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Thailand Bible Storying


Chiang Mai, Thailand


Kennedy and Wendy Paizs


“We expect to facilitate a community of Christ followers among the un-reached of Thailand, that is reproducible and organic in nature through the existing Thai church.  This would be among the majority Buddhist population.”

Ministry Focus

Prayer: We know that we need to have abundant prayer for the Thai Buddhist people to come to know him.

Evangelism: It is absolutely essential that the gospel is shared often in many ways in order to see a church started. We use a holistic way of sharing through Bible story telling and art work that speaks to a Thai person.  In the end we see that we need to try to share the gospel in many different ways, directly and relationally.  We are trying to have the attitude of being able to share with anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Discipleship: Something that we are looking for in discipleship is how to reproduce Thai believers to go out and start more small groups that grow into churches led by Thai people.  We start discipleship even before a person comes to faith in Christ.  We believe evangelism and discipleship are many times very close to each other.  Some of the tools we use with Buddhist people is chronological Bible story telling. They discover the back ground to the gospel and when they hear it they understand it and can tell others the stories they have learned.

Mobilizing the existing Thai church: To cast a vision for Thai believers to reach their own people is the best gift we can give the Thai church at this time.  Inductive Oral Bible Storytelling is a great way to be a part of the Thai church and cast a vision for them to go out to their people.  At this time we have the chance to travel to many established churches and cast a vision for all Thai believers to become missionaries to their own people through practicing ways of sharing Christ and doing discipleship through Inductive Oral Bible Storytelling.  We want to be an influence and encourage the Thai leaders. We want to be good learners and students of the Thai church leadership.

We have the goal of evangelism and discipleship through the use of Bible storytelling in the local Thai church. We will focus on the Thai church community of Thailand as a whole and do bible story training based on Simple The Story (STS). We will also look to take Thai people along to do the training, with the intent of seeing them develop trainers in different leadership capacities. We feel this M.I. has the potential of seeing many Thai people in the Word of God and sharing the Word of God in the established church. Bible story telling will be practiced by us to bring other Thai believers alongside us as we use this for evangelism in community in areas of business, schools, temples and at local markets in Chiang Mai. STS is a natural oral way of communicating the truth of God’s word that will equip and activate Thai believers to do the work of the gospel. It is a model of evangelism and discipleship that fits well with Thai culture and can lead to local people leading in a reproducible and organic community of Christ followers.

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