Will You Pray with Us? [Prayer Journal September 2016 ]

"Then he said to his disciples, 'The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest."" - Matthew 9:37-38 | Photo by TEAM

School is back in session for missionaries serving as teachers around the world. Join us in praying for them and other workers proclaiming the gospel in word and deed.

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September 1-7

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As the school year begins, join us in praying that teachers around the world would build positive, gospel-centered relationships with their students. Photo by TEAM


GLOBAL | From traveling schools for nomadic children to Bible institutes for aspiring missionaries, the education world is back in gear for another year of academic and spiritual growth. Please pray for TEAM teachers and school staff around the world as they build lesson plans, create warm environments and get to know students. Pray that students will be ready to engage in their lessons and open to what God has to teach them.

JAPAN | Please pray for Debbie May as she substitute teaches for the first two weeks of school for eighth grade Bible and English at Christian Academy in Japan. Pray for stamina and health during this busy time as she resumes her usual role in supporting homeschoolers as well. Other requests from CAJ include praying that they would find a new head-of-school and that their new students and staff in new positions would quickly adjust. Their desire is to fulfill their mission to support missionary families as they minister in Japan and equip students to serve Japan and the world for Christ.

PHILIPPINES | Faith Academy is an international school that is home to students from over 20 countries. Please pray for TEAM worker Courtney Dowell as she begins a new role in the Family Counseling Department. Pray that students would be open to sharing with her as she leads them to the Wonderful Counselor.

GERMANY | On August 31, more than 300 students from around the world started classes at Black Forest Academy, a Christian boarding school for middle school and high school students. Ask God to give students grace as they start classes and work through homesickness. Pray for wisdom as teachers and staff guide students through the year.

AUSTRALIA | The Senior Director for Global Ministry in this region, Owen Ames, has just completed a relocation from Japan to Adelaide with his family. Pray for the Ames family as they readjust to life in Australia and as Owen continues in his leadership role as Senior Director.

SOUTH AFRICA | Through Union Bible Institute in South Africa, TEAM workers equip students to be spiritual leaders in their communities. Currently, the school is in need of more full-time teachers. Will you pray that God will raise up teachers to serve?  

MIDDLE EAST | Workers write,As prayer emphases are ramping up all over our area, so is overt spiritual warfare. Please pray for the saints to be equipped for the battle, solid in the Truth of the Word with righteous living as their breastplate, having all their spiritual armor in place, and knowing how to use it. Many are requesting instruction in strategic prayer as well. Pray for God to turn attacks of the enemy into glorious testimonies for His Name!”

September 8-14

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In Chadian culture, child marriage is common. Pray that girls in Chad will be allowed to finish their education before being given in marriage. Photo by TEAM


THAILAND | Doug Witzig writes, “The TEAM Thailand Ministry Area workers will be gathering September 8-11 for our annual conference. In the last year, several new members have joined us and new opportunities have been developed.  Please pray for us as we renew the Vision Statement for the Ministry Area and make plans for expanding. Pray for the country of Thailand, where 44 million people live in sub-districts (like counties) without a church.”

NORTH AFRICA | There is a need for elementary school teachers at an international school in North Africa. Please pray that God will raise up workers to fill these roles who are passionate about teaching and serving among Muslims.

GLOBAL | Before a missionary can have deep conversations about Jesus, they need a deep understanding of the language of the people they want to talk with. For many new TEAM missionaries, this means attending two years of language school. Pray that these students will learn quickly and glorify God in their studies.

PHILIPPINES | Jeff Miller writes, “Please pray for the International Graduate School of Leadership’s 35th reunion on Sept 13. Pray for good attendance, especially by alumni and supporters, good weather, and for the message to be given by Dr. Andrew Luison.”

TEAM STAFF | TEAM’s missionary review team meets today to consider long-term missionary applicants.  Wisdom and skill are needed as they make decisions and recommendations.

CHAD | Almost 7 out of 10 girls in Chad will get married before age 18 (UNICEF), putting their lives at risk as they give birth at young ages and pushing them into a limited adulthood. However, a TEAM teacher in Chad has seen that educating girls drastically reduces local rates of child marriage. Pray that many girls in this local school will be allowed to finish school before marriage.

MEXICO | Carlos and Sandy Rios write: “We will be going on a short 3-month Home Assignment this fall.  Pray for God to protect our baby church plant, Rivers of Grace Bible Church in Guadalajara, in our absence, that they may not just ‘get along’ but thrive during this time.  Pray for more complete families to come and especially men with leadership potential.”

September 15-21

Nursing students leave behind families and familiar places to attend school at Karanda Mission Hospital. Pray for their first year of studies.

Nursing students leave behind families and familiar places to attend school at Karanda Mission Hospital in Zimbabwe. Pray that the students will adjust well to their new circumstances. Photo by TEAM


JAPAN | When an international university student comes to Christ in Japan, TEAM missionaries and their partners work to ground them in the faith and train them to make disciples, too. Pray that God will prepare these students to share the gospel in Japan and when they return to their home countries.

BRAZIL | Pray for Miriam and Dave Kanagy as they work to find Brazilians who are interested in missions. Pray for the Perspectives class that will be put on in their city, that God will raise up missionaries because of this course, and that God will encourage pastors in Brazil to become interested in missions. Pray also for Dave and Miriam as they work in member care with the missionaries of the Brazilian mission sending agency.

SPECIAL ASSIGNMENT | Phil and Ann Schwab, who are working with the Christian Embassy,  recently took a trip to Benin, West Africa and Macedonia, for the purpose of following up with ambassadors they have ministered to in Washington, D.C. They shared these praise items: “One ambassador, retired and teaching diplomacy and international relations at a major university, testified that we came just at the right time.  He had just been through a huge political crisis brought on by the newly elected president. He had been exonerated. The other former ambassador is now minister of defense. We challenged him and his wife to a more consistent devotional life.  This prompting of the Holy Spirit seemed to have its effect. The minister wrote us, ‘I will try to find a more regular time for Bible study. Thank you for coming!’”

NORTH ASIA | A worker writes, “Our ministry here serves a rural county through a community center that provides a lending library, bookmobile, classes in English, art, parenting, calligraphy, and so forth. In the summer, we have had the opportunity to do VBS. Our center is seriously overcrowded and needs a new facility. Please pray for a strategic new location to be found. A good portion of the needed funds are raised, but the balance is needed.”

ZIMBABWE | A new class of nursing students began a rigorous educational program at Karanda Mission Hospital this month. Please pray for the new nurses’ adjustment academically and also personally, as many have traveled far from home. Pray that TEAM workers will have the discernment and availability to effectively support their students.

EAST ASIA | A small group will be taking a survey trip to this region to explore ministry opportunities with potential partners from other organizations. Pray for protection in travel and clarity of ministry vision. 

MEXICO | TEAM worker Glenn Skala brings color and fun to the children at a local orphanage through regular art classes. He asks for prayer that his students will begin to express themselves through their art and take ownership of each project they create.

September 22-30

In Papua, a bible college

In Papua, a bible college is raising up the next generation of pastors and leaders. Pray that the new school year would be fruitful. Photo by TEAM


UKRAINE | Pray for TEAM worker Kurt zurBurg as he and his team expand an educational recycling program that teaches school children and the local community why caring for God’s creation is important. Pray for more recycling bins as well as workers for this project.

SOUTH ASIA | One of TEAM’s workers partners with an international school to train teachers in garden-based education. Please pray she will continue to garner respect among local teachers and that her work will create natural opportunities to share the gospel.

GLOBAL | From Chad to Thailand to Czech Republic, workers are teaching English to build relationships with dozens of students, parents and co-workers that otherwise wouldn’t be possible. Please pray that these teachers will be effective, perseverant and bold.

CENTRAL ASIA | A worker writes, “Our missionaries in this region have been experiencing an unprecedented crisis in obtaining visas. Over the last 6 months, nineteen adults were refused new visas or extensions of existing visas. Fourteen of these were appealed, and seven more people had applied for extensions, with no response. Another concern has been for our new appointees who are planning to make application for their visas. But the Lord has been working! We have now been told that the visas will be forthcoming. Please continue to pray for these workers whose lives are ‘on hold,’ that God would provide the visas, and that He would keep the doors open to service in this area.”   

GLOBAL | Dave Davis writes, “From September 27-30, Europe Diaspora Meetings will be held in Germany to talk about coordinating and cooperating in the effort among immigrants and migrants across Europe.  This is the opportunity of the decade for missions. Please uphold these meetings in prayer.”

JAPAN | Don and Martha Regier ask for prayer for Don and those helping plan the November 3 celebration of the 125th anniversary of TEAM’s work in Japan. Pray that the plans would all come together and that it would bring glory to God as missionaries and Japanese people celebrate together. Pray also for the salvation of ladies in Martha’s English groups and for Pastor Hayashi’s recovery from depression and burnout.

SOUTHERN AFRICA | Pray for TEAM worker Kit Tischler as he ministers on university campuses to the AmaZioni, a group that adheres to a mix of Christianity and African religious traditions. Pray for open hearts as Kit teaches students, in Bible studies and one-on-one, about who God is and how to obey his commands.

PAPUA | Indonesian men from interior villages are receiving theological training at the Roesler Memorial Bible College to become pastors, teachers and leaders. Please pray that Isaac Mann, a TEAM worker, will be effective as he teaches a new group of emerging leaders this semester.

AUSTRALIA | Ray and Marti Williams, workers in Australia, are waiting for a new visa.  Papers were submitted in December 2015, and two steps of the three-step process have been approved by the Immigration Department. However, there has been no word from that department since March. Pray that they get the new visa they need in order to continue the ministry there.

Additionally, one of TEAM’s primary ministries in Australia is the Adelaide College of Ministries.  For a number of reasons, the future of the college has become uncertain. However, the college is considering a partnership with another Bible College, located in Sydney, which could have great potential.  Pray that the boards of both colleges will have real wisdom as they consider this.

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  • This list of prayer requests is also a document of the activities of the Holy Spirit working thru very common but “special people”. It is heartening to see so much effort going into “getting the Word out”. A special shout out to Jon and Kathy C. of Karanda Mission Hospital in Zimbabwe.

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