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Trailblazer Camps

The Past

Trailblazer Camps has a long history of camping in Taiwan. In 1953 the property was purchased to open TEAM’s Bible School. In 1967 the facility became Dajia Camp, and since that time has served the Taiwan church both by providing a good camp facility and by offering a variety of camp programs. Youth camps, children’s camps, English camps, family camps, adult retreats and training camps have all been part of the ministry of Dajia Camp over these many years.

In the mid 1990’s the board of Dajia Camp believed God was calling the camp ministry to a new, expanded vision for reaching young people for Christ and teaching them to serve Him. We could envision how an expanded ministry could provide a unique support base that would also help the church develop leaders for the future. We chose the name “Trailblazer Camps” to convey the message that we were moving forward in a new and unique way into new territory.

The Present

Using our Dajia Camp facility as our base or operation, we are living out the Trailblazer Camps vision for ministry. We are driven forward by our purpose:

Trailblazer Camps exists to help the Taiwan Church evangelize, disciple, and train young people in order to strengthen the church, broaden its vision, and provide leaders for the future.

The emphasis of our ministry is to help the Taiwan church through focusing on youth ministry. We are involved in both evangelism and discipleship of youth. The goal of our outreach ministries is to do evangelism and bring these new disciples of Christ into the life of the local church. We then want to help churches disciple these young people as they personally grow in Christ and for them to also be trained to serve their Lord. Training older youth to be involved in outreach ministries to younger children in their own churches and communities and in our TC camping programs is all part of the TC vision for ministry.

TC is also partnering with churches to reach out into their own communities and into their local schools. Although camping programs are an emphasis and specialty of the TC ministry, we recognize that reaching kids where they are is critical to any outreach effort. Throughout the school year, TC co-workers are working with local churches to develop their own school and community outreach programs. Each part of this ministry fits together into an integrated whole and each part helps to keep the ministry moving forward.

The Future

We are excited by the blessing God has already given the TC ministry. But God has given us a vision to do so much more to reach Taiwanese young people for Christ and teach them to serve Him. Part of this expanded vision for ministry is a dream we have for a completely new camp facility. Although Dajia Camp has served us and the Taiwan church well over these many years, both the size and age of the facility are starting to limit the kinds of programs we are able to run. Our camp facility has been one of our greatest assets over these many years, and we believe that the integration of our camp facility and our camp programs has been a large part of making Trailblazer Camps the unique ministry it is today. We want to see this integrated ministry expanded further by the development of an all new camp facility, custom designed for youth ministry.


There are a variety of ways people, churches, and other Christian organizations can become our partners in this important ministry. Individual Christians can become our partners though personal involvement. Each year we need a number of short-term volunteers with a variety of gifts and talents who can come and serve God together with us in our camp programs and in our school and community outreach ministries. Trailblazer Camps is part of the overall ministry of TEAM in Taiwan, and long-term missionary service is another way in which individuals can be involved. We are also looking for churches or other Christian organizations that will send teams of short-term workers to help with our programs and other ministry projects.

We also need individuals, churches, and organizations that will support this ministry through financial giving. Good programs and community outreach require a financial investment. Our primary focus is on youth, and there are a large number of young people who would truly benefit form our camp programs but who are not able to completely cover the cost. Your financial gifts can provide the opportunity for these young people to come to camp.

We also have a significant need for donors to give toward the cost of our current camp upkeep and the new camp facility development. We believe that starting with a properly designed camp facility will greatly enhance the kinds of programs we can run for our campers and will result in long-term benefits toward helping us realize our purpose.

Finally, you can pray. One of our organizational values is “dependence on God.” We recognize that apart from Him, we can do nothing. It is truly the work of the Spirit to draw people to Christ, and it is the Spirit who gives us wisdom and strength to serve. We need Christians who are committed to praying for the ministry of Trailblazer Camp.

Missionary involvement: Ron HeinsmanHiroshi Ebina

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