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Innov-Asia: Go. Learn. Reach

Mark Your Calendars for Innov-Asia 2021!

Do you want to make a difference where the Gospel is still unknown? Do you want to learn how to share Christ with people who have never met one of His followers? Do you want to be part of a ministry that is truly innovative?

Innov-Asia offers these opportunities and so much more.

Innov-Asia is all about serving, learning and exploring life at the ends of the earth where there is no visible, vibrant Church. There will be ministry, but there will also be a whole lot seeking out God’s purposes for the Gospel where the Church has struggled to go.

Innov-Asia typically begins with three weeks of training and orientation in Thailand. You’ll develop skills on how to explore new cultures and discover new opportunities for ministry. Then, you’ll travel to a second location (it might be a city or a rural village) in Asia, where you’ll spend a month putting your new skills into practice in a different culture. You’ll build relationships, you’ll be challenged, you’ll learn from people who live and serve there, and you’ll watch God at work. Your time at Innov-Asia will conclude back in Thailand for a critical week of debriefing and integration. 

Our motto is: Go. Learn. Reach

Current Schedule: June 12, 2021 – August 14, 2021 (To be confirmed)
Submit Application By: February 12, 2021.
Applications may close earlier if all spots are filled before then.

Talk to a missions coach to get started!

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for those individuals willing to explore work in Asia, whether in the city or the rural villages. You’ll work among secularists, Buddhists, Muslims or Hindus, as well as with youth, the elderly or those with specific concerns. God may use this to take your faith deeper as a sender, or He might use this to call you to serve cross-culturally. Innov-Asia is an innovation lab. Our goal is to equip you as an apprentice, developing your creative and innovative capacities for sharing Christ in today’s changing world.

What is an Innovation Lab?

Don’t just study, learn. Don’t just go, make a difference!

An innovation lab is an intense, interactive, hands-on process. We begin with orientation in Chiang Mai, the second-largest city in Thailand, rich with a diversity of cultures. You’ll spend three weeks learning practical skills for working in Asia. It is an intense, interactive process before engaging in real work at a second location. There, you’ll find a team creatively becoming salt and light in their community. 

Each participant brings with them their big question. For some individuals, it’s a functional question, such as, “Can I eat the food?” For some, it’s a spiritual question, like, “What can the Church really do in Asia?” For others, it is a discernment question, like, “Is God really calling me to work in Bible translation or creation care?” 

Together, we seek answers with God’s help and grace!

The question percolates through the three week orientation, through the month of fieldwork, and again in the final week of debriefing and integration. 

Debriefing is the process of reviewing what you have seen and beginning to make sense of it all! Integration is the beginning of taking the summer back to your home. 

Innov-Asia is designed to be more than a trip; it’s a life-changing learning process! 

How does it all work?

Innov-Asia focuses on three areas:

  • Mapping Your Walk — developing a robust faith that sustains you for the long run
  • Mapping a New Culture — developing eyes, ears and a heart to read a new culture
  • Mapping Ministry at the Edge — developing resources and a framework for ministry among unreached peoples and communities

Where are the field sites?

After Chiang Mai, you will have the opportunity to visit and engage with a Muslim, Hindu, secular or Buddhist community. Definite locations are not fixed until early in the year, due to constantly changing circumstances in Asia. Possible locations might include a team with mobile medical clinics, a business in a rural farm community, or a community center in a regional city.

If you have a particular ministry or community that you are interested in, please share that with your mission coach. We will explore how we might be able to engage that interest.

What do you need to do next?

First, pray. This will be a significant commitment of your time, faith and finances. You will be challenged and stretched. Pray and ask God if this is from Him, for you.

Second, talk to a missions coach! Your coach will help you determine if Innov-Asia is the right fit for you. If it is, they’ll guide you through the application process, from beginning to end. Space is limited to eight apprentices, so pray and apply!

A Word about Summer 2021 and Covid-19

COVID-19 is escalating in the United States. Most countries in Asia are not letting travelers into their countries to enter from the United States and Canada. So how can we plan for a two-month excursion in Asia?

The farmer knows that seeds need to be planted long before harvest. 

We are doing two things: 

  1. We’re trusting God for plan A, which is for Innov-Asia 2021 to start in Thailand in June 2021. 
  2. We’re preparing alternate plans (B, C, and D) to be ready if God redirects us away from plan A.

Our mission coaches will walk with you step by step in this unusual year. The name, Innov-Asia, is a play on the word innovation. We are innovating and adapting as we move through this season of Covid-19.

BONUS: The Innov-Asia Forum

In addition to the summer program, Innov-Asia hosts a monthly online forum. The Innov-Asia Forum was created in response to Covid-19. We have discovered that the participants appreciate being able to keep the conversation going, even when we are physically staying put. 

As we move into 2021, the Forum will be one of the places where we discuss and pray about possibilities for 2021 — and adapt to the surprises of Covid-19. The Innov-Asia Forum is open to those considering Innov-Asia, as well as their prayer partners! For more information, talk to a missions coach!

Talk with a Missions Coach about Innov-Asia!

Talk with a missions coach to learn how you can serve with Innov-Asia!

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