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7 Things to Never Do on a Mission Trip [Video]
[VIDEO] Chad: A Final Frontier
[VIDEO] Rich Church, Poor Church
[Video] Graffiti Gospel
[VIDEO] Visit Us This Year!

7 Things to Never Do on a Mission Trip [Video]

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From bad t-shirts to wild gestures, watch this video for tips on how to avoid common mission trip blunders.

Whether you’re going on a mission trip to Thailand or Guatemala, there are a few universal best practices you should know. Watch the video below for a comical look at the blunders short-term missionaries have been known to make. Then, read on for practical tips that will help you avoid these common mission trip mistakes. 1. Don’t be loud and obnoxious. Going to a new place you’ve only seen in photos is exciting. With each novel experience, you might feel like snapping a few selfies and voicing great delight. It’s important to remember that while this is an experience for you, it’s another Monday for the people…

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[VIDEO] Chad: A Final Frontier

Massive. Diverse. Ready. The country of Chad is often called the last frontier of Africa. Landlocked in the northern region of Central Africa, Chad faces many challenges, but the opportunities for outreach and community development are immeasurable. The country encompasses over 130 ethnic groups – each with its own language, culture, and need to hear the gospel in unique way. By building deep, long-term relationships, TEAM missionaries are transforming lives and growing the church in Chad through programs for education, agriculture, clean water, healthcare, social justice and more.

Chad is one of the poorest, most troubled countries on the continent of Africa. This challenging and diverse country also presents one of the greatest opportunities for outreach. You can make a difference right now, right where you are. We encourage you to pray for Chad and the TEAM missionaries who are sharing the love of Jesus to this predominately Muslim nation. Pray also for more “people of peace” – men and women who are open and accepting of the ministry efforts of TEAM missionaries.

Want to know more about Chad? Visit chad.team.org, or download a copy of the latest Horizons magazine which features inspiring stories about what God is doing in Chad!

[VIDEO] Rich Church, Poor Church

We recently released this short video by TEAM videographer Cary Brown, a profile of a couple in Peru who live in an impoverished neighborhood and commute to a much nicer part of their city to worship in a relatively wealthy church.

Cary’s excellent work (and this accompanying story) is a glimpse of a fairly rare phenomenon. In many — if not most — parts of the developing world, it’s highly uncommon for people to cross socio-economic divides to attend church. Poorer people tend to worship in “poor” churches, and wealthy people tend to worship in “rich” churches.

You could probably point to evidence that this is also the situation with the church in many North American communities. But the division is even more pronounced in the developing world.

From Mexico City to Mumbai, this is a significant challenge for missions. In many countries with a growing church, statistics for a nation as a whole might lead one to believe that the population of Christ-followers is large enough for missiologists to qualify the nation as “reached.” But segment those numbers by household income or neighborhood income, and entire “unreached” populations will emerge. The gaping income disparity between rich and poor in many of those countries is reflected in the church by equally severe stratification. The gospel may take root and flourish among slum-dwellers — or, less often, among the wealthy — but it rarely jumps to other rungs on the income ladder.

The desire and ability to minister across racial and socio-economic lines is an important sign of a church’s missional health. Missionaries like TEAM’s Craig Querfeld are working hard to get otherwise healthy churches to take the next step and develop a passion for reaching out beyond their own “kind.” This is crucial for successful church reproduction in the long-term.

Often it is easier to travel around the world to minister to people who are socio-economically like us than to befriend the “others” living next door. This goes for churches and believers in the developing world just as much as for those anywhere else.

[Video] Graffiti Gospel

Video by Joel Hager / TEAM

TEAM places a high value on storytelling. We love to inspire and educate the church by offering peeks into what God is doing around the world. Occasionally, we even publish stories that have only a roundabout connection to TEAM, simply because we feel they are unique or noteworthy enough to tell. When good things are happening in the kingdom of God, we are happy to share them!

This video highlights the budding Christian graffiti scene in Adelaide, Australia. Josh Routley, one of the artists interviewed in the video, is a student at a TEAM-partnered college. Josh and others like him are trying to bring hope into the often brooding and anger-filled culture of street art.

Check out the video in HD here. You can also read more about Australian street art in the accompanying story from Horizons, TEAM’s magazine.

Learn more about what TEAM is up to in Australia and how you can get involved there.

[VIDEO] Visit Us This Year!

Here’s an easy resolution you could accomplish in this New Year.

If you haven’t visited us yet in one of our Missions Places (or at our main offices in Wheaton), this year may be your chance. But if your travels aren’t taking you near our storefronts in Wheaton, Ill., or Maryville, Tenn., we’ve made it easier than ever to come see us. You can take a video tour of both our Missions Places online, hosted by our very own and talented Melissa Barber. Watch the video here.

If you’re not familiar with all this Missions Place talk or just how excited we are about it, you can read the backstory here in the latest issue of TEAMHorizons magazine. There are lots of exciting things coming down the pipe this year for our Missions Places and Hubs, advancing collaboration among missions organizations and churches. So stay tuned!

Locate our missions places here.