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Serve in an International Church

Our world is more transient and multicultural than it’s ever been. As millions of believers find work abroad, they carry their faith with them — but that’s often all they do. We believe it’s time to equip our expat brothers and sisters for something far greater.

God has placed international churches in growing cities around the world. These are churches planted with the goal of ministering specifically to expatriates, as well as locals. As such, they’re uniquely positioned to train expat Christians to make disciples in the workplace.

Nearly every major city in the world is home to at least one international church. This is true even in countries with no access for traditional missionaries. And these churches need qualified staff to do the work God has given them.

We are seeking pastors, worship leaders and other church staff to serve in international churches worldwide.

You will step into an established international church, where global professionals are eager to grow in their faith. You’ll teach them about God’s view of work and how He can use them in their everyday lives. Together, they’ll grow as witnesses in their offices, unions and professional networks.

Not sure you’re called to a long-term assignment? There are also short-term opportunities available to serve in an international church! Often international churches have a need for an interim or transitional pastor when the lead pastor needs to take a sabbatical or when the church is between pastors. ​

To discover how God can use you in an international church, connect with a missions coach today. We have opportunities around the world, and we would love to help you find the best fit!

Want to read more about current opportunities to serve right now? Click on the roles below to learn more!

A Kaleidoscope of Ministry

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’m not a pastor?

Like any church, international churches have support roles that need to be filled. These include administrative roles, leading worship, children’s ministry, pastoral internships and more. Talk with a TEAM missions coach about your ministry experience so we can find the right fit for you.

How does TEAM make it possible for me to serve in an international church?

Finding the right opportunity is just the beginning. TEAM provides services international churches may not be able to offer on their own. These services include:

  • Training and assistance in cross-cultural living
  • Finance management and benefits
  • Donation processing for any support you need to raise.
  • Accountability and relationships with a global network of missional, international churches.

Each church has different resources, so we work with the church to determine what needs we can fill.

What makes international churches strategic to God’s global mission?

The least-reached often live in regions that are closed to traditional missionary approaches. But our growing global economy is opening doors for ordinary professionals. Hundreds of thousands of believers now work in least-reach regions of the world. They are college students, laborers, engineers, teachers, doctors and government employees. Each has a unique opportunity to make disciples in their spheres of influence.

As the shepherd of an international church, you can cast this vision to see cities flourish through God’s people. Teach global professionals in your city about God’s view of work. Help them see the potential for impact where God has placed them. They’re not outside Jesus’ Great Commission. In fact, they’re at the very heart of it as they engage in their workplaces!

How can international churches work with TEAM to find staff?

We’d love to hear about your needs! Email us at to share what kind of people you’re looking for and discuss how we can help!

Connect with us for the latest international church openings.

Explore opportunities to serve as a pastor, children’s minister, administrator or other role within an international congregation.

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