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Women’s Ministries

“Teach a man to read and a man knows how to read. Teach a woman to read and you have taught a community.” This axiom has proven true over and over again in the Chadian church. Women are a dynamic force in the life of the church, a critical link in transferring biblical values, with its practical life applications to others. We are seeking to establish a reproducing pattern of training women in leadership roles to help them increase their effectiveness in building up the church of Jesus Christ in Chad.

Our Team

Janet Murray

Our Vision

We desire to see women chosen for leadership by the church leading with a passion born from a dynamic relationship with the Lord and will train them to nurture believers, reach out to the lost, then in turn identify and train other potential leaders.

Our Activities

The Women’s Ministries Initiative has the goal of establishing a 4 year leadership training curriculum specifically designed for women who are in the key leadership roles of the national church across the country. This curriculum will:

  • deepen their Bible knowledge
  • enhance their daily walk with God
  • mature their Christian character
  • develop their leadership skills
  • equip the women with practical skills and ideas for discipleship and outreach into their communities.

The desire is for this curriculum to be fully developed and implemented by 2017 such that the national women’s leadership will be able to repeat the training cycle themselves when the next team of leaders are chosen by the church for a four year term of leadership. This curriculum will need to be taught in French and in several of the more dominant vernacular languages of the church.

Phases toward turnover:

1. Develop a 4-year curriculum to be taught in annual week-long segments

2. Disciple a team of Chadian ladies in representative languages with a view to them taking over the leadership training

3. Produce Bible study materials in the vernacular that can be used in local church ladies’ meetings.

4. Introduce ideas for reaching out into the community

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