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Together for the Gospel: Praying for Asia

Together for the Gospel: Praying for Asia

Three boys on a motorcycle.
Over half the world’s population lives within a 2,500 mile radius of Yuxi, a city in southern China. For this month’s Prayer Focus, please join us in praying for Gospel reach in Asia.

With concerns over aerial surveillance, military aid to Russia, and increasing tensions with Taiwan, it seems that China is constantly in the news. Asia as a whole remains largely in the throes of economic upheaval caused by supply-chain disruptions and other aftershocks of the pandemic.  And yet the Gospel spreads. Christianity grew twice as fast as the general population in Asia during the 20th century, and that trend continues in the 21st. According to sources cited in this article from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary, Christians now make up 8.2% of people living in Asia.   How can we, as the global…

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