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A Daughter’s Rebellious Prayer

A Daughter’s Rebellious Prayer

Imelda prays at TEAM church plant
When Imelda’s mom forbade her from going to church, Imelda rebelled. She got baptized — and prayed for her mother’s salvation.

“Are you crazy? What’s wrong with you?” Ten-year-old Imelda had just come home from an evening church service. She’d been growing to love and follow Jesus, and now she was ready to be baptized. But her mom, Vicenta, would have none of it. Their family was supposed to be Catholic, and Imelda’s involvement with a Protestant group raised all kinds of red flags for Vicenta. “She was a minor,” Vicenta says, suspicious that someone was manipulating her daughter. So when Imelda told her mom she wanted to be baptized, that was the deal breaker. Vicenta not only forbade the baptism,…

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