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eSwatini Ministry Community


eSwatini Leaders for Life is committed to the teaching of biblical truth in order to help produce strong servants of Christ who will stand for and practice Bible-based moral lifestyles; who are faithful and loving to their spouses and families; who are firmly but graciously confronting the reckless behavior in their churches and communities that is fueling the HIV epidemic; who will mobilize their churches to minister to and care for the many sick people and orphaned children in their communities, boldly modeling Jesus Christ as the only answer to this crisis.


Our missionaries are involved in theological training and discipleship to vulnerable children as well as medical care. 

Ministry Focus:

In eSwatini, TEAM is developing leaders through Swaziland Evangelical Bible Institute (SEBI), Zion Bible College, and CrossRoads seminars. At SEBI, set in the beautiful Ezulwini Valley, we teach on a multicultural staff, developing and mentoring students who will help their churches be light and hope through the gospel of Jesus Christ. CrossRoads is a character-development curriculum that helps young people avoid HIV/AIDS.  We are training leaders to present this life-changing curriculum in schools and churches.

Zion Bible College has 683 amaZioni leaders attending weekly classes in 14 locations on a part-time basis. Who are the amaZioni? In 1904, missionaries from Zion, Illinois came to South Africa to share the gospel. After four years, they were recalled for financial reasons. Many of their converts reverted to a mix of Christianity, ancestor worship and African traditions. Seventy years later, their numbers had grown to between 12-15 million and spanned much of southern Africa. In 1980, missionaries from Zion felt a responsibility to return to southern Africa to train amaZioni leaders in biblical truth, recalling them to biblical faith. There are currently 600,000 amaZioni in eSwatini. TEAM partners with ZEMA (Zion Evangelical Ministries of Africa) and a multicultural team of teachers to train leaders of these churches who are now hungry for biblical truth. There are many more amaZioni leaders asking for training—we cannot meet the demand. Come join us!

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