Launch and Launch Intensive

Launch (two years) and Launch Intensive (two weeks) seek to propel aspiring missionaries into a lifetime of ministry.  These programs incorporate language learning as well as cultural and ministry education with the hands-on opportunity to work with and be mentored by missionaries serving among Muslim immigrants.


Mid-term opportunity
Two years
France (with strategic visits to North Africa)

Team up with long-term missionaries in a comfort-defying, two-year program, working among Muslim immigrants in southern France to gain hands-on experience while also receiving linguistic, cultural and ministry education.

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Launch Intensive

Short-term opportunity
 Two weeks
France & North Africa

Launch Intensive is a deeply engaging cultural immersion program designed to give you a tast of ministry to Muslims and to give cultural learning tools that will be impactful wherever you choose to serve the Lord.  Stretch yourself while learning cultural, language, and ministry in an exciting and challenging context. 

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