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Partner with TEAM and South America Mission to provide tablet-based textbooks for Bolivian students. / Photo courtesy of SCCLC

Summer is almost over, and within months students across the United States will be heading back to school. Pencils will be sharpened, backpacks will be stuffed, and new textbooks will be purchased. However, for many students in other countries, textbooks will be sparse, outdated or in poor condition.

The Santa Cruz Christian Learning Center (SCCLC) is an ACSI accredited Christian school in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. A ministry of South America Mission, the Learning Center develops young leaders to be academically and spiritually grounded with a vision for impacting the world for Christ.

The Learning Center relies on donations and tuition fees to sustain its missional education efforts. As a ministry, the operating budget does not typically allow for investments to be made in areas such as curriculum and methodology innovation.

The SCCLC currently uses traditional printed textbooks, but due to the high costs of acquisition, shipping and customs fees, students at the Learning Center must use outdated curriculum and worn-out textbooks. A transition to a digital platform would eliminate the inefficiencies of buying and importing printed textbooks, saving thousands of dollars each year. In addition to providing updated curriculum and saving money, the exposure to technology and innovation will help students acquire skills they need to survive in today’s digitally-based economy.

We at TEAM are partnering with South America Mission to provide tablets for sixth through twelfth grade students at SCCLC. The school is looking to purchase these tablets in time for the fall semester next month, so an urgent gift now will have an immediate impact. We would like to ask you to join us and help make a difference in a student’s education.

Will you join us? Head here to give now.

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