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How to Pray for Post-Christian Cultures

How to Pray for Post-Christian Cultures

A church stands in Dresden, Germany, a post-Christian culture
Post-Christian cultures see the Church as a quaint relic at best — and dangerous at worst. Pray for post-Christian cultures to see Christ’s life-transforming love.

When a missionary goes to serve in Europe, most people assume they must have a pretty easy time. After all, there are already church buildings everywhere. But TEAM missionary Jessica Applegarth describes it differently: “I heard a missionary here in Ireland says they feel like they spend all of their time pulling rocks out of the soil. [It’s] incredibly important for the planting process, but you don’t see any growth. You’re not even to the planting seeds stage yet.” For generations, Europeans have seen religion used to gain political power. They’ve watched religious leaders abuse the vulnerable without being held…

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