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How COVID-19 Can Prepare You for Missions

How COVID-19 Can Prepare You for Missions

Two men sit outside at a table and talk. Feature photo: Preparing for missions during COVID-19
COVID-19 has forced us to adapt and live our lives in ways we never have before — kind of like missionaries. Turns out, preparing for missions during COVID-19 has big advantages.

If you’re an aspiring missionary, COVID-19 may seem like a major roadblock to your plans. Short-term trips are being postponed. Carefully planned timelines for departure are now in shambles. And everyone keeps talking about how “the world will never be the same.” But Beth Fussner, a former missionary and TEAM’s learning and development project director, sees things with a bit more optimism. “There’s so many times when God’s people were on delays and detours. … And all of those things, when you look at the Scripture, at the stories, you realize that God either caused them or used them,” Fussner…

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