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Ministry Area Support (MA Support)

Our Mission/Ministry:

We recognize the importance of equipping and supporting our members well and believe that can be done together from within our community.  The goal of MA Support is to work together to provide support for our members so our ministry to the Japanese becomes more effective. By a few of our members utilizing their God-given gifts and experiences in their assignment to MA Support, TEAM Japan as a whole benefits by receiving personalized expertise, focus, and overall better quality of support. As a result, our members will be able to reach out more successfully to the Japanese. As we minister more beneficially, we can encourage the Japanese to also become more effective in reaching out to their own people, fulfilling our vision to see Japanese believers passing on the Gospel in a relevant way to future generations.

MA Support is actively engaged in the following areas:

Ministry Initiative Focus:
We desire to see our missionaries flourish in ministry. To facilitate the creation, and the continuing growth and development of ministries, we work closely with our missionaries to clarify both the vision and the logistics of a ministry initiative for it to be operating at optimum performance.

Team-based Ministry Focus:
We envision our teams well-resourced and equipped, characterized by trust, open and robust communication, and commitment to one another and the team as a whole. God has called us to live in the community as members of His body. By launching healthy teams and consistently going through a maintenance cycle, we believe that we are better equipping and supporting our missionaries to work effectively in teams so that they may thrive in the work God has called them to do.

Member Care Focus:
We are committed to providing member care through ongoing encouraging, equipping, and empowering of missionaries for effective and sustainable life, and productive ministry in Japan. We affirm that the responsibility for member care lies primarily with the individual missionaries themselves (self-care) and their relationship with the Lord (master care) so we seek to address the spiritual, emotional, relational, and physical aspects of well-being for our missionaries.

Onboarding Focus:
We onboard missionaries to help create a firm foundation so they can thrive as they integrate into life and ministry in Japan. Our onboarding program is designed for our new missionaries as a time of intentional preparation for, and integration into, life and ministry in Japan so they may become as effective as possible. Beyond initial orientation to their new lives, we actively walk with our missionaries through their first years in Japan, guiding them through cultural adjustments, language acquisition, ministry training, and involvement in and understanding of TEAM Japan as an organization.

Resource Management Focus:
God has so richly provided us with resources including capital assets, cash assets, information technology, and most valuably, people. We aim to employ these resources wisely and responsibly and seek not merely the improvement of TEAM Japan, but to invest in ourselves so that we can be the most effective as possible as we serve in Japan. The ultimate goal is that the Japanese Church be strengthened and established to reach its own people for Christ to the glory of God.

Leadership Development Focus:
We envision our missionaries growing to be more effective leaders as they empower people to pursue a common purpose. Through providing opportunities, challenges, and support in their leadership development, we encourage them to reach their potential as leaders within their sphere of ministry. We are also passionate about raising up team leaders who will empower individual team members, strengthen their team’s collective skills, and guide the team toward accomplishing their collective goals to the glory of God.

Ministry Area (MA) Support | TEAM Japan from TEAM on Vimeo.

Members currently working in this initiative:

Andrea Kasuya, Office Assistant
Chad Snow, Asst. Business Manager (Treasurer), IT Coordinator
Chris Pousseur, Soul Care Coordinator, Wakaba Coordinator
Dan Rudd, Learning & Development Advisor
David McClanahan, Organizational Relations Representative
Gerald May, Maintenance Coordinator
Jeff Pagaragan, Maintenance Coordinator
Jon Junker, Internship Coordinator, Organizational Relations Representative
Kathy Trim, MK Education Advisor
Keishi Kasuya, Business Representative
Kelly Baughn, Interim Onboarding Coordinator
Linda Rudd, Onboarding Coordinator
Manabu Matsumoto, Business Representative
Marcy Wiebe, Office Assistant
Matt Jansson, Mobilization Coordinator
Sandra Parsons, Furnishings Coordinator
Steve Baughn, Learning & Development Advisor
Steven Parsons, Ministry Area Leader, Business Manager
Tammy Junker, Internship Coordinator
Tim Martin, Child Safety Coordinator, Organizational Relations Representative
Tim Selander, Organizational Relations Representative
Tori Jansson, Team-based Ministry Coordinator
Tracy Pousseur, Ministry Initiative Coordinator
Yoshi Ehara, Business Representative
Yuko Miyata, Administrative Assistant


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