How to Pray For Missionaries This Month [November Prayer Journal]

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"The history of missions is the history of answered prayer." - Samuel Zwemer | Photo by TEAM

TEAM missionaries serve in over 35 countries so that Christ will be known and worshipped among the nations. You can tangibly partner in their ministry through praying for their work every day this month. Thank you for your prayers.

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November 1 – 7

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In Ukraine, workers are asking for prayer as they work to grow a recycling program that teaches locals the importance of caring for God’s creation. Photo by TEAM


PHILIPPINES | David and Kathy North write, “As we approach our one-year anniversary of the ministry here in Consolacion, we are so amazed at how a church has sprung up and now we are praying about the need to have 2 services each Sunday in our slot in the local mall. Pray for us as we plan for the new year. Pray for us as we are equipping, enabling and giving direction to many volunteers and to our missionary team. I am continually aware of my inadequacy, but the Lord is gracious and is building His church. Pray for wisdom, insight, energy. Pray for our whole team to walk in the power of the Spirit day by day.”

SOUTHERN AFRICA | Brett and Kara Richstone write, “Praise God for relationships that He is allowing us to develop with other young couples in our area.”

EAST ASIA | Workers write, “Pray for teachers for our missionary-kid school. One former missionary has come out of retirement to cover for this year, but we have no one lined up after this school year.” [To learn more about opportunities to serve as a teacher and fill needs like this one, click here.]

UKRAINE | In the formerly communist state of Ukraine, many people see cleaning up as the government’s job. Recycling programs in the city of Odessa are turning the tide, however, by teaching the importance of caring for God’s creation. Workers desire to grow this ministry in order to employ Ukrainians in need of a job. Would you pray for their efforts?

GUATEMALA | In just one year, church plant Iglesia Reforma has grown from a core group of 30 people to more than 100. Praise God for this incredible growth, and pray with the congregation for more chairs to seat everyone.

AUSTRALIA | Owen Ames writes, “Please pray for me as I travel to Sydney from November 7-12 to meet with the National Directors of several mission agencies in Australia to explore possible future cooperation with TEAM.”

ITALY | Cindy Thompson is giving English lessons to her neighbor. Pray that this relationship will let Cindy and her husband, Steve, minister to their neighbor’s whole family.

November 8 – 14

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A drought in Zimbabwe has lead to lower incomes and has made it more difficult for Christians to invest in their local churches. Workers in Zimbabwe ask that we pray for local pastors who now are also struggling to make ends meet. Photo by TEAM


NORTH AFRICA | A worker writes, “There is great need to find a director for a new international school in North Africa. Please pray for the right person for this position.”

PAPUA | Workers in Papua are opening a new branch of their community center, with a plan to start teaching English and computer classes about two days a week. Pray for God’s guidance as they renovate their rented building and start classes.

EAST ASIA | Workers run a program to provide foster homes for 54 abandoned children with intellectual and physical disabilities. Pray that they will be able to provide effective training sessions and encouragement for foster parents.

PAKISTAN | Missionary doctors at Bach Christian Hospital are constantly seeking to improve their skills and services, but operating in a developing nation makes this a challenge. Please pray that God would give the doctors access to the continued education and equipment they need to serve the sick.

GLOBAL | Learning new cultures, feeling like outsiders and maintaining long-distance relationships are just a few of the challenges missionary kids face around the world. Pray for all MKs to receive the support, encouragement and guidance they need to become well-adjusted, believing adults.

TAIWAN | Nancy Leet writes, “I am thankful that in the course of three big typhoons over two weeks, my area has been largely spared of damage, but the youth camp wasn’t spared. Trees and branches blown down all around and a couple of roofs torn off by wind will require quite a bit of work to repair and restore the camp to usability. Please pray with us that the repairs can be done quickly, and join us in thanking God for His protection against any bodily harm being sustained by camp staff during these storms.”

ZIMBABWE | This year, a drought in Zimbabwe has led to lower incomes for families across the region. As a result, local pastors are also struggling to make ends meet. Please pray that God would provide financial and emotional support for these ministers of the gospel.

November 15-21

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The El Faro church plant in La Paz has overcome great adversity to be a thriving and healthy community of believers. Would you pray for them as they seek to raise up the next generation of Mexican leaders? Photo by TEAM


CENTRAL ASIA | How do you find answers about Jesus if your country makes evangelism illegal? Google them. Workers have created a website that shares the truth of Jesus with the Muslim people they serve. Please pray that God would use this platform to bring many to saving faith.

MEXICO | El Faro, a church plant in La Paz, is seeking to train new leadership to minister in the church and community. Praise God for this sign of healthy growth and ask him to raise up the next generation of disciple makers.

USA | Phil and Ann Schwab write, “At the Christian Embassy (Cru) we are planning a traditional Thanksgiving dinner on Nov. 18 for ambassadors and their spouses stationed here in Washington DC. Pray for good attendance and our ability to connect with these couples and follow up with those with a spiritual interest.”

SOUTH ASIA | Nancy Sturrock, the senior director for global ministry and South Asia, will be participating in the 50th anniversary celebration of a church in South Asia, November 19-20. Pray for her as she shares God’s word in two services for the Holy Spirit to speak to hearts and challenge young people to go to their neighboring countries with the Good News!

AUSTRALIA | Ray and Marti Williams write, “Recently, we received word that our request for a new 2-year visa was denied by the Immigration Department. It was quite a shock. Our community here has been very supportive and we are truly grateful for that. While that is a significant thing for us, personally, it is also a huge setback for TEAM in Australia. The Australia Ministry Area will be almost empty if/when we leave. So, the big thing would be to pray for TEAM’s presence in Australia. If Marti and I are the ones to keep that moving, then we need a miraculous intervention to reverse the visa decision. If someone else needs to do it, it would be great if they surfaced soon, so we could have some sort of continuity, even if we did not overlap in our time here.”

JAPAN | The International School of Asia in Karuizawa brings in students from countries in Africa and throughout Asia. Pray for Tim and Katie Cole as they share the gospel with these students — some who have never heard it before.

AUSTRIA | Rachel Zuch and her ministry Heart Works serve women in Austria who are trapped in prostitution. Please pray for Rachel’s endurance, wisdom and compassion as she serves these women. 

November 22-30

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In Japan, workers ask that we pray for a fruitful ministry among men attending a marriage growth group. Photo by TEAM


EAST ASIA | Workers write, “Local friends have been fasting and praying about the national government’s decision to make changes regarding policies about religion. They fear restrictions that will close off chances to meet in places other than official designated places of worship. They are praying for strong faith, protection, unity in the Lord’s Body here, love that impacts their society, courage for what is ahead and the ability to keep trusting our Sovereign God no matter what is decided.”

FRANCE |Bob and Veronique Clifford write, “We had hoped to sign the promise for land for our church in September. Yet, while corrections have been sent, an official document has not been drafted by the notary. We are praying for God’s deliverance and clear leading. Please persevere in praying with us as we trust the Lord to provide for a church home.”

USA | Today is Thanksgiving Day in the United States. Please pray that the nation will reflect upon not simply its great gifts but also the Giver of their many blessings. Pray for hearts to seek to know God better and to receive the greatest gift of all: salvation through Jesus Christ.

JAPAN | Pray for Stephen Sakamoto, who leads a marriage growth group for five men. Ask God to strengthen the men’s commitments to their wives and marriages as well as their commitment to God himself.

MIDDLE EAST | A worker writes, “Recently, I spent a week with two brothers from the ‘P’ people group. We participated in their first communion, their first home group experience, and their first time of worship with music and song. We had many opportunities for deep conversations and prayer. We completed two movie scripts in their dialect. Those who speak this dialect number between 18 to 20 million and there are virtually no ministry tools available in this dialect. Please pray for our next phase in which we need voice actors. My ministry partner is literally looking worldwide for people of this dialect who will be willing to have their voices recorded.”

ITALY | Pray for all TEAM Italy members as they plan evangelistic outreaches for the Christmas season. Pray that the Lord will use prayer, talent and creativity to reach non-believers in a season when they may be more open to the gospel.

GLOBAL | TEAM staff and missionaries are already getting into gear for next year’s vision trips. Ask God to guide prospective missionaries to the right trips, prepare them for the experience and make clear how they should move forward after the trips.

PHILIPPINES | For many of the 32 million Odiya speakers, understanding the Bible is a challenge due to translation issues. To help, Keith and Grace McCune, TEAM workers, are partnering with nationals to create a new translation that will be clear to all Odiya speakers. Please pray that their work will be careful and accurate.

SPAIN | Workers write, “God is continuing his work in Montequinto-Seville. Praise the Lord for his faithfulness: This year we continue to increase enrollment in our community center activities. 100+ students have signed up.” They continue to ask us to pray for “opportunities to share deeply in the lives of our students and community.”

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  • I am a missionary living in Accra Ghana W/A.
    I almost every day pray for missionaries since i know the greatest need of missionaries is God’s intervention and the power of the Holy Spirit. I also organize prayer meetings in every month to intercede for the lost, ministers of the gospel (especially missionaries), and closed nations. I therefor find it fit to include you in all my prayer programmes. Hope to meet one- on- one one day. Stay blessed.

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