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Grant Instructions

TEAM uses many means to accomplish its mission. One of these means is through funding that is given to organizations or individuals outside of TEAM’s control in the form of an International Grant. To comply with both IRS regulations and TEAM’s Global Asset Management Policy, we have established a procedure for the required control and documentation where the grant will total $5,000 or more in the calendar year. Applications can be submitted at any time during the course of a year.

Preparing Application Prerequisites

Before requesting a grant, there are two items needing preparation since they are to be selected within the grant application form before you can submit it for approval:

  • Fund/Project to receive contributions – if you need to open a new fund/project for the grant to receive contributions, contact for a MA Project Information form. If a fund/project already exists, it will be in a dropdown menu within the application form. 
  • Grantee information – the Grantee is the organization receiving the grant and its details are required for the application. You will need to provide a summary of the Grantee’s history, and also wire information if funds are to be sent directly to the organization instructions. If a Grantee form has been completed since 2020, the name of the Grantee should already be in a dropdown list within the application form that you can select. 

Entering a Grant Request

To enter a new grant request, check out THIS VIDEO

To continue a grant from a previous year, you can make a copy of the previous application as follows:

  • Go to the Navigation Portal on your dashboard and click View Grants.
  • Click View next to the grant you would like to continue (the associated application will appear).
  • At the top of the application, click the down arrow next to Actions and click Make Copy.
  • For Grant Name, reenter the name of the grant and add the appropriate year at the end of the name.
  • Under Year, select the year of application from the dropdown box.
  • Review all the sections that are not gray and update as necessary.
  • In the Grant Dates section, enter all the dates related to this new grant application. The Start Date needs to be in the year of the new application.  
  • For Grantee, we will use the information you previously provided. If you need to view the Grantee’s information, click the box with an arrow pointing out.
  • We recommend clicking Save as you review the form since there is no autosave feature in NetSuite. Once you click Save, you can also go back to the application at a later time.
  • When you have finished reviewing the form, click Submit.

Entering Grant Disbursement Details

After you have saved your grant application, we ask that you give us estimates as to the timing and amounts of grant disbursements that you will wish to receive during the year. This information is used for forecasting purposes by the Finance Department.  Check out THIS VIDEO  to see how to provide such information. You are not constrained by what you enter here. Actual disbursements are based on available funds and not the information entered here. 

Entering a Grant Disbursement Request

When there is a balance in the fund associated with the grant, and you have not exceeded the approved limit for the grant, you can make a grant disbursement request up to this balance. Check out THIS VIDEO  to see how to make a grant disbursement request.

Accessing Grant Information

You can access information about grants connected to you as a Sponsoring Global Worker from two places:

  • Navigation Portlet – click View Grants to see all grants connected to you since 2020.
  • Grant Portlet – at the bottom of your dashboard, you will see information about current year grants.