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Innov-Asia: Go. Learn. Reach

Innov-Asia 2023

June 3 – July 29, 2023

Innov-Asia is a learning lab, an intentional format of learning rooted in curiosity and creativity, where you the learner bring questions to the process.  The two-month program has a dynamic mix of classroom time, worship, visits with twenty-five ministry partners, exploring local food and culture, and time for fun!  Innov-Asia is a step in your journey with God to explore what He is doing at the ends of the earth where the Church is not yet visible.

“Innov-Asia 2022 was like a back stage pass to see the real lives of real cross-cultural workers in Asia.”

A different kind of summer…for a different kind of Intern! 

We are looking for candidates who are willing to step outside the ordinary.  You will need some curiosity. A willingness to learn and think creatively. With a bit of energy to climb waterfalls and to scout out the corners of the city!  Most of all, we are looking for individuals – who, like Peter- are willing to step out of your boat and trust Jesus to walk on water today.

Please note: The program can be physically demanding.  If you have any health limitations, please do inform your missions coach so that we can work with you to make the most of your time in Asia.

So, what do we do?

A lot!  Everything is anchored in worship and Scripture, which is why we will start our summer here. Our approach to Scripture is rooted in reading the Bible as a missions’ handbook from Genesis to Revelation. This starts with the perspective that God is at move in the world and we are called to be on the move with him.

We will then visit and engage the community from temples and mosques to street markets and songthaews, from rice paddies to mountain roads, from the old city to tribal villages. In the community, we will interact with partners with a variety of models and contexts. Some focus on translation and culture, others on at-risk women or refugees, and yet others on college students and media & tech.

Please contact a Missions Coach and ask for the details, which are available in the Innov-Asia Packet.

What do you need to do next?

First, pray. This will be a significant commitment of your time, faith and finances. You will be challenged and stretched. Pray and ask God if this is from Him, for you.

Second, talk to a missions coach! Ask for the Innov-Asia Packet that fills in more details. Your missions coach will walk you through the details – and keep you informed of updates including, for instance, the locations of our visits outside of the city and into other villages or cities.

Third, apply.  Applications are due by December 1, 2022.  We want you to have time to prepare carefully – spiritually, financially, and in partnership with your Church.

Fourth, prepare.  Your mission coach will walk you through the details.  We are estimating a budget of XUSD/YCD plus travel.  We anticipate that all Covid travel restrictions will be lifted for most participants in 2023.


2023 Schedule: June 3 – July 29, 2023
Submit Application By: December 1, 2022.
Applications may close earlier if all spots are filled before then.

Talk to a missions coach to get started!