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Why All Missionaries Are Environmentalists (or Should Be)

Why All Missionaries Are Environmentalists (or Should Be)

all missionaries are environmentalists
Far from a political posture, caring for the earth was God's first command to man. Photo by Robert Johnson / TEAM

Steve Dresselhaus, a senior director at TEAM, shares about the vision behind TEAM’s creation care initiatives. Whether or not he or she knows it, every missionary is an environmentalist. Perhaps not the tree-hugging, Gaia-worshiping, organic-brown-rice-eating style of environmentalist caricatured by the media, but a practicing one, nonetheless. Obviously, some of us are more specialized and intentional in creation care than others, and we could all do a bit better at it. But each of us is somewhere to be found on the caring-for-the planet continuum. Anyone who has fed a poor person, been involved in healthcare, helped in disaster relief,…

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