She Wanted Senior Discounts — But Found Jesus [February Prayer Focus]

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Seeker Bible studies are a great tool for reaching people who aren't ready to go to church. Will you pray for the missionaries around the world leading seeker studies right now?

Leticia* thought she was only going to the local Office of the Aging to get her senior discount card. She never expected the errand to change her life forever.

But as the she stood in line, she began chatting with the woman in line next to her. Two hours later, a clear friendship had formed. And two weeks after that, Leticia invited her new friend over for a visit.

Leticia’s new friend was TEAM missionary Sandy Rios, who serves in Mexico with her husband. The couple eagerly accepted Leticia’s invitation.

They soon began meeting regularly and studying the Bible with Leticia and her two brothers.

They were with Leticia through her husband’s death and one of her brother’s illnesses — all the while, faithfully studying God’s Word with her.

After a couple of months of personal grief and spiritual hunger, Leticia asked Sandy how to become a Christian. The next Sunday, Sandy asked Leticia if she’d accepted Christ.

With a broad smile, Leticia answered, “Yes!”

Missionaries around the world lead Bible studies for seekers just like Leticia. This February, will you pray with us for these seeker studies? Pray that more people like Leticia will come to know the Lord.

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People come to seeker studies with all kinds of different questions. Pray that missionaries will know what’s important to each one and how to speak to their hearts.

1. Ask God to show missionaries what each seeker needs to hear.

For some missionaries, one-on-one Bible study settings can be difficult. Unlike a congregational audience, seekers can interrupt with questions. And times, the pressure of knowing exactly what to say during seeker studies can feel intimidating.

But TEAM missionary Kit Tischler sees huge potential in the studies he leads with university students in South Africa.

“These university students are most likely going to be leaders in their families, churches and communities in South Africa,” he says. “What could happen if these students grew in their relationship with Jesus and had a rich … obedience to the Word of God? I think the potential is endless.”

Pray that missionaries will not feel intimidated by the task of individual seeker studies. Pray that they will instead rely on the Holy Spirit to guide their words and grow the seeds they plant in their students’ hearts.

2. Pray that students will stay committed to studying Scripture.

Sometimes, seekers start planning Bible studies with the best of intentions — and then life happens. Maybe apathy kicks in or their schedules become unexpectedly hectic.

Whatever the reason, they lose interest. And this can be hugely discouraging to a missionary.

One TEAM missionary has struggled to get a Bible study group started, even though the seekers initially expressed interest. Now, she and her husband are trying to rekindle the curiosity in their friends and neighbors.

Pray that the more students study the Bible, the more their interest will grow. Pray that they will make their studies a priority in their busy lives. And ask God to block distractions from seeking Him.

When students finish a seeker study, many are excited to share what they’ve learned with others! Pray that these new believers will be bold enough to start their own seeker studies.

3. Pray that seekers will embrace Jesus and lead Bible studies of their own.

The only way to see the Word spread to the ends of the Earth is to make disciples who make disciples. When it comes to seeker studies, it’s important to make sure seekers know how to share what they’re learning with others.

“We try to train all of our new believers to lead seeker studies of their own so that the Gospel gets spread even into situations and places where we might never have access,” says Kathy North, a church planter in the Philippines. “In our church planting ministry, we have developed an eight-week evangelistic Bible study series that clearly explains the Gospel message. … These lessons are simple and clear, can be done in an hour or so over coffee, and even the youth in our church are trained to teach them to others.”

Pray for missionaries to equip seekers to also lead others to the Truth. Pray against any barriers that might hinder some from boldly spreading the Gospel.

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*Name changed.

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