How You Can Pray for the Nations This Month [October Prayer Journal]

Pray in the Spirit at all times and on every occasion. Stay alert and be persistent in your prayers for all believers everywhere. | Ephesians 6:18, NLT. Photo by TEAM

From Europe to North America to the Middle East, TEAM workers are serving among Muslim populations to make Christ known. This month, please join us as we pray for their ministries and the work of other TEAM missionaries each day. Thank you for your prayers.

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October 1-7

hellenic ministries in greece

Workers in Greece ask for continued prayer as they work among Muslim refugees. Photo courtesy of Hellenic Ministries


SOUTH ASIA | A vision trip to South Asia will be taking place Oct. 1-19 and will be led by two TEAM workers. Pray God makes his will known to the five participants as to “what’s next” short- and long-term. Pray, too, for all the logistics of travel, accommodation and connecting with the right leaders and local people so God can speak to participants in clear ways.

MEXICO | Art and Vicki Reyes are delighted to have a Mexican intern this year! Karina Tino grew up in their first TEAM church and will be helping them with the daughter church. This is her last requirement to graduate from Puebla Bible Seminary. Please pray for Karina and other Mexicans who are planning to become cross-cultural missionaries.

GLOBAL | Living away from beloved parents, children or extended family can be one of the greatest costs of missionary service. Please pray God will keep family relationships strong across continents and comfort workers currently feeling this burden.

JAPAN | Robert and Yoko Taylor write, “We would love prayer for our new church plant in Ueda city. We really need at least one full-time worker in the city to invest full-time in the ministry there. We are also in need of a place to rent that we can use full-time. Thank you so much for your faithfulness in prayer!”

NORTH AMERICA | A worker in the United States is serving Muslim refugees by teaching English and reports many of her students have experienced traumatic events. Please pray that this worker will continue to listen well and point her students to the comfort and healing found in Christ.

SOUTHERN AFRICA | Brett and Evelyn Miller write, “Pray for the open hearts of the amaZioni. They are hungry for the good news. Pray that God will hold open this window and that we can serve these interested seekers of truth before the window of opportunity closes.”

GREECE | Workers in Greece continue to serve Muslim refugees in crisis. Many refugees have come to trust Christ, but some new believers have experienced persecution in the camps for their new Christian faith. Will you pray for these growing disciples?

October 8-14

Workers in the Middle East are tangibly showing the love of Christ to refugees living in tent communities. Photo by TEAM.

Workers in the Middle East are tangibly showing the love of Christ to refugees living in tent communities. Photo by TEAM.


TAIWAN | Beth Wyse, a worker in Taiwan, writes, “Chinese classes continue, and I need to break some Spanish pronunciation habits. Pray that the new Chinese pronunciations will ‘stick.’”

CHAD | Scott and Susan Downing work in an area of Chad where the population is 100 percent Muslim. The people they serve among are eager to discuss spiritual matters, but resistance to the gospel remains strong. Please pray for Scott and Susan’s endurance as they rely on God to change the hearts of the Chadian people.

GERMANY | Diet and Jan Schindler write, “We are relocating to Frankfurt am Main in order to prepare to plant an English-speaking church there among ‘high achievers.’ Pray for an affordable place for us to live and for good initial contacts with people in our target audience.”

APPOINTEES | New missionaries face the incredible challenge of raising the funds for their ministry. For many, this is a stretching and faith-building time. Please pray that God will raise up true ministry partners for those currently raising support.

MEXICO | Ralph and Ellen Shepard, workers in Mexico, write, “There is a man who is seeking to pay off the legal system in order to steal the property out from under 11 orphans and the wonderful couple that is caring for them and has invested so fully in both the children and the property itself. Rios en el Desierto is the orphanage our church house network has been helping out these last two years. We ask for prayer on behalf of this critical situation.”

MIDDLE EAST | Workers are bringing groceries and necessities to refugees living in tent communities. One Muslim man remarked that it is only Christians who have come to help his family. Praise God for this tangible testimony of his provision. Pray also that these refugees will soon have opportunities to move out of these encampments.

AUSTRALIA | Ray and Marti Williams write, “The future of the Adelaide College of Ministries is unclear at the moment. Funding is low, and there have been a lot of staffing changes this year. Pray for clear direction for the college and our Australian partners as deliberations continue.”

October 15-21

Refugee Min 1

As the refugee crisis continues, please pray for workers who are encountering new opportunities to share the gospel with unreached peoples. Photo by TEAM


GLOBAL | Maintaining a balance of work and rest is particularly difficult for missionaries as their lives and work are often intertwined. Please pray that God will give his promised rest to weary missionaries today and that they will be refreshed for their work.

MEXICO | Praise God for the more than 120 children who attended summer camp and heard the gospel presented at Rancho El Camino in La Paz, Mexico. Please pray that these children will continue to grow spiritually and that many will become involved in the Youth Club starting this month.

EAST ASIA | Workers write, “Happily, a child from our SOAR project was able to join his adoptive family in the US last month. There are about fourteen more children that desperately want to join ‘forever families.’ Some families are ready. Paperwork and process needs to be carried out and the wheels grind slowly out here. Pray for the miracle of those with control to have softened hearts to do their jobs and help these kids get out of institutional living and into loving families.”

JAPAN | Scott and Kyoko Nelson write, “We are planning to partner with a Japanese church in our area to encourage shared vision, future help, and to see both our ministries flourish.  Please pray for the Lord’s direction and hand of blessing on this partnership.”

TEAM | This month, new missionaries will gather for a weeklong training event to prepare them logistically, financially and culturally for their service. Please pray that this will be an energizing and equipping training.

PAPUA | Walter Kennedy formally turned the chairmanship of the National Mission Board over to Yakobus Ullo, a well-qualified Papuan man. Please pray as he transitions into this new ministry that he will be diligent in coordinating the vital ministry. The board currently has nine Papuan families serving four tribal areas.

EUROPE | The global refugee crisis continues to bring migrants to places in Europe where TEAM missionaries serve. Many refugees are fleeing from places where they never encountered the gospel. Pray that the church will be challenged to walk alongside these refugees and make Jesus known.

October 22-31

Please pray for God to send workers to southern France to work among North African immigrants. Photo by TEAM

Please pray that God would send workers to southern France to work among North African immigrants. Photo by TEAM


JAPAN | Don and Martha Regier write, “Please pray for the salvation of the nine women who come to our home for English classes, and five children and three adults who come to Kids English Club and an adult English Bible Class at Asaka Bible Church. One of the children has believed but we would like to see the rest trust Christ as well. Pray for unity of the Body at Asaka Bible Church as Pastor Hayashi continues to recover from depression and burnout. Pray for God’s love and protection to surround our children and their families as He draws them to Himself.”

ITALY | Vita Trasformate serves women who are trapped in prostitution. A worker asks that we pray for her growing relationships with these women. Pray for trust to be built and gospel-centered friendships to be formed.

MEXICO | Mike and Anna Lastfogel write, “The Puerto Vallarta team is initiating a sailboat ministry. We are starting from zero (even with our own sailboat experience!) so our prayers are for: the boat’s protection, that we would be equipped and skilled in using it, God’s provision of funds for the ministry, for fruitful spiritual conversations that we plan to have when we take people out with us.”

MIDDLE EAST | A worker in the Middle East is studying Arabic with a local tutor. His tutor is not yet a believer but has engaged in discussions about the differences between Christianity and Islam. Please pray that God will open the eyes of this man’s heart.

AUSTRALIA | Ray and Marti Williams, “We applied for a new visa on 16 December, 2015.  Our visa expired on 31 January, 2016. We are now on a ‘bridging visa’ and will be until Immigration decides what to do with us.  Pray we get a new visa. Also, we are having regular inquiries from folks interested in ministry in Australia, but no long term commitments. Pray for long term personnel to join the Australia Ministry Area.”

GERMANY | Anne Ingram helps refugees settle into life in Germany by arranging appointments and helping them navigate a new cultural landscape. She often gets to share aspects of her faith, but language barriers get in the way. Please pray that God will provide a way for these gaps to be bridged so gospel-centered relationships can grow.

ZIMBABWE | Please pray for wisdom for those involved with the many decisions having to do with drought relief and food for work programs. And for those who need help, that they would see that our God provides and is the one looking after them.

FRANCE | Large populations of North African immigrants in southern France have created unique opportunities for ministry among unreached peoples. Please pray that God will raise up workers to serve this group through a ministry called Launch.

JAPAN | Mas and Karen Nohara write, “Please pray that Japanese would have time to hear the gospel, or that we would be more creative in making time for their time slots that fall anywhere.”

GLOBAL | In some areas of the world, especially countries with large Muslim populations, spreading the gospel message is legally or culturally prohibited. Still, TEAM workers go to these countries to share the love of Christ. Please pray for God’s protection on their lives and ministries.

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