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Vulnerable Women Ministries Initiative

This ministry reaches vulnerable women trapped in prostitution or living with domestic abuse, HIV/AIDS and more.  We seek to help these women find hope, healing and purpose through Christ and to help  them develop skills which will enable them to live independently and with dignity.  Our vision is that these transformed women will reach out to the lost and hurting in their own communities and that the local church will increasingly engage with those who are vulnerable and marginalized.

Our Team

The group consists of Naomi Duff, Anne Hoyt and a small group of Chadian believers who pray for the ministry and seek to encourage the women it serves.

Our Vision

  • Help women living in vulnerable circumstances find freedom and hope through faith in Christ.
  • Help women find sustainable employment to support themselves and their children
  • Encourage these transformed women to reach out to their own communities with God’s truth.
  • See the church engaging with those who are marginalized and vulnerable.


A Quick Look at the Vulnerable Women Ministry Initiative 

This ministry seeks to reach out to hurting women, many of whom are marginalised and at risk because of abuse, HIV, their involvement in prostitution or because of an unfaithful and abusive partner.

We long to see women’s DIGNITY restored as they discover their true VALUE and grasp God’s LOVE for them and His ability to TRANSFORM their lives.

For over six years we have focused on building RELATIONSHIPS with the women and ‘living life’ alongside them and their children.  This has meant taking time to LISTEN to and honour their stories, help in times of CRISIS, pray and share chronological BIBLE stories with them (on their request),  as well as assisting with MEDICAL and other practical needs where appropriate.

We recently opened a REHABILITATION CENTER which invests in women who are ready and willing to change.  The Center follows a Bible-based syllabus which will provide spiritual, emotional and practical support for the women and incorporates the use of creative arts and practical workshops. In addition to PRAYER and COUNSELLING each woman will be given an APPRENTICESHIP and training in LIFE SKILLS to help them build a new life and find sustainable employment to support themselves and their children.

The goals of the Vulnerable Women Ministries Initiative are:

  • To give women a safe place in which to share their heart and their needs.
  • To provide professional Counselling support where possible.
  • To share Biblical truth in a clear and systematic way and pray with them according to their needs.
  • To discern their emotional/spiritual needs and respond with godly counsel.
  • To provide opportunities for training in life skills e.g. micro-finance, community health.
  • To mentor the children of these vulnerable women and teach them life skills.
  • To see churches engaging with this vulnerable community in a supportive, biblical manner.

Check out opportunities to serve in the Vulnerable Women’s ministry through:

Creative arts/Art therapy
Training in Vocational skills

Read more about this ministry and how it’s changing the lives of women in Chad!

You can  provide vulnerable women with a safe place, counseling and biblical truth by GIVING today:

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