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Goats For Zimbabwe

Some churches take an offering during their summer Vacation Bible School and contribute those funds to a special project – often focused on missions. One church in Wyoming did just that, and chose one of the TEAM missionary projects “Goats for Zimbabwe” as the project they wanted to support. We received the following letter telling us how giving toward this project had impacted the hearts of the children in their church. We rejoice at the news that the next generation is developing a heart toward missions and understanding that their gifts can have an everlasting impact.


Dear TEAM,

The children that attended Vacation Bible School at First Baptist Church in Sheridan, WY, were very excited to help out those people less fortunate than they are with their offering to purchase goats for the people of Zimbabwe Africa. I was amazed at how the kids responded to this offering and how they generously brought money each day of VBS to help the hungry and sick people of Zimbabwe!

Our theme for VBS was Hometown Nazareth: Where Jesus Was a Kid. The kids learned all about Jesus as a boy and what life was like for him as a child. In the end, they learned what Jesus did for them - dying on the cross for our sins. But they also learned about their own compassion for other people on the other side of the world.

I chose the goats of Zimbabwe as our project because I felt that the kids could relate to the feeling of hunger. We talked about what it felt like when mom was late getting dinner made, or if they had to miss a meal for various reasons. They all said they didn’t like how that felt, and they didn’t want more people going hungry if they could help it.

I talked about the mission project on Monday’s VBS (the first day), and on Tuesday the kids brought over $100, enough to buy two goats! I was so touched by their generosity that I made sure I told them how much money came in before they left on Tuesday, and they burst out with applause and cheering! I get goose bumps just thinking about the huge smiles on their faces when they heard that news. The three days that followed were just as amazing, if not more so.

At the end of the week, on Friday, the total was an outstanding $500! Parents had told me stories about their kids coming home and digging into their piggy banks and asking their parents to give to this cause. They were also praying for the people of Zimbabwe every night. Their excitement encouraged parents to give generously to this very important project.

So enclosed you will find a check for $500, enough to buy 10 goats! The kids have been asking me if the goats have been bought yet and want updates on how that community has been impacted. They also want to know how many people are fed by each goat.

They truly care about this mission, and if you could send along any details about the outcome of this, I know the kids would really appreciate it. Here we are, just a couple of weeks after VBS and the kids didn’t forget. They didn’t stop praying. They didn’t stop caring. This offering opened their eyes to the world outside of Sheridan, Wyoming. They want to make a difference and help however they are able.

Thank you for telling us about these offering opportunities and letting us be a part of it.


Jodi Johnson
Children’s Ministry Director
First Baptist Church
Sheridan, WY

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