Sewing to Sow Gospel Seeds [February Prayer Focus]

Marice teaches a woman to sew
Workplace and job skills ministries give people a sense of value and purpose. But most importantly, they help people find their identities in Christ!

In Papua, Indonesia, women used to be seen as less than the household animals. Because men had to pay a high bride price, they worked their wives very hard. They wanted to make sure they got their money’s worth. Women had to tend the gardens, carry all the heavy food and wood and care for the children. 

But then TEAM missionary Charlotte Griffiths came and started teaching a sewing class. Learning how to sew gave women a new status in their community. Now these women provide clothing for their families — and extra income. 

One of the women in this class was named Marice.

Charlotte not only taught Marice how to sew, but she also taught her about Jesus! And in time, Marice took over the class and added a Bible study to go with it.

Through these Bible studies, women learned that they do have value — not just because of their sewing skills, but because God created them in His image.

This month, join us in praying for workplace ministries like Marice’s. Pray that missionaries hosting these ministries will know what types of skills will best help communities, and pray that people attending the ministries will be receptive to the Gospel.

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1. Pray that as people develop work skills, they will learn to place their identity in Christ.

Workplace ministries focus on developing valuable skills people can use to help them in their vocations. For example, TEAM missionaries in Zimbabwe lead an agriculture-based skills program for orphans who have aged out of government support systems. Another ministry in Puerto Vallarta focuses on teaching abused women valuable life skills.

No matter what form workplace ministries take on, the goal of all of them remains the same — to teach people to develop their skills, while ultimately showing them that their identity is in the One who created them.  See, although skills are important to develop, missionaries’ main goal is spreading the Gospel.

This month, pray that people will recognize their value in Christ, and learn to place their identity in Him. Pray that the skills they learn will be helpful to spread the Gospel with their friends and coworkers. 

2. Pray that Christians will be able to advance the Kingdom in their workplaces.

The workplace is one of the biggest mission fields, but it can be discouraging when the people you spend a significant amount of time with don’t share your foundational beliefs. 

TEAM missionary Caleb Trim is helping with this problem by hosting seminars that teach people how to live out their faith in the workplace. 

A group of people pray together about their workplace

Workplace ministries in modern cities look very different than workplace ministries in rural places Papua. But the goal is the same — to share the Gospel with people.

“We cannot stress enough how important it is to pray over those engaged in workplace ministries and for every believer who is embracing their calling to live out their faith Monday through Friday in their workplaces,” Caleb says. “It is a spiritual battle and a hard one. … No one can do it alone! We all need each other for encouragement, support, and prayer.”

Pray that God will give Christians courage to live out their faith at work. Pray against discouragement, loneliness and burnout. 

3. Pray that missionaries will know what unique workplace ministries are needed in different areas.

The sewing ministry Marice leads fits well with the people and the culture in Indonesia, but it may not fit as well in a different part of the world. For example, in areas like Europe, a sewing ministry would not be as effective as a ministry that teaches corporations how to steward their finances well. But in Mexico, stewardship resources wouldn’t be as helpful as ESL classes.

This month, pray that missionaries will be able to discern what’s needed and organize workplace ministries that will be helpful to the community. Pray that the ministries will attract people who are open to hearing the Gospel.

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  • Thank you very much,this has greatly encouraged me. I am a self supporting Missionary working and living in Tanzania.Was wondering how we can work together and how I can increase my ministry impact in my area of operation?

    • Thank you for your comment! We’re always happy to hear about our posts encouraging other missionaries.

      Unfortunately, we do not have any work in Tanzania at the moment. May God bless you as you continue in your ministry!

  • Your reports on Workplace Ministries is both inspiring and encouraging. It warms my heart and encourages me in faith to read the ministries that TEAM is involved in around the world.

  • I shall continue in my prayer to uphold TEAM workplace ministry to reach out the people with the life saving ministry of Lord Jesus and for their prosperity in every field. God bless the ministry Amen

  • Praise God,
    Hope this finds you well.Thanks for your comment with regard to TEAMS Mission at work place

  • Thank you for taking the time to make these updates available to the public, in order for us to understand a little better what actually goes on in the mission fields across the world.

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