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Intercultural Member Care Center

TEAM Portugal exists to promote a network of healthy reproducing churches that are both relevant and lively, where people’s lives are being transformed to be like Jesus. The Portuguese church is beginning to wake up to their responsibility to fulfill the Great Commission, both in their own country and in others, but they are ill equipped. Churches are small and struggling to survive by receiving help from overseas. The few Portuguese missionaries struggle because they lack proper cross-cultural training. Many of the Portuguese pastors are overworked. Depression is common. The Intercultural Member Care Center will help develop healthy pastors and missionaries who in turn will be able to be instrumental in developing healthy churches both in Portugal and in other countries. History has proven that churches involved in missions are growing in a healthier way than self-centered churches. By partnering with other churches and missions, The Intercultural Member Care Center will also be an encouragement to the Portuguese churches as it helps them get involved with and be part of what God is doing in other parts of the world. In researching the need for this initiative, it became overwhelmingly evident that God was orchestrating the details for this Center. Almost without exception, there was not only an awareness of this need, but also a willingness to get involved to address this. The time seems to be NOW for this unique opportunity.

The center can host Christian workers, pastors, and missionaries working in Europe as well as European missionaries on furlough who are seeking encouragement and counseling. Counseling will be available for anyone, believer or nonbeliever, who desires to receive Biblical counseling in English, Portuguese, German or any other language spoken fluently by one of the staff members. The center will be staffed by experienced missionaries, teachers, and professional counselors from different evangelical churches and Christian organizations.

A Portuguese member care network is also being established in preparation for launching this new initiative. The Intercultural Member Care Center is an extensive project which offers opportunities for people to serve with practical and administrative gifts as well as teaching, counseling, and intercultural skills. Amrei Wehmeyer, a TEAM missionary who represents TEAM in this initiative, is looking for trained counselors with gifts in leadership, organization, and a pioneer spirit.

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