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Give the Gospel for Christmas

The Blessings of Tithing

A retired couple offers a testimony about how tithing was a special blessing for them.


Dear TEAM,

In our retirement years, the Lord led us to the most beautiful piece of property in Tennessee that we had ever seen. We had looked for several years, but the timing was never right, until 2007 when it was as if the Lord said this is where I want you.

For a few years, we did the six months back and forth between Tennessee and Florida. On one of these trips back to Florida, my husband turned to me and asked how I would feel about moving to Tennessee on a permanent basis? Wow, I nearly drove off the side of the road as I had been praying about this for a couple of years but had never voiced it to him. His health was declining, and I felt that he could be more active and stay outside doing what he loved in Tennessee rather than being stuck in a house in Florida unable to be outside due to the extreme heat. So, after more prayer, the very difficult decision was made to sell our home in Florida, leave family and lifelong friends and make Tennessee our new home.

Now, the really hard part started – selling our Florida house and property. Due to the housing situation in Florida, this was not the time to try to sell a house. But, this was the Lord’s timing and His plan, so if the house stayed on the market for years – that was okay. Once again, the Lord blessed us when our property sold in about four months and the house within six months. We had always tithed, so there was no hesitation about our decision to tithe on the proceeds from the sale of both pieces of property. The Lord had so blessed us through the years; I couldn’t even begin to think of not saying “thank you” through our giving. When I look back over the years, I still marvel at how, regardless of our circumstances at the time, He always supplied our needs. Our tithing is just one response to His blessings upon us.

TEAM called me and asked me to give my testimony on the subject of our tithing on property we sold because it was unusual. I was shocked to learn it was unusual, because I figured all faithful Christians who practice tithing give from all they receive, and I was sure there were a lot of people who had sold and tithed a lot more than us. Our Lord gave His all for me, and I need to give my all to Him, which includes being faithful to His word through my giving. I’m thankful for the opportunity to share my testimony about tithing. All the glory goes to the Lord. He is so faithful and has made it possible for us to share with others. What a blessing to help spread the gospel through our giving. My testimony on tithing is very simple. God’s word tells us to give, and when I follow His will, He blesses me just like He said He would.


Gail from Tennessee

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