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The Ranch Where Heaven Meets Earth

The Ranch Where Heaven Meets Earth

Two teen girls ride horses during equine program. This is one way Rancho el Camino does missions in Mexico
Equine classes at Rancho el Camino are a chance to learn discipline, patience and what it means to follow God.

You don’t find Rancho el Camino without a bit of determination. Driving away from the beautiful beaches of La Paz, Mexico, you take the highway to the outskirts of town and turn sharply onto a dusty, bumpy, gravel road. But as you draw closer, you may just sense what has attracted so many people before you. People say they feel something different at the ranch. Some are moved to tears. Others demand to know what causes the strange sensation. Over the years, TEAM missionaries Pete and Emily Johnson have come to see the ranch as a “thin space.” It’s a…

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