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Christian School Education

Opportunities for the Christian School movement in Chad to impact the country for Christ are unprecedented. As this movement continues to mushroom around the country we are seeking to come alongside the Chadian church to help them build into their schools a deep commitment to a Biblical worldview education.

Our Team

This is a Start-Up initiative – our Ministry Area Leader, Rich Hoyt, will coordinate the initiative

Our Vision

To see generations of young people pursuing life under-girded by a transforming biblical world view gained through a dynamic Christian School movement within the Chadian church.

A Quick Look at the Christian School Education Initiative

The Christian School movement in Chad is mushrooming. As parents see the distinct advantages of giving their children a private education, churches and communities are seeking to respond by creating grass roots Christian schools. Parents from Christian, non-Christian and Muslim backgrounds are eager to send their children to these schools. Many of them start off with nothing more than a simple grass lean-to as a classroom and one or two volunteer teachers … some start off with a bigger bang than that. But whether they start off with very humble roots are with grander visions the challenges remain the same – how to keep the school growing without becoming dependent on government aid and risk losing your independence and distinctive Christian flavor, how to ensure a quality education and how to impact the children and their families for Christ.

Without ignoring the first two challenges, this last challenge has particularly preoccupied a number of key leaders in the Christian School Education movement and in the missionary community over the past few years. There is a growing, though still rather limited, awareness within the churches of the need for their schools to be more than just Christian in form or name. As church leadership learns the absolute importance of educating children from a biblical worldview that will permeate and impact that child’s whole life, they are becoming burdened with the need to learn how to do this and to make it possible even for teachers in the most humble of church schools in the bush to become true “Christian” educators.

As a mission we are seeking to come alongside of the national church to help them in their quest to understand, learn and propagate biblical worldview education within the Christian School movement. We are seeking long and short term personnel who are qualified primary school educators and have an understanding of and passion for biblical worldview education. We will place these teachers into Chadian Christian Schools, first as learners, but eventually to become those who can help model biblical worldview education within the Chadian educational context. As our personnel resources and experience grows we hope to have a growing impact across the country in any we way can to enable the Chadian churches to “train their children up in the ways of the Lord”.

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