leaders and congregations that we have been working with in Prague – Daniel at South City Church, Petr at Skalka, Petr at Ládví, Daniel at the Mongolian church, and Tomáš at Network Praha.”

12 EAST ASIA A worker writes, “One of the things I want to work on this year is telling stories. There are often times when I am sitting with people and they want me to tell them something. My goal is to be able to bring the Good News into these situations. This time out, I want to start at the very beginning, Creation. Please pray that I will have confidence to share the story when the opportunity arises. Pray that I will have the language ability to remember the important aspects of the story. Pray that people will discuss the story and want to hear more. Pray for continual opportunities to share the Good News through stories.”

13 MEXICO Brenda Matthews writes, “As a recent arrival to TEAM Mexico, I need to learn the Mexican culture and the nuances of the language. Please pray for a smooth and profound adaptation and the development of relationships with the missionaries and nationals.”

14 CHAD Scott and Suz Downing write, “The ‘Ally’ household continues to seek new knowledge of Jesus and is actively sharing with others in their house. It would seem a number of sisters and cousins are close to making decisions. This is huge. One sister said she wants to make the choice, but something is blinding her. Pray against any barriers. Pray that Jesus would claim their hearts and wipe away all their doubts.”

15 EAST ASIA Praise God that the East Asian church is developing a force of cross-cultural workers who are going to unreached minority people groups within East Asia and to under reached countries in Central Asia, the Middle East and beyond. Pray for several TEAM leaders as they, along with other international agency representatives, meet with church leaders during a gathering Sept. 16-18 to discuss how to further facilitate this missions movement.

16 THAILAND Kennedy and Wendy Paizs write, “Please continue to pray for young monks that I (Kennedy) have been getting to know at Monk Chat. It has been great to share Bible stories with them and make new friends. My goal is to truly be a friend to them and be faithful to share words of life. They are nice young men but do not know Christ.”

17 ZIMBABWE Debarra Prentice writes, “I praise God for the opportunities that I have to disciple, mentor and teach at church, at a home Bible study, and for other groups as well. In the last couple of weeks, there have been 2 members of my ‘[email protected]’ Class that have given their lives to Christ and the others have been challenged to live out their faith daily. The Lord continues to work in the hearts and lives of his people here in Zimbabwe, and I am privileged to be a part of that work. Keep praying!”

18 SOUTH ASIA A worker writes, “I am the chair of the school’s consultation committee. My time commitment will exponentially increase as the Sept. 21-23 conference approaches. The theme for paper presentations this year is “Religious Freedom and Conversion of Our Country Today.” This is definitely a current “hot topic” in public debate and has generated interest among academic presenters within and outside of the Christian community who will be coming to the campus for this event. Please pray for all the logistics and interpersonal relationships. Pray also for me as I provide leadership for the event.”

19 JAPAN Don and Martha Regier ask for prayer for Asaka Bible Church including Pastor Hayashi’s family for recovery from illness, for unity and growth of the believers as they reach out to their community, for salvation of unsaved family members, and for seekers to confess Christ and be baptized. Pray for the ladies in Martha’s English class to trust Christ. Pray that Don’s English catalogs of Word of Life Press Japanese publications will help missionaries find materials to evangelize and build up believers.

20 ASIA The Project Management Team that has been appointed to work on Global Hub Development in the Asia Pacific Region will be holding a face to face launch meeting Sept. 21-24 in Tokyo. Pray for unity, discernment, and wise planning as we consider many variables and possibilities.

21 MIDDLE EAST Workers write, “In June, 34 people were baptized on one Sunday. All of these individuals are part of either the local church or the minority church that uses the local church center as their place of worship and ministry. What a joy to see! Please pray for these new believers to be discipled and to grow strong in their faith!”

22 FRANCE Paul and Karan Davis write, “We are seeing hearts warming to the Gospel. We have become good friends with our local baker and his wife who are listening and asking good questions. Pray that they will soon put their faith in Christ.”

23 PHILIPPINES David and Kathy North write, “We plan on starting worship services in the North here on Oct. 4, and we desperately need to find a meeting place in either Consolacion or Liloan. Pray for a worship leader for when we start services. Ask God to give all of us “Divine Appointments” with people whose hearts are searching for God’s Truth. We are ready to share it!”

24 SOUTH ASIA Workers write, “Our local church here has been forced to suddenly move off its current rented land. Praise the Lord, the elders recently found and agreed on land in a good location nearby. Please pray for continued wisdom and unity amongst the elders as they deal with all the logistics of the move over the coming weeks. Please pray that God would provide all the resources necessary. Please especially pray that the Holy Spirit would draw in the unbelieving neighbors to this house of worship–drawing them into faith and fellowship.”

25 JAPAN Helen Ryttersgaard is finishing up her time in Japan and heading for pre-retirement home assignment. Please pray that the transition back into Canada after 39 years will go well. Pray for the reconnecting with family, old friends and supporters, and for new beginnings and guidance in this new stage of life.

26 GERMANY Diet and Jan Schindler write, “Diet and others will be leading a meeting of major European church planting leaders from twenty countries toward generating national, cross-denominational learning communities in their respective countries. We need to break out of our silos and collaborate with one another for greater church planting effectiveness in Europe. The meetings will take place Sept. 27-30 in Madrid, Spain.”

27 CENTRAL ASIA Workers write, “For a few months I will be the only teacher at the English center, until a new couple comes in January. We continue to ask our Father that new teachers will come to join the teaching team at the English center.”

28 MEXICO Anthony and Karlene Thiessen write, “Praise God for the youth and children that are attending our basketball club. Pray that more will come, that our time together will bear eternal fruit. Pray for the soccer ministry as well, that the new season will start well, and that Anthony will be able to establish great relationships with the parents and boys. Pray for our 2 children, Josiah and Keyana, as they start a new school year. Pray for friendships and good studies.”

29 TEAM’S 125TH ANNIVERSARY Pray for the 125th anniversary celebrations that begin at the end of September and continue into October in Winnipeg, Vancouver, and Calgary, Canada.

30 SPAIN Workers write, “Praise God for an amazing summer full of ministry opportunities: Concerts, testimonies, street evangelism training and outreach, two neighborhood outreaches, clean up on the Academy property, 50+ students already signed up for the fall English/Art sessions, and two successful intensive summer English classes. We had at various times a total of 34 different people join us throughout the summer to make all of this possible.

Our two greatest needs are long term coworkers and God’s provision for phase 2: the installation of a beautiful (donated) pre-fab building with 4300+ sq. feet of space. Specific needs are for a building license, godly teachers, and funding to cover the costs needed to start this program (we have about half of the $70,000).”

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