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Why the Church’s Future is Written in Spanish

Why the Church’s Future is Written in Spanish

Latin American church
The church is rapidly growing in Latin America — and so are false doctrines, like the prosperity gospel. Read our Q&A to find out how a TEAM missionary is steering new believers in a better direction. Photo by TEAM

If you want to know where the Church is growing, don’t look to your local seeker-friendly, hipster church. Don’t look for the closest liturgical service either. According to TEAM missionary and former missionary kid Justin Burkholder, the best place to look is in a Pentecostal service… in Latin America. “We just sort of assume Latin America’s Catholic, … but a lot of Latin America is very evangelical, and mainly it’s highly neo-Pentecostal,” Justin says. In 1970, evangelical Christians numbered only 12.8 million in Latin America. By 2020, they’re expected to reach 203 million, according to the Center for the Study…

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