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Share Jesus with Someone in Need Today!

Your gift will help preach Christ, disciple new believers and plant churches where people still haven’t heard the Gospel. With your help, this Giving Tuesday can be the start of someone’s eternal transformation!

Christiane had big dreams of wealth. Her parents expected her to pull the family out of poverty, and she was eager to earn their affection.

But then Christiane got pregnant with her boyfriend. They got married. And soon, Christiane found herself stuck at home, caring for a child — and then a second one. Her husband worked hard, but he only made minimum wage.

Christiane was locked in the same poverty that haunted her parents.

“All I could think was that I was worthless,” Christiane says.

Will you give today and share Jesus’ agape love with someone like Christiane? Just $20 can make a huge difference!

Will you give to help raise $5,000 for Gospel outreach?

Your gift will help send missionaries to preach the Gospel, disciple new believers, plant churches around the world and more.


For someone like Christiane, a local church can mean everything.

You don’t just provide a place to hear about God. You can give someone like Christiane a true family in Christ to love and disciple her.

As depression took over, Christiane turned to heavy drinking and parties. She changed her appearance, desperate to be someone else.

But Christiane’s partying friends only hurt her. And Christiane had no one she could turn to. She’d already alienated her husband and friends. She thought her only escape was death.

“I don’t care if I die,” Christiane thought. “If I got to hell, so be it.”

Have you ever felt like Christiane? If you have, you already know how much your Gospel gift will mean to someone in need.

Christiane is alive today because someone like you cared. Someone like you chose to fight against the lies of hell and give Christiane real hope.

Will you fight for someone like Christiane?