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Give the Gospel for Christmas

Filthy Water Was Killing Their Children. Now They Have Clean Water and the Gospel!

The people of Hassan’s village — and others around it — are drinking clean water for the first time because someone like you sent missionaries to drill wells.

And that’s opening doors for Muslims to hear about Jesus.

“We know you are teaching God’s Word when you go to villages to drill wells, but that’s OK because we can see that you love the people,” one village chief told a TEAM missionary.

They Drank from Muddy Ponds

Before TEAM missionaries drilled these wells, life was a daily tragedy for village chief Hassan.

His people’s only water came from the muddy ponds their livestock drink from. And during the dry season, they had to walk two hours to find a pond that hadn’t evaporated.

For all that trouble, the water they gathered made their children desperately ill. Many died. And in these dark days of grief, the people could only cry out to the god of Islam for help and comfort.

But that all changed when Hassan met TEAM missionary Scott Downing — thanks to people like you!

Missionaries Drilled a Well to Revive a Village

On that day, Scott’s crew was drilling a well in another town when Hassan happened to pass by on his way to the market.

As Hassan watched the men work, he quickly realized what a well could do for his people. He asked Scott’s crew to visit his village, and they agreed.

While surveying the village, they found the perfect spot for a well. They drilled. They struck water. And life instantly changed.

With the new well, women and girls no longer lost five hours gathering water each day! Many children stopped getting sick!

When Hassan saw the impact, he started connecting Scott’s crew with other villages. And as they drilled all those wells, they got to share the Gospel.

Wells Opened Doors for the Gospel

Scott remembers one village where the crew drilled for water seven times. While they hunted for good places to drill, Scott and Hassan listened to recordings from the book of Matthew.

“We never found water in that village, but God gave us plenty of opportunity to deepen our friendship and share the Gospel,” Scott says.

Another time, a TEAM missionary studied the Bible with a Chadian man named Yousef.

Yousef was so moved by the Scriptures that he gave a New Testament to two other men. He told them to believe everything they read and share it with their village.

And through your support, the doors in Chad — and around the world — can keep opening!

Five Villages Saved

Since Scott drilled in Hassan’s village, Hassan has opened doors to drill in five more villages. And they are working together to drill in three more this year!

But it couldn’t have happened without someone like you.


Your compassionate gifts put missionaries like Scott on the field. They open doors for people like Hassan to hear the Gospel. They breathe new life into communities around the world!
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