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Reaching Out — When You Just Want to Stay Inside

Reaching Out — When You Just Want to Stay Inside

A missionary talks to a young child
Let's be honest, sometimes all a missionary wants to do is hide in their house or apartment. Here's how one missionary overcame the temptation.

Today’s blog post comes from a missionary working in Asia. For her safety, we have kept her name and location private. “Bloom where you’re planted.” As a worker in Asia for over 25 years, I have always had a love/hate relationship with this phrase!  I’m not super outgoing, so it’s difficult for me to reach out to others. Plus, building relationships takes a lot of time and energy. With our transient lifestyle, it’s easier for me to not bother. But I’m a missionary. Isn’t this the exact thing God has called me to do? God wants each of us, missionary…

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