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Summer Camps Open Doors for the Global Church

Summer Camps Open Doors for the Global Church

Kids at summer camp.
More than just silly songs and bug spray, summer camps play a vital role in reaching families with the Gospel worldwide.

S’mores over the campfire. Water balloon fights. Swimming in the lake. Any number of craft projects involving yarn and popsicle sticks. As a child of the 1970’s and 1980’s, these are my fond memories of summer camp. Also as a native Virginian, I have the tendency to think of summer camp as a very “American” tradition. The most cross-cultural aspect of my summer camp experiences was singing “Kumbaya” on taco night.  Since starting at TEAM a few months ago, I’ve learned that summer camp ministries are a vibrant part of God’s work around the world! These short-term but highly impactful…

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