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TEAM Eats: Aşure (Noah’s Ark Pudding)

TEAM Eats: Aşure (Noah’s Ark Pudding)

Aşure (or Noah's ark pudding) is a Middle Eastern dessert with a bit of everything in it! Check out the recipe our missionaries shared with us.

This month our recipe is the Turkish dish Aşure (Noah’s ark pudding)! Our version is based off Elizabeth Taviloglu’s recipe at the Spruce Eats. Our missionaries in Turkey love gathering with their friends and neighbors for potlucks. “Having everyone bring something different makes it fun to learn about other people and try new foods,” one missionary says. “Also, miraculously, we always have the right types of food that we need!” Turkish neighbors often bring this dish over in their own bowls. When the missionaries finish eating it, they often make a new dish in the same bowl and return it…

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