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‘Now It’s Our Turn’: A Papuan’s Call to Reach Papuans
[VIDEO] Campus Life in Papua, Indonesia

‘Now It’s Our Turn’: A Papuan’s Call to Reach Papuans

Papuan pastor Nimbrot preaches at a baptismal service
Nimbrot (left) knows the Gospel because of Western missionaries. Now he's calling his people to continue Christ's mission.

Nimbrot was a kid when white, Western missionaries came to his part of Papua, Indonesia. “Now,” Nimbrot says, “it’s our turn.” It’s a rare attitude in Nimbrot’s tribe, the Auyu. Since the first missionaries came to and left South Papua, the Church there has struggled with discipleship and growth. Nimbrot decided to become a pastor in his 20s and was quickly sucked into a leadership vacuum. Without any Bible training, he became a regional leader for his denomination. But Nimbrot was already thinking beyond his region. He knew there were many tribes, deep inside Papua’s jungles, who hadn’t heard the…

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[VIDEO] Campus Life in Papua, Indonesia

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it’s the time of year when college students begin feeling the stress of looming deadlines and final exams. Many slip into survival mode, put their heads down, and count the minutes until they can head home for Christmas.

Across the world in Indonesia, college students feel this stress, too. But in-between everything else, they also must make time to fish for their dinner, chop firewood to cook it with, and fetch drinking water from a well.

Students at the Roesler Memorial Bible School, a TEAM ministry in Papua, Indonesia, juggle far more in a semester than just books. Most come from rural tribal villages to study the Bible and bring that knowledge back to their communities as pastors, teachers and church leaders. They not only have to adjust to academia — a completely new experience for many of them — but also to the somewhat more urban environment of the campus, located just outside the city of Merauke. Their days begin before 5 A.M. and stretch well into the night.

Yaimo Perew brought his whole family to the school so he could study. He’s not only trying to reach his village for Christ, but his own family, as well.

Watch Yaimo’s story above.

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